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  1. Thank you, @tim boyd, Moebius, and EVERYONE, for your comments, insights, thoughts, ideas, suggestions, comparisons, observations, and GRIT with this kit review. I've never experienced such a detailed and thoughtful community review of an upcoming model kit before. I love it, and look forward to more more more. While I didn't mind the roof before, it's really growing on me. It's very Mad Max, and I can't wait to get one of these, as well as the Falcon in the new Cal Drag Combo, and the upcoming Henry J. I'M IN GASSER HEAVEN.
  2. Hello everyone I'm really stoked to get this kit, and I agree that the roof does indeed look chopped. But I don't care. Though I once did. A lot! Years ago, after building a whole squadron of new and awesome 90s Lindberg kits: - Firebird Firehawk - Color Me Gone 64 Dodge - 67 Olds 442 - 53 Ford Victoria - 61 Impala - I also enjoyed their Caravan, Crown Vic, Atlantic, Sebring convertible, and 1/20 Blazer So then, imagine my glee and excitement to discover that Lindberg was coming out with a 1948 Lincoln! I was so stoked, my skin was vibrating in anticipation. Got my copy, and ripped into it. What the?!?!? I was so angry, furious, and bewildered, I threw a tantrum, smashed it against the wall, stepped all over it, and blasted it into oblivion. I wanted my money back. How DARE they. That was an inflection point for me. Super embarrassing. After that, I started to appreciate kits as they were, learned more about kit history, managed my expectations, and left the things I was OK with, and modified the things I wanted to change/improve. Sometimes, I want a quick, simple 64 Galaxie to build, and sometimes, I want a fiddly Mack R685ST to build. For me, it's now about a blend of quality AND quantity. Sometimes I cut corners to save time. Sometimes I get in deep and spend months paying a high price for a small reward. There are dozens and dozens more kits I want to build before I'm dead, and I'm trying to let go of my perfectionism, and just have fun building. This hobby needs all kinds of builders to make it work. We need the super hardcore rivet counters, and we need the casual guys, too. And everyone inbetween. I've built models I was super proud of, only to discover years later that I'd painted the bell housing the wrong colour. And I hated myself for not knowing that. And I unironically built Revell's infamous 70 AAR Cuda back in 95 when it just came out, and I loved it. Until I realized just how off it was. Hated myself for not seeing that. We should never feel ashamed for building something inaccurate, or feel compelled to change/improve/correct things. We can if we like, and that's cool. If not, that's cool, too. It helps to try to not take things personally. I lurk here every day, and I love love love the stuff you guys are putting out. I seldom contribute cuz you guys know so much more than me, and are far quicker at responding than I am. Today, I felt it was appropriate to chime in. And man oh man, I really want to get me another 48 Lincoln, and build the F out of it. YMMV. Godspeed, good sirs.
  3. Just checked that thread; looks like it'll be a nice build. Nothing compares to flat black; it makes everything look tougher.
  4. FLAT BLACK TO THE FUTURE: > Love it, @Snake45 > Your detailing really sells it; fantastic job > You make me wanna whip out my 1/8 Monogram 65, and finish her up just like this!
  5. Hello everyone Wow wow wow... so much interest, discussion, ideas, and things to consider! Apologies for not participating much the past week; things have been a little crazy. Just checking in to say thank you, and let you all know I'll be back here ASAP with a few concepts and/or ideas to bring to the table! Thank you again everyone; we're going to keep the 80s alive, and show Round2 there's money to be made by resurrecting MPC's classic branding!
  6. NEXT STEPS: - I/we need to reach out to people at Round2. Not seeing much action on LinkedIn. Anyone know who I could reach out to? Emails, phone numbers, etc. - I need to make a couple boxtop mockups; design at least ONE solid concept and post it here. Which model would you like me to start with? - We need to start thinking up some cool 80s names, like: Master Blaster, Razor's Edge, Magnum Force; stuff like that - I need to create a couple "Forever 80s" logo concepts, and pitch them here for community feedback - We're going to need graphic designers (I'll volunteer myself for this role, heh), plus builders, photographers, decal makers, etc. This may be a crowdsourcing/community effort to get Round2's attention - Let's organize and mobilize!
  7. Yes, thank you for these, @Daddyfink! Never built any of these, and they would ALL be really cool models in the series!
  8. Ha ha, @Snake45, I recently posted here a couple contact sheets of a solid majority of MPC's 80s kits, including TWO Night Stalker Corvettes, and TWO Dust Devils! Enjoy the memories!
