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  1. CONSIDER IT DONE: > Must. > Have. > This kit.
  2. It's my understanding Aces and Eights is a good hand to have; a winning hand. A hand so good Wild Bill was killed for it. If that's wrong, then: Do the same with your Riv, and that'll be THE ACE OF SPADES... THE ACE OF SPADES #Motorhead
  3. Hello Peter, not able to see the first picture, but the other two look wicked. Do the same with your Riv, and that'll be Aces and Eights.
  4. Hello Peter Looking really nice; I just wonder about the back window. Specifically, the upper line you have pencilled in. Seems to be a bit on the high side, and I wonder about the curvature of the roof, and how compound of a curvature it is. It might help to see a perfect rear-on shot, and maybe a straight line is what is needed along its top edge, but from the rear 3/4 view, it's looking like the upper edge of your window will bow-upwards in the middle. If you add a curvature to your upper line, and lower it down a bit on the body, it might create a slimmer rear window with a more flat upper edge without any bowing. Hopefully this ghetto quick mockup helps, thanks.
  5. Hello Joe I loved this kit growing up, and I agree, that rear bumper does stick out a lot. Last year, I tucked in the rear bumper flush; here's what it looks like. I bashed my 88 with the ex-MPC 69 Charger Daytona's Hemi, wheels, shortened chassis/exhaust, super-modified wing, interior bits, and Round2 redlines . You're off to a great start; can't wait to see where you take this beauty.
  6. Stef

    1982 ford exp

    EXP-ERT WITNESS: > Nice clean build of a forgotten "loser" > Paging Dr. Faust, we got a live one here > Round 2/Revellogram: please reissue your EXPs
  7. CAUGHT SOMEWHERE IN TIME: > Classic MPC Mopar, frozen in time > Built this in '86 while headbangin' to Iron Maiden's new album > One of my fave builds, then Moms trashed it > Would do almost anything to build this one again > Time. Is always on OUR side.
  8. NOOICE. This is going to look better than any of the actual cars ever did.
  9. Hello, CabDriver Sick build; nice attention to detail. It may just be the lighting in this shot; the panel gaps seem a bit shallow, filling in with paint. If it's not too late, maybe you can scribe them a bit deeper before repainting? Hope this helps, thanks.
  10. Could not resist. > Smoothed out the fins > Hogged-out the rear bumper > Carved an oval .040 panel, sprayed it TS-30 silver leaf, brushed on two coats X-27 clear red
  11. THE GOOD: Revellogram could easily rework their 70 Trans Am into a 73 SD. And with just a little more work, could create a nice 74-76 THE RAD: Round2 could exhume/retool MPC's old 74-76 kits THE FUNKY: Somebody creates an all-new 74-76 kit
  12. 1977 ZAM: Did anyone else see the bottom of the box where it says it's molded in blue? I've built squillions of nearly every Firebird/Trans Am ever kitted, though I've never done a 74-76. TAKE MY MONEY: Make a 74-76 backdate, and I'll buy ALL of 'em.
  13. Ha ha, you may be right, though I think we can give it a really good shot:
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