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  1. Oh no, the decals are ripped and missing pieces.
  2. Was originally going to be black but after spraying the hood,iI like it. Other than the wheels it will be a stocker.
  3. I use bleach but it seems that it weakens over more parts you dechrome.
  4. Just starting this kit, the color is Shimmering Smoke( rattlecan). Id like oinions on wheel/tire choice please, thanks for looking.
  5. Finished, not all to impressed with body /frame fitment but done none the less. Daughter chose the color Krylon violet.
  6. Hi, Im assembling the chassis and getting info from a corvette forum on proper colors. Id like your opinions on the wheel color, Competition grey, chrome or gloss black, the car is black.
  7. Getting my 32 finished this weekend.
  8. Anyone send any models here, how much were you quoted?
  9. Im wanting to know what shipping quotes to Canada are for a model kit?
  10. I checked out the Foose Camaro on ebay and was floored when I saw $65-$85 for it.
  11. Thanks all, he just had a kidney transplant and now he's home so im going to ship it off tomorrow.
  12. I ve been working with this one on and off but I thought I should share. I had a few dark blues and reds picked for colors then i found a can of Duplicolor Ice Blue. Rims are from the 1970 Gtx kit.
  13. What glue are you using and what do you like/dislike
  14. Finished this one for my wifes dad. Enjoy
  15. It is Duplicolor GM Aqua metallic, I built a 1988 GTA but the chassis was warped and this one is the same thing but other than that it is good. I have the 91 firebird 2n1 which I might trade but Ill see.
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