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  1. Finally got back to this.aside from some odds and ends it is done.
  2. This got stalled out and still looks the same.as soon as I figure out how to post pictures on the new board I will show Some more of the 68.
  3. Got this body from Doctor Larry put it on a AMT Thunderbird Nascar chassis.Pontiac engine and headers from Revell Foose 68 Firebird. More to come as I get more done. Tim
  4. This is the best way to build this car.I used the Polar lights chassis with minimal mods to do this car.Didn't adjust the ride height at all. Tim
  5. The body is a model king issue of the old MPC kit.l made the block off plate for the tailights and added other small details.
  6. Nice the last of what I consider real stock cars. Tim
  7. That is cool.I wonder if any of those models survive today? Tim
  8. Cale's Cyclone Spoiler. Polar Lights kit basically box stock with PPP tires and a few added details.
  9. I used a Polar Lights Talledega chassis.Had to shorten the front frame horns and the engine cage.Used PPP wheels and AMT 90's NASCAR tires.The tires aren't right for this era but they look great. I'll post more pictures tomorrow.
  10. George drove for Bud Moore in this car at Riverside.Johan Torino,fuel filler moved to pass side AMT tbird chassis stretched ppp wheels and tires.
  11. AJ led all but 33 laps of the 1972 Daytona 500 and won in this Wood brothers car.
  12. I bought the body from Mikes Decals.I don't know who made it.
  13. I'm building this for a friend.Resin body Monogram Grand Prix Chassis Powerslide homemade and unknown decals.
  14. Really nice job on a beautiful subject.
  15. Getting close on this one.Couple more evenings and it will be done.
  16. I have lots to do on this yet.I'll get some more pics.up soon.
  17. Thanks guys.This was a challenge to build.Nothing wanted to cooperate.All in all I'm pretty happy with it. Tim
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