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  1. Way cool. The Part of the bed that sticks over the cab looks a little funky. Other than that, cool build. 👍
  2. Awesome. Thank you. That just saved me $$ on trial and error. 👍
  3. Ok this is making me want to build a custom van. Iv never done one before......I'll put it on the to do list. 👍 Lookin good so far.
  4. I recently picked up a f150 model that was already built off of eBay. My plans are to make it into a us forestry fire truck. I bought a light bar and police push bumper off eBay for it already. There's still a few resin parts Iv got to get still, plus Iv gotta find a green paint that matches the forestry service green. So here's the starting point.
  5. It looks good. If I may make a suggestion, the chrome looks a little too good. 😁
  6. @cobraman, ain't that the truth. Haha. I don't think I'll live to see the day the 303 is finally finished.
  7. Better late than never. I'm Keegan out of surprise Arizona. I'm 25. Been building since I was 12, gotten into it alot more in the past 5 years. I build 1:24th scale. I prefer to build pickups, mostly late model, but iv done a few older ones. I do them Lifted, lowered, mud bogger, rat rod, prerunner, show truck, ect. I'm doing my research on resin. Thinking about trying it out. Looking forward being on here.
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