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  1. I saw a Blue with white Studebaker Pick up with matching pull behind camper. I love that the car shows are starting up again. The Black hills hosts a lot of car clubs this time of year. A couple years back it was Smokey and the Bandit. Trans Am's, Snowman's Rig and quite a few Jackie Gleason and Junior look alikes.
  2. sorry folks, but the white lettering on the 70's tires was nothing like what they have on the cars today.
  3. That looks awesome!!!! My Uncle Johnny Raced a Valiant at Tri-County Speedway when it was still dirt. lots of good memories.
  4. Incredible Job!!!! Very sharp looking car.
  5. Very sharp looking build!!! Looks track ready.
  6. Very nice build!!!! I love all the Miller paint scheme's,
  7. Beautiful build!!! My Boss had a all Black 1:1 that he liked cruising in.
  8. Sorry that this is so out of date.. The build looks Fantastic.
  9. I like it! The struggle makes the victory that much sweeter.
  10. It was fun there, my Uncle maintained his race car there also. The me ories of youth.
  11. Uncle Scott, that would be the one. My Step Dad had his 74 AMX in for something, and my Uncle was the body shop manager. Loved hanging out at the shop.
  12. I want to find a 1:1 to rebuild. We had a Red Matador rental car, with huge Lemons on the .1/4's And hood, with" The No Lemon Deal" next to them.
  13. Best thing about these things,was how easy a 302 fit into them.
  14. I loved working on those cars! Always road test your work.
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