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  1. Revell Miata Mk1

    NOOICE. This is going to look better than any of the actual cars ever did.
  2. Revell Miata Mk1

    Hello, CabDriver Sick build; nice attention to detail. It may just be the lighting in this shot; the panel gaps seem a bit shallow, filling in with paint. If it's not too late, maybe you can scribe them a bit deeper before repainting? Hope this helps, thanks.
  3. Model King '59 Imperial.

    Could not resist. > Smoothed out the fins > Hogged-out the rear bumper > Carved an oval .040 panel, sprayed it TS-30 silver leaf, brushed on two coats X-27 clear red
  4. R2 April 2019

    THE GOOD: Revellogram could easily rework their 70 Trans Am into a 73 SD. And with just a little more work, could create a nice 74-76 THE RAD: Round2 could exhume/retool MPC's old 74-76 kits THE FUNKY: Somebody creates an all-new 74-76 kit
  5. R2 April 2019

    1977 ZAM: Did anyone else see the bottom of the box where it says it's molded in blue? I've built squillions of nearly every Firebird/Trans Am ever kitted, though I've never done a 74-76. TAKE MY MONEY: Make a 74-76 backdate, and I'll buy ALL of 'em.
  6. Model King '59 Imperial.

    Ha ha, you may be right, though I think we can give it a really good shot:
  7. Model King '59 Imperial.

    Very nice suggestion, Richard:
  8. Model King '59 Imperial.

    Two nice ideas; here's a hybrid of both:
  9. Model King '59 Imperial.

    Nice suggestions, Richard. Lights have been added to the fins, and the toilet seat has been flushed away. Anyone want me to take a crack at adding a full spare?
  10. Model King '59 Imperial.

    Just saw hpiguy's 1959 Imperial build and review: Now I want one more than ever. Something about the rear got me thinking it was time for a ghetto-quick PhotoChop™: Thoughts?
  11. Stef's 2018 Builds - THE DIRTY DOZEN

    Never knew about that kit, and can't seem to find anything online about it. Post more pics of yours!
  12. 1972 Dodge Challenger.

    Passed on this kit a squillion times cuz the box art made the kit look so toy-like. Your build is clean and mean; will have to pick one up and throw on some evil meats like you've done. Did you add a smoke tint to the headlights? They have a nice depth to them.
  13. Totally agree. So happy to relive the nostalgia of things I built as a kid, and things I never got around to building the first time around. I'm supporting the kit companies as much as I possibly can, and do appreciate when they scrape up enough cash to give us something old, new, borrowed, or blue. Loved gluebombing MPC's 78 Pinto back in the day, and hoping to do better this time around; can't decide whether to pick up the tempting Pony Express reissue, or wait for the upcoming 77 hatch.
  14. 67' chevelle AMT

    SECOND MODEL? Clean build, strong theme, great paint. You sir, will be a force to reckon with in the future.
  15. Stef's 2018 Builds - THE DIRTY DOZEN

    I agree, that super-dark grey is badass; I'm considering trying a two-tone police Monaco with the hot rod grey primer and flat black. Thanks, Brent. I do try to keep things light and fun, and need to constantly remind myself to not get so stressed out over all the millions of little flaws, heh. Nooice, Rex. Is that Revellogram's 69 Shelby GT-500? Looks more Mad Max than Mad Max.