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  1. Some more pictures.Charlie's car is done except tire decals.
  2. I'll take some more pics.as I get more done to it.
  3. It is the Saturday night special or something like that. I did a lot of work on the wheel wells to shape them better.I used an amt 90's NASCAR cutlass chassis under IT. PPP wheels and Power slide decals.
  4. I got stuck on my Elmo Langley decals. So I've been working on this instead.
  5. There is a font called Impact that I similar but the inside of the holes is rounded not squared like the car has.
  6. Sweet looking love the color combo.
  7. Kind of stuck on how to do the decals. I can't find a font that matches correctly.
  8. If the car is cleared before any dwcals,as in one light coat Put the big decals on then a thin coat of clear. Then put the rest of the decals on. Trick is to go lightly on clear over decals.Always clear over the base before any decal application.Hardened clears do not move when applying more clear causing the wrinkling problems.
  9. Here is a update on the grille.Also a pic of how amt modified the trans pan to clear their crossmember mistake.
  10. I kind of stalled out on this at the interior.Also the chassis is irritating me.Seems the amt 69 442 chassis has the trans cross member to far forward.This limits you to using the 442 trans or the interior won't sit down right. I'll get pics later.
  11. A couple pics of progress on the grille
  12. I'll post pics tonight of frt bumper mods.
  13. The yellow car is a model of my 68 GS 400. I wish I would have fixed the front end shape on that one too.
  14. Started with a Perry'sresin 1968 GS. Removed all 68 trim.Then added the correct 69 trim. While I am at it Iam correcting the front shape,rear window shape and wheelwell shapes.
  15. Larry I used Standox waterborne automotive paint.I hate it for real cars but it works great for models.I usually custom mix all my colors by eye.
  16. Have you ever built a model of a car you didn't particulary care for? Well I built this Belair that I don't really like and painted it colors I don't really like.Now it has become one of my favorite builds.Funny how does that happen
  17. Looks cool.I agree do something with that grille.
  18. Bob I used a leftover from a 62 Electra I built.Harry nic try lightening the pic,but the color is more like the original photo,it is really dark.
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