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  1. My own spin on this cool car.
  2. Not sure of a color, either dark maroon or yellow. Rims will be gunmetal.
  3. Thought Id start a newer muscle car...
  4. What should I use to hold the parts? I have longer dowels.
  5. Painted the chrome wheel centers silver to make them look more like factory.
  6. First tu tone paintjob. Permanent marker works good for pinstriping. Thinking I might lift it slightly.
  7. I rebuilt this one, which was silver with the modular mags and just no style.
  8. Awesome job, only small change would be adding steelie wheels and caps.
  9. Started this awhile back and put on hold, now I got to get it finished. Body will be white with blue stinger stripe that I have to order fresh ones due to these being dried out and cracking.
  10. Just finished this one, front end gave me problems but since I used crazyglue it will be more headache to set it properly.
  11. On a bit of a vette binge, finished up my 99 vette. Trying some metallic gunmetal on this one, wheels are stripped and will be the competition grey. Interior will be light grey and ash.
  12. Had this in stash for awhile, engine looks decent, wheels are lightly smoked. Body color will be Gm Dark Sapphire blue with grey interior.
  13. Thought Id try something different so all black but blaze orage inside. Camera has trouble getting good pic sorry.
  14. Tryin to get leafsprings high enough to clear test fit. Any suggestions to help not look so...hokey.
  15. Dont worry ill fix it, glue never set fast and it dropped...happens.
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