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  1. Thank you, @Dale Gribble! You cats have trained me well to look over every little detail. Did you see the subtle box art change to the upcoming Jolly Green Gasser? Someone noticed how the exhaust dump was made smaller for the rerelease. CRAZY GOOD EYES. As for the Pimp Caddy, @hpiguy just put up a build review, and it looks 1,000,000% like the 2016 version; tires, whitewalls, gold-plated spokes, and all.
  2. Am I the only one to notice the 2020 box cover seems to have Photoshopped out the whitewall tire inserts? I have the 2016 issue of this kit, and it does include grooved tires that accept thin whitewall inserts. I wonder what the tires in the 2020 reissue will be like.
  3. Thank you, @ChrisBcritter, you are a Demigod! Can't wait to get my hands on this Fairlane. Thanks again!
  4. The 65 Fairlane looks mega interesting; looks like it'll have A LOT of extras. Unlike some of the other more stripped-down kits in the Modified Stocker series, this one seems to have an interior bucket, two engines, 8 tires, 2 sets of wheels, full glass, and what looks like a freaky dual-snorkel air intake. Does anyone know much about this kit? I haven't come up with much in the way of pics, videos, or instructions. I love the MadMax skateboard look with those insane tires. Can't decide whether to get the Fairlane, or the 66 Chevy. Knowing me, I'll get BOTH.
  5. Hello Oldcarfan27, you and me both. Let's get into the DeLorean, and get back to our future. Hello Tom, I salute your Dad for saving your 914. Get into the DeLorean with me and Oldcarfan27; we gotta get back in time, to save your kits from termite slime.
  6. Ha ha, Jantrix, good one! Yes, I was a big dummy! Long story short... just moved into a new apartment with parquet floors, and the first thing I did was unpack my models and line 'em up along the baseboards. The floor got mopped with Future, and it spattered, splashed, sprayed, and sloshed all over about 90% of them. I was devastated. Chucked em, gave up on the hobby, and got into webcomics, ha ha.
  7. Hello, Tom. Termites? Oh me oh my, what was that like? Did they eat away at the actual plastic? What a horrible fate for a plastic model to be eaten alive. Glad your Dad was able to save some, but what is it with parents and throwing away models? My Mom threw away about 100 of my builtups in my teens "cuz reasons" and I was furious over it. Parents, please do NOT throw away your kid's stuff; let 'em go through and make decisions for themselves!
  8. Hello, Snake, I agree, the possibilities are limitless when bashing the old and the new. It also takes some of the pressure off me feeling like I need to treat an old kit with kid gloves. If I'd gotten an original 77 Pinto, I'd feel compelled to build it box stock, or encase it in Lucite. The reissue allows me to stuff in a 429 and rebuild the entire front clip, and not feel like I've committed sacrilege, ha ha.
  9. I totally agree, Roadrunner. I'm very thankful for reissues, flea markets, hobby shops, internet forums, model clubs, swap meets, YouTubers, personal stashes, and estate sales. You cats are keeping the flame alive; I salute you all. Back in 2001, I threw away over 200 built models and gave away my stash; thought I'd never return to the hobby. Came back to it in 2015, and am thrilled beyond belief to get my hands on original, or reissued, kits. My tastes are expanding, and I'm loving Round 2's reissues of things I destroyed as a kid (Mack R685ST, 78 Pacer, Bad Company, WW2 Jeep), and things I never got around to building the first time(s) around (77 Pinto, 59 Imperial, Hijacker, Mount N Goat, 37 Chevy, etc.). Looking forward to getting the 25 double T, 66 Chevy modified, 75 Datsun pickup, Vega funny car, Hemi Under Glass, BRAT, and squillions more. Here's my vote for Round2 to bring back even more classic MPC kits: Bronco, Econoline (Stunt Van for the win), Chevette, D-50, Cavalier, EXP, Monza, Hemi Hunter Dart, and more more more. Keep 'em comin', boys. We're here for you.
  10. I agree; all-new would be preferable. Failing that, I'd be happy with a body, grille, and wheels, and I'd figure out the rest on my own. Nice... it's essential we make this a 7-in-1 kit to cover all the years.
  11. I would buy a squillion of these; any chance Revell could leverage anything from their Jeep Honcho kit?
  12. Thank you, 89AKurt! I aim to do 99% of my building and test-fitting before getting to primer and paint, so there's as little handling of painted stuff as possible. By the time I get to paint, I'm usually down to about four main sub-assemblies: an interior, a chassis with engine and drivetrain, a body, and a hood. Once I lay down the flat black, a few things help me keep things scratch-free: - I take off all rings/watches - I trim my nails - I wash my hands constantly, trying to keep skin oil staining and slippage/droppage to a minimum - I do final assemblies overtop a towel - If I need to do some excessive handling, I throw on some latex gloves - If I do get some goo goos on the paint, I never wipe or rub anything across the finish. I either just blow, blot, or use running tap water, followed quickly by a hair dryer (to avoid water spots/marks). If I make a mistake with Tamiya bottled acrylics (for signal/head/taillights, etc.), gentle rinsing/blotting with Windex seems to work OK - If I screw up a bit worse, I will brush a bit of Tamiya XF-1 Flat Black across the offending mark, then cry myself to sleep - If I screw up REALLY bad, I will respray through tightly-gritting teeth And once a model is done, and it gets scratched... too bad! Done is done and I'm not redoing it! I use these Dupli-Color products (available in Canada at Canadian Tire). Expensive, but worth it. It always sprays on beautifully all year round, works in super hot/humid temperatures, or dry freezing cold. Great coverage, fills like nothing I've ever seen, dries super fast, they use Danvern valves, and you can ALWAYS make it to the bottom of a can to get every last drop out. I hope this helps, thanks!
  13. Hello Koellefornia Kid, very nice and clean builds. Congrats on a productive year. Especially your trifecta of HellBlazer, Eldorod, and Lincoln, with what look like 30" wheels! In fact, if your Eldorod and Lincoln had a baby, it would be the HellBlazer, ha ha.
  14. Thanks, PappyD340! Hey, I can't seem to find YOUR 2019 builds. Would love to see what you've completed this year!
  15. Thank you, Belugawrx. Flat black makes EVERYTHING look like a hotrod, ha ha!
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