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  1. That color combo is just plain right.
  2. There was 30 Cyclones made. 20 429 9 351CJ and one MX formal roof 351CJ car. All automatics. Option was dropped after Dec. 71. I found a 351 ram air set up and put it on my GT
  3. Tom do you have a picture of the greyhound bus?
  4. Put a set of Steven Zimmerman’s Olds wheels on it.
  5. What Skylark are you talking about? Interested in any Buicks
  6. I just finished one of these Myself. I really enjoyed this simple kit.
  7. Larry Let me know on this and a Sportwagon interior please
  8. This is a build made from an incomplete 64 kit and parts from a 66 Wildcat. Paint is a spiced up version of Coral Mist. Need to paint the visors white and a couple touch ups to finish it completely.
  9. He’s doing a 75 Lesabre convertible
  10. Ooooohhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!!!! Yes I’ll take one too or a 71 Centurion convertible please please please
  11. Finally for this update the roof got some paint
  12. I removed the qtr glass trim cause I think it looks sleeker without it. Added strips to make the top seams too. The kit has moldings around the roof bottom.
  13. This is a 3D printed body from Robert Burns. I’m putting it on a AMT 66 Wildcat chassis and interior. I cut the hood off and substituted the Wildcat hood for the original. So far so good the Wildcat chassis needs to be clearanced frt and rear a little bit. The interior needs some sanding on the sides to fit and the package shelf shortened. I’m modifying the dash to look more like a 66 dash. I have no idea why AMT n ver updated the interior for 66.
  14. Send him a pm on Facebook you can order off from the group buy
  15. Thanks Alan Teenty years ago you could have one bought and shipped to the states for 15,000. So yes I should have!! One of my all time favorite cars. I took some artistic liberties with this one. But I did it how I thought they look coolest.
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