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  1. Ognibs other deuce

    Hi Bob, how've you been? No body. Just tubes n motor n me.
  2. Ognibs other deuce

    Not forgotten, just on the shelf for now. Currently up to my eyeballs in this.
  3. Excellent work, Tim. Getting exciting to see it all come together.
  4. Ognibs other deuce

    Just noticed that p bucket has restored all my pics at the beginning of the thread. How bout that?
  5. 1:12 Camaro 3d Print wheels

    That's pretty tough. I have a friend that's into RC & he's brutal on his stuff.
  6. Ognibs other deuce

    Thanks for checking in, guys. Really appreciate the comments.
  7. 1:8 Scale Wheels in 3d print

    There are a lot of nice "real" tires available for RC. I found big-n-littles for my coupe & they look & feel just like the real thing. I sized them to the car by referencing OD & tread width. Since I'm going to cut my own wheels, I'm just drawing my prints to match the ID of the tire. If you're printing wheels, just engineer the software to fit the tire.
  8. 1:12 Camaro 3d Print wheels

    What's the strength factor of the material that you're printing with...when used on that design. Very nice work!
  9. Ognibs other deuce

    Thanks, Henry. Getting there. slow going, time consuming work.
  10. Ognibs other deuce

    Working on the oil pan today. Cutting feature lines in the bottom of it. Camera wobble is a result of turning the feed screw crank with the other hand. Sorry bout that...hope you enjoy anyway. A couple of still shots of todays work.
  11. 1/8 TDR Nova

    Laid out nice. Are you using an automotive base clear system?
  12. Ognibs other deuce

    I'm happy with the current configuration of the frame...however... ...I think it is only a prototype. I've been seriously contemplating doing it in steel, just fer grins. More realistic materials. My shop capabilities are so much greater now, after the move & I'm rethinking several aspects of the project.
  13. Ognibs other deuce

    I like a "bobtail" look on an underslung coupe like this. Makes them look more nimble & quick, to my eye, so trimmed off the line along the bottom of the tape to achieve the look. Shaping the frame rods to match the deuce frame profile on the jig I built for it.
  14. Ognibs other deuce

    Hi Mike. Thanks for stopping in & commenting. I enjoy showing my work & it's always appreciated when viewers take a moment to comment on the project.
  15. Ognibs other deuce

    Wanted to lay the grill shell back. Don't see this much on deuces but I like the way it looks. Used mat & resin to rework the front of the hood & shell. Read the angle & transferred it to the front door line & extended the cowl side to match.