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  1. Is Modelhaus selling there molds?

    Ron have you built the 71? I just hate 73 bumpers on these cars.
  2. Jim Vandiver Daytona

    ‘‘This is a Revell Pro Modeler Daytona with a Polar Lights Talladega rollcage. Scratchbuilt Frt bars and shock mounts. Lowered and PPP tires and wheels. Don’t remember who’s decals. Not very good decals but here it is.
  3. USAC Plymouth Superbird (Fictional)

    I like this. Great job
  4. Is Modelhaus selling there molds?

    I want a 71 or 72 isn’t the Airtrax a 73 big bumper car?
  5. Just wondering. My stupid self never ordered his Boatail Riv when I had the chance. Wondering if it will ever be made again.
  6. 68 Olds 442 promo makeover

    Man I love it,those slit taillights on a 68 and ram air scoops hidden between the Headlights on a W30. Doesn’t get much sexier. You did this justice!!
  7. '70 Chrysler custom

    Great idea
  8. '70 Chrysler custom

    So are those the 19” rims with your additional black and red sheets then the 23” tires?
  9. '70 Chrysler custom

    I be been really in to greens lately. This is absolutely stunning. Well done sir! Where did you get the tires.
  10. Jo-Han 1971 and 1972 Oldsmobile Toronado comparison

    But a Toro or Eldorado was a kick ass open road car. 500lbs.ft. Torque and frt drive made for an awesome highway cruiser. Not a corner burner at all however.
  11. #11 Mountain Dew Buick

    Nice build that has held up well for a 30 year old build.
  12. NASCAR aftermarket wheels

    Those are Weld wheels. Mikes decals now has them in resin. ThePPP 5 slot that is called a weld is more like a Clements wheel.
  13. 1972 Bobby Allison (Finished)

    That looks really nice!
  14. USAC Superbee

    Exactly a few guys tried it in NASCAR but they said no to it.
  15. USAC Superbee

    A few USAC guys ran them out the back in the early 70s. Part of hat makes the car cool. Wierd how they ran them under the axle too.