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  1. Pretty much box stock except for decals and exhaust.
  2. Any 64-72 Skylark GS . At one time or another there has been a model of every year A Body except a Buick. Let’s fix that please.
  3. I just put a couple small tops of CA in the groove with a toothpick. One in each corner and one centered top and bottom.
  4. Hey is Norm still in business. Can’t seem to get hold of him.
  5. Looking for a 71-74 Johan Javelin dashboard.
  6. Revell street Daytona converted to race spec
  7. But what they really screwed up is the C pillar shape and rear windshield.
  8. On the 72 Petty car that area was stretched. I’ll see if I can find a picture that shows it
  9. Yes the K&K car was Ford Poppy red inside and out top to bottom.
  10. Mods can you remove this double post please.
  11. Man do I need one of these. One of my best friends has one I’d love to build:
  12. Dick Brooks drove this Torino to five DNF’s in 1972. Johan Torino body detrimmed and reshaped front wheel openings. Resin Sport hood from Gerald Smith. Built on an stretched AMT Tbird Nascar chassis with a Polar Lights Boss 429. Lots of little scratch built parts
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