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  1. I just ordered an escalade kit and a 99 silverado kit to do something kinda similar to this. I guess great minds think alike. Haha
  2. Mike, no complaints. Drama free life. Haha Thanks Chris. I'm happy with how it turned out. I'm gonna finally order the decals for it this next week. And then it will finally be finished.
  3. Traded a nova kit for this chevy dually from 20dakota04. Did a quick rebuild. Named it " The 1%er " it just strikes me as an outlaw. Haha How I got it: How it sits now: I might do a couple little things to it later.
  4. That's a great idea. But I don't have a wife, or scrap booking stuff. Lol
  5. I picked them up at a r/c shop. They were like $10. I think they are team losi. I'll call it an 02. Lol.
  6. Thanks for the info Aaron. I think it would look better with the bigger logo. I'm not going 100% era specific on this truck. And Iv looked around online and Iv seen trucks without the stripe. I'm kinda thinking about not doing a stripe on it. Unless I can find a roll of white pinstripe that would be close enough scale wise. Painting is still not a strong point for me.
  7. Thank you for the link. Got the us forestry seal, and the government plates.
  8. Gave it a little bit of a lift. Put different wheels on it. Now I just gotta find someone that can make me some water slide decals for it and its done.
  9. Almost done. I'm losing my touch. It's not turning out that good.
  10. Suspension is almost done. Sanded the back of the grill. Still deciding on paint. Thinking candy orange and white.
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