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  1. Donnie Allison Chevelle

    Chassis is basically done
  2. 1976 or 1977 Dale Earnhardt Ford Torino

    They look nice and tight to the sides of the body as they should on a race car.
  3. Donnie Allison Chevelle

    Getting closer
  4. 1976 or 1977 Dale Earnhardt Ford Torino

    Real nice job Mark.Did you narrow the bumpers. Looks like it
  5. Donnie Allison Chevelle

    Google Bobby Allison Builds a Monte Carlo. That’s how I found it. Look in images
  6. Donnie Allison Chevelle

    No but it’s online. The chassis it shows is a short track car. It has a quick change rear end in it. But it does give you a good perspective on how Bobby built them. I changed the Panhard rod location from where it was in that article. I’ve seen other Allison chassis with the Panhard rod s I’ve placed it.
  7. Donnie Allison Chevelle

    I’m not going as in depth as you did Larry. Here’s the rear axle basically done
  8. Donnie Allison Chevelle

    Ok so here goes. This is Donnie’s 1973 Digard Chevelle . This is the Missing Link Chevelle turned back to a stock car. I wanted the nice grille and corrected roofline.This was a Bobby Allison built frt steer short rear trailing arm Chassis .Im using an AMT 69 Cutlass chassis. Lowered all around . Rear upper arms removed and replaced with a single tubular like Allison did them. Highly modified AMT TBird roll cage.Still lots to be done.
  9. Neil Bonnett's Armor All Olds

    Real nice job Steve
  10. Tire Letter Decals

    If you can brush it no problem spraying won’t cause ink to run. I brush my tires with the same stuff. Usually one of the last things I do on a build. That’s why I don’t spray it
  11. Pete Hamilton Road Runner

    Thanks man these obscure cars are my favorites.
  12. Fabulous Hornet

    Nice clean build
  13. Pete Hamilton Road Runner

    Thanks Mark
  14. Pete Hamilton Road Runner

    Ok I’m calling this 95% done. Need to get the grille screen to fit a little better.
  15. Decal application question

    I use 2 part clear exclusively on my models. While it may dry a little too shiny I never have issues. I hear guys on this forum and others constantly complaining about paint issues. Paint wrinkles ,lifts the decals sprays crappy out the can drys dull or whatever the complaint may be. I’m just saying if you use good stuff you won’t have troubles. I’d rather my decals be protected under clear. I also have no use for “ I have hours in this and now it’s ruined “ on account of crappy paints. I’ll sacrifice too flossy for those kinds of issues any day.