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  1. Man now that’s the style Leach packer I remember as a kid. Put that on a Ford Louisville or C chassis. Seems that’s all there was by my home.
  2. Got one I don’t know if I have the intestinal fortitude to mess with that one.
  3. It’s about 1:26 scale 18” long. The wheels and tires are 1:25 scale so it’s not to far from there. PMC made it in the late fifties,
  4. Windows are in. I need a set of wipers like the Mack Cruiseliner kit has now.
  5. This is a hard chassis to get low enough. The more I think about it I made my own spindles and upper control arms. I also moved the rear wheelhouses up to allow the back to come down. I cut them off put a 1/16 inch spaced in then glued them back on.
  6. Decals arrived. Still need to do the other side and back end
  7. And flip the spindles upside down and use on opposite sides if I remember correctly
  8. Good luck. Let me guess your Caprice looked more like SpongeBob than a Chevrolet.
  9. He’s having some health issues I guess. I must have got my order I just before he stopped taking orders.
  10. Well. I ordered some tinted clear sheet for that purpose. But the folks I ordered it from were stupid and shipped it in a bubble envelope. Came to me looking like a screwdriver tap danced on it. Waiting for replacements now!
  11. Got my wheels from Scenes Unlimited. Really nice. Makes the bus ten times better
  12. Ok just wondering cause me and a brush don’t get along well at all!😁
  13. Excellent work. I have to ask why brush paint it?
  14. Here it is sitting together. Waiting on wheels and tires decals and clear sheet for the windows.
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