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  1. "All this happened the last time I parked here". Its a perfect build. Now you need a red Mercedes SL sitting next to it.............I have the real one sitting in my garage.
  2. Brilliant build! Always wanted to build one myself as well. His character was one of the reasons why I went back to college.......later becomimg a detective.
  3. Even as a scale model it's still a baby whale. LOL!
  4. Could be sitting in the TV shows "The Wonder Years" driveway. It's coming out awesome!
  5. It's the story that really makes our little parts of history come alive.
  6. Way better than my skills can do! Looks good.
  7. Thanks guys! So far it's coming out a lot better than I would have thought.
  8. I think there is one (non ambulance) that made a quick appearance in one of the Airport movies (think it was Airport '75) as a airline shuttle bus. I saw the wheels seemed WAY to tucked in. Thought it was the TV or something. But this is simply cool!
  9. So after 15 or so years of being in parts, I am finally restoring the vary first kit I got as a kid. My dad bought this one for me from a hobby shop (looooooong gone) and the hobby began. Over the years I resprayed it, added chrome foil, changed the interior color, etc. Dropped it into a vat of brake fluid for a few hours and all the crummy layers of Krylon paint vanished. This time I went with GM "Light Driftwood Metallic" with a chocolate brown interior and half top. The bumpers I had with the kit are for '78 but they are pretty beat up from being used as a childs toy, so are the wire wheel covers. So I used a nice clean set of '77 bumpers and '76 wheel covers from the Modelhaus.
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