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  1. That was my original plan. Then I saw the Buddy Baker car and said That’s a better looking car. I’m not a fan of the yellow and blue.
  2. It is an automotive pinstripe I cut down to under 1/32 inch. I have a slitter made to do this.
  3. I use Sikkens brand paint. Waterborne base 2k clear
  4. Ok I’ve seen those two together before. Are you on any of the Facebook Mercury pages?
  5. Thanks man. I’m not into the newer stuff so the wraps aren’t a concern for me. As long as the quality is good. That’s what is important to me.
  6. Sharp man! I have a question. How are those Pattos decals to work with. They look nice.
  7. That is absolutely perfect Paul.
  8. Mine 1:1 car is a custom mix green I made for it. It’s supposed to be a modern version of the original color. I got a little carried away with the zirrillic flake in it🙄 goes crazy in the sun. Do you have any pictures of yours?
  9. To be honest I forgot. I painted this stupid thing like 5-6 years ago. It’s probably something I made up. I’m an automotive painter so I make my own colors sometimes.
  10. Chassis is getting close. Engine mock up is done
  11. I need a set of glass for this.
  12. Pulled another one from the deadbeat shelf. Been sitting easy five years. Lost motivation on it. So I threw a set of big rims under it for giggles. I really like it now. So here we go time to finish it.
  13. Mines just a 2 bbl Cleveland. But it’s super original. Only had 62000 miles on it. Never been tampered with before me.
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