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  1. Thanks I believe in the variety pack approach.
  2. Thanks John. I really think the less known guys were the heart and soul of NASCAR. There were only a handful of superstars at any given time. Those superstars had to beat all these little guys to win.
  3. Fuel overflow tube fixed. Pass side fuel fill blockoff added. Car needed pass filler for Riverside sometimes. Window clips on.
  4. Another deadbeat off my bench. Been sitting 6 months. This is a rescue body on a Polar Lights Chassis.
  5. Thanks guys. Though now looking at the pictures I see what I forgot to do. Paint window clips on and I forgot the fuel overflow tube.
  6. They are gold foil decals. My decal guy does them on an Alps printer.
  7. Driven by Sonny Easley a Winston West car that came east a few times in 74. Pretty simple build Johan body on stretched TBird chassis. Resin wheels and custom decals.
  8. I guess I forgot all about this subject. Anyway the car has been done for a while now. Here it is.
  9. Beautiful build of an American icon.
  10. I use the tire decal sheets from Mikesdecals for my tires
  11. paul This looks super nice man. How and when can one get one of these?
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