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  1. Dodge Charger Daytona kits, w/ NASCAR chassis??

    Yes Yes
  2. Dodge Charger Daytona kits, w/ NASCAR chassis??

    That’s ok but missing the fabbed K member that Nichels engineering added when they built these cars.
  3. Dodge Charger Daytona kits, w/ NASCAR chassis??

    None of the kits ever had the correct frt bars and dabbed K members that the race cars had.
  4. Revell 68 Chevelle

    Got some more done today the only fit issue I’ve seen with this thing is the rear bumper. Trim a little on the back of the qtr taillight opening fixed it right up. Bare metal is done windows in window braces in. Seat bolsters on. Final test fit.
  5. Junior Johnson #3 Dodge?

    Both cars were B body Mopars same chassis
  6. Dodge Charger Daytona kits, w/ NASCAR chassis??

    Here is couple more. The dash and rollcage are from a Polar Lights Talledega kit. Fits great to the Charger body.
  7. Dodge Charger Daytona kits, w/ NASCAR chassis??

    No! MPC did do some with a generic racing chassis but that’s as close as it gets. I make my own out of Revell Charger Daytona kits. Not too difficult if you like to scratchbuilt. Here is some in progress pictures I’ll see if I can find some further along pictures.
  8. Another Interesting Build Possibility

    Century custom had that roof Century Special had the fastback roof
  9. # 44 Richard Brown Monte Carlo

    Ding ding we have a winner. All the numbers came from 2 model king sets.
  10. # 44 Richard Brown Monte Carlo

    Another oicpic more stuff done
  11. # 44 Richard Brown Monte Carlo

    This has been on the back burner for a while. It irritated me. It’s one of my price together messes. It’s an old MPC nascar body on a old AMT Allison Chevelle Chassis with a 90s TBird frt clip and truck arm rear suspension. It’s kind of a parts box build. I do a couple a year. Any way it’s stance wasn’t right and didn’t want to cooperate. So I put it next to the other bad actors and got on with about 8 something else’s. It’s coming back now cause I’m sick of it sitting around taking up space on my bench. I pick at it in between Friday’s Chevelle and a 61 Pontiac that also annoyed me.
  12. Revell 68 Chevelle

    It got back burnered for a while it irritated me. I take some more tonight.
  13. Revell 1968 Chevy Chevelle SS 396...........My take

    I’m normally highly critical of kits. I build mostly vintage NASCAR. This kit is excellent. Proportions are good fit so far is great. It’s not too hard to lower and stuff big tires under. A big positive for me. Granted I won’t use half the parts but what I am using is nice as hell.
  14. Revell 68 Chevelle

    Finished the decals early this morning. Cleared at lunch at work.
  15. Revell 68 Chevelle

    Got the frame rails capped. I hate hollow frt rails! Made the engine cage. Painted the interior and floors today. A few decalsare on too.