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  1. drivernick4710 added a post in a topic Banger Powered Dragster   

    that's pretty cool. Like the drive train idea!
  2. drivernick4710 added a post in a topic Turbo Outlaw Mustang   

    Hello again everyone. I again made some small progress this evening. I finished up the other header as well as got some work started on the transmission. I've decided for the moment to put a Bruno drive in this car. I also toyed with putting a PM Power glide in as it is becoming more common to see a PG in these cars as they have found ways to get them to stand up to the power. Also much much easier than trying to battle a clutch car. The Bruno is still a relevant choice and def different than all of the traditional lencos and liberties. I was able to start boxing in the doors as well. That's about it for now. Thanks again for following and thank you for your comments...... Nick

  3. drivernick4710 added a post in a topic Turbo Outlaw Mustang   

    Hey, sorry it has taken me so long to answer your question. I have had the pleaser of being able to drag race since I was in high school. Because of this and lack of funds when I was younger I learned to work on these cars as much as possible myself. Also if I didn't know how to do something that I needed I would often trade time in race shops to get my hands dirty learning how do the things I desperately needed to know in order to be fast. In the end I have been able to spend some time behind the wheel of some pretty incredible heads up cars, much like the one I am building here. I will never lose any love for the 1:1s but it is still very fun and rewarding to be able to recreate something you love in such a unique way.
  4. drivernick4710 added a post in a topic Turbo Outlaw Mustang   

    Hey everyone, sorry for the delay. Work has been pretty busy and haven't had much time to even think Anyways finally got a little done on the headers. This part is kind of hard with again the space limitations. But I'm happy with the progress so far. I still have to finish cleaning the header up, once the rough edges are gone I think it will look great. Thanks for watching and letting me know what you think..... Nick

  5. drivernick4710 added a post in a topic Turbo Outlaw Mustang   

    Hey again everyone, sorry for the delay in progress, been super busy with work this week. Anyways, was able to get the majority of the work out of the way on the intake manifold. Still have some minor things to add but the main bulk is complete. I love how ford has the intake runners going straight into the top of the valley/head instead of the traditional easy to recreate angled runner directly into the cylinder head . Hope it looks alright, I'm happy with the outcome. Its tricky to get those ideas out of your head and into a piece you can hold in your hand. That's the fun part. But when you pull it off , that's what I enjoy the most. Thanks for looking and as always I appreciate all of your comments. ..... Nick

    Thanks again for looking.... Nick
  6. drivernick4710 added a post in a topic Turbo Outlaw Mustang   

    Sorry, got slightly more done. Thought Id share even though its small... Thanks for looking!


  7. drivernick4710 added a post in a topic Turbo Outlaw Mustang   

    Small update, was able to get a little work done. Starting the prep the motor. I was going to put a ross Gibson engine in the build,, But..... I think it would be more interesting to do the 4 valve. Nothing wrong with a slightly smaller block in this quickly shrinking engine bay

    Thanks for looking and all of your comments. I appreciate the motivation from all you. Some of the best builders in the world are on this site!!

  8. drivernick4710 added a post in a topic Turbo Outlaw Mustang   

    Thanks for the advice. The reason I stayed high with the turbo location is the same reason we do with the big cars. You start running into issues with the down tubes getting in the way on the chassis. it gets awful tight where the bottom of the chassis meets the two down tubes. in real life its easier to make the charge pipes work around the chassis ands its unique issues than changing the chassis and at the same time balance and perhaps making structural issues. So long story short there is actually more room to work slightly higher where the bars are further away from anything else your trying to jam in. Sorry for the long explanation just was one of the things I had considered in length both in this model as well as 1:1 builds. Thank you very very much for your comment and your encouragement. more on the way soon..........Nick
  9. drivernick4710 added a post in a topic Turbo Outlaw Mustang   

    Thank you everyone for your kind words. I was able to get a little work done on the intercooler. I also mocked up some piping for the charge pipes running to and from the intercooler. Thanks again for looking and all of your kind comments..... Nick

  10. drivernick4710 added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    Turbo Outlaw Mustang
    Hello, my name is Nick and a while back I had been posting a build I was working on when life kinda got super busy and left me unable to find a moment to have much fun. Well long story short I really enjoyed sharing my build with all of you and I have been looking forward to starting something I could share here. Now that I have time back under control and some time to enjoy lets get started.

    I wanted to build a single turbo outlaw style late model mustang.

    I only have one main goal for this project. I want to focus on making sure that the plumbing and exhaust systems get completed in the most accurate manner possible. I want to run everything as the would try on a 1:1 car. It seems that in this department it is easier to just run them where ever they fit as space in 1:25 runs out quick. So my mission is to try and out thing the snags and issues as space continues to run out. Thank you all for having a forum where I can share my build among some of the best builders I have ever seen.

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