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  1. This picture and my model are from the National 500. I liked the Gaddy Motor co. Sponsor the best. Only on the car for this race.
  2. I honestly don’t know what brand they are. I think they may be real old. They look nice but don’t want to stick down. It took two sets to get it done. I’m not a real complainer but they aren’t very good.
  3. It’s the cage out of the AMT TBird that the frt clip and rear suspension came from. It has to be narrowed to fit. I also shortened the height and rebuilt the main hoop and added some stuff.
  4. Got the dash board made and chassis pretty much complete.
  5. Electronic ignition modules. If you have a Polar Lights Charger laying around there is a set in that kit
  6. That’s what I thought. That looks good now.
  7. So is that the one pictured with mods. Or is the photo a scratchbuilt one
  8. It spends on the car. On this car the opening was already there. I just made the bottom of it flat like it should be in Juniors Monte Carlos. Look how the filler was on this car
  9. If you go easy like others have said it should be ok. The future thing to me seems over rated. If something like winded gets sprayed near it it’ll get messed up. In my house you never know what stupid will happen!🙄
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