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  1. Mr. Inginear added a post in a topic Making Windows?   

    Thanks everyone for the tips and the link to the tutorial on making the glass from a bottle using a heat gun. Now I just hope that I can get it to turn out right.
  2. Mr. Inginear added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Making Windows?
    I have a '64 Impala that I am building but the kit didn't come with any glass, another one of those garage sale finds. So I am looking for a good way to make my own. I have heard of using a clear 2-liter bottle to cut out the windshield and the back glass since it is already somewhat rounded correctly. Is this the easiest way to make windows or are there other methods that make decent windshields?

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  3. Mr. Inginear added a post in a topic Airbrush Questions   

    Thanks for the all the information. Next time at Hobby Lobby I will try to find the DVD and I will start looking at the videos listed so I can get started.
  4. Mr. Inginear added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Airbrush Questions
    I bought a Paasche VL today after doing a little research on some airbrushes. I'm excited about learning how to use it but I'm looking for some advice on how to get started. I know that the more I practice with it the better the results will be, but I'm not sure what techniques I'm suppose to be practicing. Are there any websites, books, or videos that you recomend that show tips for beginners?

    The other question I have is about hooking it up to the compressor. I have a pancake air compressor that I use to air up tires and things around the house and was planning to use that for the air brush. I know that I will probably need an additional air pressure regulator other than the one that is on the tank. Is there anything else that I need to connect the to the line feeding the air brush such as oil filters or water seperators?
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  5. Mr. Inginear added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    Old Farm Truck
    Hey Everyone!

    I just joined the forum, but I have been looking around for a little while now. Since I have been looking at everyone elses builds I thought I should share my latest one.

    This started as an AMT 1972 Chevy Fleetside that I picked up from a garage sale and on the side of the box it had "parts" written on it. I bought it anyway and brought it home to find that there were almost enough parts to build two trucks; by almost I mean doubles of most parts, and none of others...

    So since this wasn't going to be perfect to begin with I tried somethings on this one that I have never tried before. I started out with scratch building a flatbed for it. Then I took it one step further and tried my hand at weathering. So considering this was built with some missing parts, and a few first for me, I think it turned out alright.

    The pictures were taken with my cellphone so I'm sorry if they are blurry.

    Thanks for looking

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