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  1. GKS Charger here in the forum made them they are sweet!!
  2. Pm me I have a set or two laying around.
  3. Need a good glass out of an AMT 66 Wildcat. Any issue is ok as long as it’s in good shape
  4. Let me see if the artwork is still available
  5. The Thunderbird on eBay is not nearly as nice as Paul’s. The windshield shape is completely and utterly wrong. The Johan Torino is the only kit that ever got the shape of the 72-79 Ford midsize windshield correct. This windshield is waaay too flat.
  6. Thanks Steve,that taillight panel was a fight for sure. There is no separation line between the taillights and the black trim part. So it all wants to run together.
  7. Box stock save for an inside mirror. and carpet. Factory Iris Mist with a plum interior. Lowered slightly on the kits wider tires.
  8. I totally agree with you. On the roll under. That and the windshield shape irritates me on the Revell Torino. The Johan is spot on.
  9. Ok Tom I’m not sure if you are totally aware of the necessity of casting this😍🥰😍. Us NASCAR modelers have wanted this car for 44 years. And yours looks spot on so far. If you feel like doing a 72 Montego GT Fastback I will let you measure my personal car!!!😜
  10. Looking for a Hubley 62 Ford wagon front bumper. And the chrome fender spears.
  11. Oh boy here we go number one don’t laugh 1 JOHAN 1972 Torino snap kit 2 Johan 1972 NASCAR Torino 3 Moebuis 56 Chrysler 300 4 AMT 66 Skylark 5 any of the Revell 68-70 Chargers 6 Monogram GSX if it was 1:25 it would have scored higher. 7 Revell 1968 Chevelle 8 Johan Superbird 9 MPC 71 Roadrunner 10 AMT 1970 Ford Ltd curbside
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