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  1. Here are some pics of my newest build, so far its goin well. Im quite happy the way the tires came out.
  2. had the dehumidifier running all day and sprayed the body......yipppeee more blushing , Would going over it with Future help it?
  3. I think I saved it, gave it a good wash then 2000 grit, another wash and good dry, Put the stand in front of the dehumidifier and sprayed, then brought the hood upstairs and it has a slight fogness on the side but its better than before.
  4. oh really, i just put it in the purple bath 5 mins ago.
  5. didnt really feel to humid but ill crank on the dehumidifier
  6. These pics are an hour after I painted with duplicolor gm dark blue. I primed and sanded with duplicolor sandable primer. Washed my hands with fragrance free soap. warmed the can, shook for 5-6 minutes. Sprayed from 5-6 inches away. This is the second blue ive tried this happened to., the first was duplicolor Black sapphire. Any ideas what happened and what I have to do to get good non foggy coverage?
  7. whats the easiest way to make the holes for the wires in the Hemi valve covers?
  8. Well I changed my mind and used the GTA wheels, just black washed them and detailed the center caps, good enough for me.
  9. I just got my TA GTA in the mail and first thing was the rims and tires, I had an old Z06 kit and tried the rims but wasnt sure they would work well found a solution, the backs from the TA fit inside the Z06 rims perfectly. Now suggestions on keep them chrome or paint them, black or gunmetal.
  10. Ill have to rebuy another kit so I can actually be happy with the turnout.
  11. ok , I glued my engine bay pieces to my chassis, causing anger issues. Thanks.
  12. I am finishing my 68 roadrunner but am having difficulty putting the body over the frame with the 4 piece engine bay. Is there an easier way to assemble it?
  13. I like the gold wheels nice job.
  14. great job and cant wait to see the finished car.
  15. ok i could use some advise, I have laid down 3 coats of the silver and it is rough feeling, what next?
  16. Thank you all very much, Ive been practicing with Fusion for plastics Shimmering Silver without a primer on a spoon then acrylic sealer overtop and Im happy with the result, so I will be following this recipe.
  17. can i use flat black as a primer before I paint my silver enamel?
  18. its not the duplicolor primer and silly me didnt read the fine print which states it may not be compatible with some primers. So I guess ill be buying duplicolor primer.
  19. It was primed then sat for 2 weeks. Paint is duplicolor shaken for 10 minutes placed in warm water.
  20. Im startin to rebuild a gluebomb 69 Mach 1 I got from gfs parents and I scrubbed off the brushed on medium blue and sprayed Duplicolor Aqua met. with a quick dusting of dark blue metallic.
  21. Nice work, I like that you used the kelsey hayes wheels.
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