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  1. Ebay it’s a Modelhaus. Got it second hand. It’s sweet.
  2. Yeah no thanks to the purple pond and resin. Not worth the risk at all. I used bletche white followed by comet and finally dawn. Squeaky clean no damage!!
  3. I recently got this and do not want to risk ruining it for any reason!!
  4. I soaked it a few hours then scrubbed it with some comet followed by dish soap. Not slimy at all now.
  5. I’m familiar with resins. Purple cleaners screw them up I just am not familiar with Modelhaus products. Is there a preferred method for their stuff is my question.
  6. I bought a Modelhaus resin kit recently. To clean the mold release off any special tricks or just the old bleach white followed by dish soap method. Done tons of resin but never a Modelhaus.
  7. I guess I’m the of man out here. I love the big wheels on this. The boattails only flaw to me was the tires sat too far inboard. These tall rims and wide tires fill that gap the way it always should have been, Nice job Jim!!
  8. If Gerald doesn’t have one I do Dave.
  9. I built this thing I can do another if I can get decals again. Send me a private message.
  10. I’m not a fan of that old AMT kits body proportions. The wheelwells are HUUGGEE and the roof is out of whack big time. The MPC body was way better.
  11. Fluorescent colors always need to be sprayed over white. Always!!
  12. This is looking killer. I love that olive green color
  13. This is an MPC Roadrunner street car body. The chassis and engine is from a Polar Lights Charger. The rims and tires are from PPP. The decals I had made for me a couple years ago. I plan way in advance.🙄 This thing has been on my bench at least a year and a half. It fought me the whole way. I’ve built four or five others the same way. This one just didn’t want to behave itself.
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