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  1. Hey Mark There’s completed pictures in the Under Glass section
  2. Thanks . We used to leave the L out of Schlitz
  3. This was the car Dave drove in his final career race .
  4. This is really sad news. He won the first race a Superbird ever won with his Superbird. Thankfully the car still exists.
  5. Yeah dude that’s a sharp build. The last Oldsmobile style to race.
  6. Here’s the body in primer and sitting on wheels.
  7. If you notice I put the big strengthening brace across the inside of the floor
  8. I’m playing catch-up with the pictures here. Here’s the chassis under construction.
  9. Tommy did them a couple years ago. Been sitting in my somday I’ll get around to it pile.I got probably 50 sets of decals in there.
  10. This is a build for Dave’s son. This was the last race Dave ever drove in. MPC 500 body that will use a modified AMT Roadrunner chassis .
  11. That’s what this body was. Suffice it to say the molds were pretty tired when I did this one. Lots of bodywork to make it presentable.
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