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  1. Dick Trickle Montego GT WIP

    other stuff has gotten in the way I've done a little on it though. I've even working on my 1:1 Montego GT. I'll post some pictures tonight.
  2. Tony Bettenhausen Jr. Chevelle

    I just cut a long triangle strip of styrene and curve it to the shape of the wheel well I'm doing.Then glue it with the middle point of the triangle at the top of the wheel well. This gives the flare some slant to it. Then I rough up the area with 220 and putty with evercoat 2 part glazing putty. I never use any Tamiya or Squadron puttties. They always shrink.I bought this model used if you see the green putty on the deck lid it was removed and replaced with evercoat. Hope this helps. Tim
  3. Tony Bettenhausen Jr. Chevelle

    Dave I can't take much credit for the cage most of it is a MPC NASCAR out of my parts bin. I just added a couple of bars here and there. Thanks for the compliments guys. Tim
  4. 2016 Chris Buescher Ford Fusion

    Nice job Mark This is a sharp looking car.
  5. Tony Bettenhausen Jr. Chevelle

    Some more pictures.
  6. Tony Bettenhausen Jr. Chevelle

    Tonys 72 Chevelle Amt 72 Chevelle kit modified MPC cage and underhood bars.Opened wheelwells flared them to match photo of car. Bandit resin flat hood spare parts seat.Cut fuel cell from Mpc Nascar chassis.PPP wheels and tires. Scratch built spoilers and overflows on qtr panels. Decals by Dave Van.
  7. How about a NASCAR building tips topic!

    Good one!
  8. How about a NASCAR building tips topic!

    It would look more like my GTO under neath. H&M frt welded to stock rails with truck arms added in back. All this is speculation however because I've never seen pictures of the cars suspension. This was standard practice for GM and Ford cars from the era.
  9. How about a NASCAR building tips topic!

    No the chassis in my GTO was built by Nichels but was built with a Holman Moody frt clip welded to a GM frame with long truck arm rear suspension. The cage was kind of a cross between a Nichels design and a Holman Moody design. In those years the car had to run the same springs design as the factory car used. If it had coils in the frt and leafs in the rear that's how the race car had to be.
  10. How about a NASCAR building tips topic!

    Those both look to be Nichels built Chrysler chassis. The stripped down one looks newer.
  11. Dick Trickle Montego GT WIP

    Painted awaiting decals
  12. Dick Trickle Montego GT WIP

    Here it is body ready for paint and on wheels
  13. Dick Trickle Montego GT WIP

    Hard to find took me 30 years to find a good one.
  14. 1968 Chevy El Camino

    All I have to says is. You my friend are really good at this model building thing!!
  15. 66 Galaxie

    This is cool I'm watching this one. Go man go!