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  1. Ognib added a post in a topic Rear Engined Mustang - Completed Rear, New Pics -5-23   

    Watching & learning & enjoying. 
    Empathetic sympathy over the loss of the other build!
  2. Ognib added a post in a topic Ognibs other deuce   

    The plan is that the machine will be on the bench, first week in June.

    Been visualizing the process & sequences of building the rear end for this car.

    There will be an output shaft with a u-joint yoke.
    This will pass through a bearing collar & seal, which will be bolted to the face of the side cover.

    My current research is dimensions for the yoke/shaft.
    Collar can then be built to fit it's dimensions.
    Mounting flange will build off of this.

    Only at that point, will I really know what size I need to machine the side cover face so it will properly take the the hub & show proper proportions & perspective.

    So, in spite of my excitement to see the center housing take shape, my first pieces need to be the shafts.

  3. Ognib added a post in a topic Ognibs other deuce   


    I could see a #1 or 2 being used to bolt the side covers to the center section.

  4. Ognib added a post in a topic Ognibs other deuce   

    Back when I was shopping for the rotary table & chuck, the 3 jaw models I looked at were all self centering.
    I chose a 4 jaw with independently adjustable jaws...just so I could hold odd shaped pieces for rotary milling.
    Had to "flip" two of the jaws for greater outside reach on the center section.

  5. Ognib added a post in a topic Ognibs other deuce   

  6. Ognib added a post in a topic Ognibs other deuce   

  7. Ognib added a post in a topic Ognibs other deuce   

    Moving in!

    Roadster stuff.

    Body buck with practice panel & body shape templates.

    Flathead headers.

    Cowl buck & practice panels with front axle.

  8. Ognib added a post in a topic Ognibs other deuce   

    Thanks for stopping in, everyone!
    Appreciate the comments.

    Can start moving some stuff in here now.
    After I get the machine in place, I'll go ahead & shelf around it down the left wall as well.

    Hung a drawer from an old rack mount system for tooling, bits etc for the machine.

    I've been devouring the two milling books for a couple of months now.
    Written by an old timer from way before CNC...talks about turning the cranks by hand...they assume no prior machining experience & spend time addressing which accessories are needed & which can be postponed for later.
    Well written & very informative for a machine shop noob like me.

    The rat rod book was a bday gift from my son, this year.
    Not a real big fan of the genre but there are some good ideas incorporated in several of them.

  9. Ognib added a post in a topic Ognibs other deuce   

    It is exciting!
    Seems like I've been saving for this forever.
    Kind of an odd shaped little arrangement...kids are gone & the wife & I are in 900 sq ft.
    I've got a small music room where I jam with some friends plus the git shop...This is my last available corner...lol...I'm out of floor space...the rest of the house is her domain.
  10. Ognib added a post in a topic Ognibs other deuce   

    As Y'all know, for quite some time, I've been saving my lunch money for a small benchtop milling machine.
    Well, I've got my dollars together & am ready to buy.

    Building a little cubbyhole area to set it up in & to do my builds...get them out of the clutter & busyness of the git shop.
    Going to do some shelves on the back walls this weekend.

    Drier/ regulator for my air system.

  11. Ognib added a post in a topic Quick change rear ends   

    Thanks, Bill.
    In my time on this board, I've noticed that you frequently offer quite a wealth of information on various subjects.
    Much appreciated...your willingness to share.
    Agreed on the subject of forgings & strength.
    On the quick change, just looking for different visual approaches to the parts I'm building.
  12. Ognib added a topic in General   

    Quick change rear ends
    In the 1:1 world, does anyone make a machined billet quick change center section?
    Did a google & Winters, champs & the rest all seem to be cast items.
    I'm cutting billet style block & heads, in aluminum, for my coupe & have been thinking a machined housing for the irs quick change would blend right in, visually.
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  13. Ognib added a post in a topic Henry J Twin Turbo - Didn't see that coming..........   

    Nice work!
    In this pic...do you use a circular saw blade for separating the part from the remainder of the bar stock?

  14. Ognib added a post in a topic top dragster scratch build   

    That's a nice motor collection.