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  1. Oops I never saw your post. It is 100 micron stainless filter screen. I got a whole pile of them off eBay a few years ago for 12 bucks or something
  2. That hauler is real cool. Nicely done man!!
  3. It’s not you on this one. This chassis is next to impossible to get right. To the point I steal the body and it’s pieces and throw the chassis out. I substitute a stretched 90s Tbird chassis sits better way less headaches
  4. Salvinos 71 kit with Ace/Cherry run decals. Moved fuel filler made new grille and windshield . Made my usual aluminum exhaust too
  5. Oh just wait I got a better one coming soon.
  6. Same with hemi heads and a bathtub intake
  7. Hey Larry you need to lose the bar going straight up and down off the door bars near the front . That bar didn’t come around till the eighties.
  8. Whoa Chucks been busy!!!
  9. I used gm code wa9414. And tinted it to be redder than it was originally. Decals are from Powerslide.
  10. Car sits just right these things were low. Look how high the front wheel openings were cut!
  11. This car was a USAC stock car. They had looser rules than NASCAR did. The front spoiler alone would have disqualified it from nascar.
  12. Butchs 71 Charger Salvinos kit with my own grilles windshield and exhaust pipes. Powerslide decals.
  13. It’s looking real good so far.
  14. Wow Mark you are a glutton for punishment. Are you making a IROC car?
  15. I’ll tell you what. I wouldn’t trade modern body tooling for Johans 1960s tooling if my life depended on it. Johans engraving was far superior to most anything offered today.
  16. That’s I think the most accurate. You know just like me when you get it all done. A picture will show up proving how wrong it is. Happens to me all the time.
  17. Exactly if you look at the original picture it looks like the Fastback to me. This is what has kept me from finishing this car. I started it with your 73 body but I have too many unanswered questions. I’ve got requests for more pictures on Facebook but it’s probably futile at best.
  18. Here’s a formal roof for comparison. The roof to quarter transition is almost flat compared to the others.
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