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  1. Another Torino checked off my list. Paul Jett Handy Andy Torino Johan body on stretched AMT TBird chassis with a resin hood from GKS 1964 Body detrimmed and modified for racing. Custom decals. Ford Wimbledon white.
  2. Can someone please help I’m looking for a MPC 71 Cougar front bumper and a pair of 71-72 taillights.
  3. Yes please finish this. Way cool!!
  4. Killer job man. Who made the wheels and tires?
  5. Does anyone know of someone casting one of these?
  6. Build it!!! It’s a rewarding kit to build.
  7. 1966 Buick code K Turquoise metallic
  8. I really enjoyed this build. Box stock which I hardly ever do. Only mod I did was to adjust the frt wheels back in the wells slightly. They sat too far forward. I wish the rims sat deeper in the tires but oh well.
  9. GKS Charger here in the forum made them they are sweet!!
  10. Pm me I have a set or two laying around.
  11. Need a good glass out of an AMT 66 Wildcat. Any issue is ok as long as it’s in good shape
  12. Let me see if the artwork is still available
  13. The Thunderbird on eBay is not nearly as nice as Paul’s. The windshield shape is completely and utterly wrong. The Johan Torino is the only kit that ever got the shape of the 72-79 Ford midsize windshield correct. This windshield is waaay too flat.
  14. Thanks Steve,that taillight panel was a fight for sure. There is no separation line between the taillights and the black trim part. So it all wants to run together.
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