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  1. Hello everyone Nice review as always; was so looking forward to getting more epic fat rubber from the original Datsun kits. MPC's Rising Sun had these on the front, and IIRC, even wider meats on the rear. These tires were common on MPC's NASCAR kits, ie., "Southern Stocker" Regal, Monte Carlo, etc. Would love to get more and throw 'em under everything I'm working on.
  2. Hello modelercarl, thanks for your help; I made sure to select "Goods and Services", and the seller has kept in touch, so I'm feeling confident things will go smoothly. Now if only Canada Customs will let the kit into the country without a $500 "model release" form, heh.
  3. Hello everyone Awesome! Thank you all for the super advice, it really means a lot! You've all been very helpful. Yes, I'm in Canada, and the seller is in the US, and he just responded with more helpful info as well. So hopefully, within a few years, Canada Post will get around to stopping by, and deliver it nice, rather than stuff it through the mail slot. A man can dream.
  4. Hello everyone A model car YouTuber is selling a super rare kit on behalf of his friend, and I've been lucky enough to purchase it. No other takers, perhaps. The owner is selling it via PayPal, and I'm unsure how trustworthy such a transaction can be. Will there be a postage tracking number? How long will it take to get to me? What recourse do I have if the seller flakes? What sort of questions should I ask the seller before sending money? Thanks so much, I love this board, and you guys build some truly amazing models. I've finally finished off a couple of my own after a 10+ year hiatus, and will be posting pics soon. Thanks again!
  5. NOOICE. The 57 doors do make more sense than van doors, and these new blackout wheels are badass to the bone.
  6. Hello Guys, thanks for the comments. Jim, will you be blacking out all of the glass, then? It looks like the leading edge of the 57 door matches up well with the trailing edge of the van door. Scribing in van door lines through the 57's front fender should be a breeze. Eagerly watching this build; thanks so much for bringing this idea to life.
  7. Amazing idea, love it. Wonder what it would look like with a chopped roof... so to speak.
  8. Hello everyone The recent MPC WWII Jeep reissue has five of them: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/c_JQdMe1NvM/maxresdefault.jpg And two can also be found in the recent reissue of MPC's 1978 Pacer (optional rear tires for the rally version): https://adamrehorn.files.wordpress.com/2013/10/pacer-oob-004.jpg As a kid, I built an MPC 1976 or 1977 Pacer, and it also had them. Finally, IIRC, the MPC Cooter's Tow Truck had 4 of 'em on the back in a duallie setup. Hope this helps, thanks.
  9. AMT Macho Mustang

    I bought this exact kit in the mid 90s from a LHS that specialized in original, sealed kits. Mine was moulded in orange. Bashed it with a Monogram 1970 Boss 429 to create a slammed, proto-pro-touring racer, heh.
  10. Thanks everyone for your awesome encouragement; you all rock my world! I've refined my initial concept, and come up with a name. Here's a more concrete vision of where this baby is going. Been an insane week; aiming to get more progress done ASAP.
  11. Spread the body apart at the rear, and spread it further apart at the front to clear the engines, while creating a wider grille opening. Tacked the left and right halves together using styrene strip. Next up, filling in the roof and hood with styrene sheet, then slicing off the trunk and repositioning it to create the hunchback. Still working on the revised sideview mockup. Coming soon.
  12. Sliced the body and hood down the middle, and taped the left and right halves together.
  13. I've created some basic hood sides from .020 styrene sheet, and mated them to the hood tops. To ensure proper vertical alignment, I taped the grille shell in place. Now, I'll split the hood and body down the middle, tape the left halves and right halves together, wrap them around the engines, then trace out a frame pattern. Also, hoping to finish the revised Photoshop side view mockup ASAP.
  14. Hello everyone I noticed the middle passenger side window was too wide, so I risked taking a super-thin slice out of the body (A). That delicate cut ended up working out OK, and also straightened out the misaligned rear valence (B). I've rethought the hunchback trunk cuts, which I now think can be done by simply hacking out a horizontal slice from the rear window/sides, and pushing the trunk up (C). Hope this works. Hey, misterNNL, I totally overlooked the necessity of a beefy frame. I was prepared to start with the kit-supplied rails, but now you've inspired me to create something thick and meaty, from scratch. Thanks! Ha ha, mod3l Lover, yes, that would be total badassery. I have the 1/25 Revell Peterbilt 359 that I would LOVE to gut for this thing, but I already have plans for it. Photoshop mockup attached. I hope I can get to this some day.
  15. Since I want the Hemis enveloped by the bodywork, the new double-length hood will provide the depth, but not the width. Going to widen the body, spread it apart more at the front, widen the grille, and rework the cowl area to clear the engines. Seriously considering massive headers exiting the hood sides, and/or hardcore induction setup sticking out the top. NEXT UP: More refined Photoshop side view mockup; I've got a few new ideas I'd like to explore.