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  1. You’ll like this one too then. Gurney and Donohue were the best ever.
  2. 3m blue fine line and the yellow is 3m too. Automotive masking tape.
  3. Dan came out of ten years retirement to run that race
  4. Stunning build! What else can I say? One question why did you brush paint it? Looks excellent I would have ruined that with a brush.
  5. Story I got is that it was an Oosterland team car. I’m not sure. 48 was Gurneys number . He ran that# in trans am too. You can see where there is adhesive residue left on the car from a 0 that was on it at one point.
  6. Salvinos engine mated to AMT transmission and mocked up in chassis.
  7. I agree but if I mess with them the bumper will not look right. I don’t think they are really all that bad. Believe it or not I don’t mind doing this kind of stuff. It’s kinda satisfying to look at it and say see I knew I could fix that.
  8. Forgot the most important mod as far as I’m concerned. Tuck that stupid rear bumper in. I cut about 3/32 of an inch off the rear bumper fairings and moved that sucker forward. Makes a world of difference. Plus it’s correct they always tucked those rear bumpers.
  9. Finally opened a cooler slot in the headlight cover. Set it in its chassis to check tire wheelwell relationship. I previously opened up the wells to match pictures I have of the car.
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