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  1. This is turning out real nice Mark.
  2. Here’s the entire floor out of the bus. A few more things to add yet. Gerald is 3D printing me a sink and BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH basket for the restroom. A few more railings and dash details and it should be done enough for me.
  3. This will be really cool does it have the blade in the back
  4. There was two versions of this thing made . The cheap one like mine and a better one that had opening cargo and engine doors and a rolling destination sign up frt. This version was painted nicer too.
  5. The 63-65 Riviera is one car I wish customizers would leave alone. You cannot improve upon the original design. It was perfect as it was made. Lowered and nice rim and tires is all it could ever need. This build and it’s full size prototype prove that. Nicely done
  6. Here’s the prototype drawing that was never actually built.
  7. Oh yeah the outside will be restored and some nice wheels and tires will be installed. It will be silver,red a yellowish tan and white when done.
  8. Scratchbuilding a dash next. The more stuff I make the more I realize I still need to do. What started out as a simple idea had blossomed significantly. But it’s starting to look cool
  9. So here’s the seats and some paint thrown on the floor. The file for the seats didn’t make good legs so I made my own.Nice thing is this bus never went past a prototype drawing so I’m just building it as I envision it could have been. The white box in the last picture is the start of a room for the BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH basket .
  10. I glued some square stock to the bus sides so the floor will ride in it like a channel. It makes it easy to take in and out and I think it will allow for expansion and contraction which I believe made the sides warp. The metal chassis was crimped tight to the body. I added some ribbed sheet to look like rubber matting far the walkway and tossed some seats at it for test purposes.
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