  9. Thank you, @Dragonhawk1066, I just paged through the entire 1985 MPC catalogue and WOW, that brings back so many memories! Thank you for that! This is exactly what I'm talking about; bringing back the vibe from those old days and those classic kits. I'm very grateful many of these kits are coming back, and the new box art is... OK... for the most part, though I really want to recapture that inimitable 80s design aesthetic with all-new art that will make people go: "Wow, I never even knew about that version, I want to get it!"
  10. Ha ha, @Snake45, I think you're right, though I've never built any of those flip nose kits. Would love to. I was thinking of the yellow Mustang II pro street.
  11. I agree, @Snake45, the Custom Corvette was one of my faves, and at the time, I had no idea of its Mako Shark origins. Both are worth bringing back, for sure!
  12. Hello @Ron Warner, you bring up so many good points! You're right that when Round2 has a hit, they're quick to offer up alternate reboxings/versions, for sure. True, we don't always know what the long-term forecasts are, though I've heard it said that some kits are on a 10-year rerelease cycle, while others are more frequent, and others,...may never come back at all. Even if the tooling for MPC's Cavalier and EXP are available, right here, right now, would anyone (besides me), be clamouring to get 'em? I certainly hope a lot of us old dudes would want them! You're also right about how things just mysteriously appear out of thin air; their recent 64 Olds is a fantastic example of this. And yes yes yes, I want the MPC 82 Bronco to come back so hard. I missed the 2005-2006-ish AMT rerelease when I had the chance. Kill me now. I just made a recent post in this thread of dozens of 80s MPC box tops that catalogues a solid majority of their kits. Certain to bring back some memories, I'm sure there's lots there that we model fiends want to come back!
  13. Hello, @Hawk312, I agree, these kits are awesome, and I built BOTH as a kid. I believe the last issue was the red "Pro Street" kit, released in 84, 85, or 86. I don't recall AMT, ERTL, RC2, or Round2 ever reissuing any of these kits. The 3rd gen Camaro is a MUST to come back for this series. With all of the crazy and numerous variants MPC offered on the 3rd gen Camaros, I certainly hope someone out there has the tools, ready to bring 'em back.
  14. Here's a mostly-complete collection of MPC's 80s kits, with some variants. Not all of these have super cool names, but many have bespoke, stylized titles/logos. Some of these, such as the 88 Daytona, 88 Beretta, and 69 Olds 442, came in at the end of MPC's run, but each of these could be folded back into the collection, since they all have custom street machine-y parts. Many of these have been reissued over the years, so there is so much potential for us. I envision: - 8 kits for the series - the creation of a "Forever 80s" logo/badge that goes onto each box, with a "1 of 8", "2 of 8", etc., and "Collect them all!" callouts, to really get the collectors fired up - everything molded in white - new Harry Bradley-esque decals designed for each kit - cool new names, new logos, new box art models, in new colour schemes, with new decals, all built box-stock (no aftermarket parts or detailing), professionally photographed and retouched (no illustrations or renderings) - emulate MPC's 80s box top brand aesthetic, to the letter - main focus on American muscle/street machine cars, with inclusion of trucks, 4x4s, vans, jeeps, convertibles, pro streets, oddballs, etc. - optional glass colours - pad printed tires - expanded decal sheets to include stock graphic packages, gauge clusters, scripting, marker lights, etc. - while it would be AMAZING to pack these kits with new parts, corrections, and/or backdating, I realize this would be asking a whole lot. I'd err on the side of straight reissues, unless serious marketing dollars would be invested into the series. - Many of us might be open to the idea of having select AMT kits rebranded as MPC kits in this series. Round2's recent 69 Plymouth GTX pro street comes to mind, and would fit in well Let's start narrowing down our choices, picking our faves, and seeing which tools are still kicking around that can be used. Let's make this happen.
  15. You are on fire, @1972coronet! I never got the Supra or Celica, and want them as much now, as I did back then! Agree about the BF Goodrich "snow tires"; Round2 could possibly strip the sidewalls and tampo print them. Or, they could throw in their newer tampo printed Polyglas F60-15 tires, and/or their larger L60-15 cousins. The upcoming 70 GTO superstocker features nice fatties that were featured in many of these old kits, and have now had their sidewalls stripped, with Good Year lettering tampo'd on. Also agree on the Chevy/GMC C/K trucks. While I'm no expert on these, there is limitless potential here. And of course, 128,000% agree on the nostalgia factor. I love these kits so much; they fill me with warm childhood/teen memories of building, customizing, trading, and collecting with friends. The sleepovers. The drawings, sketches, and plans. The HOT ROD magazines. The fighting over who gets the last couple drops of gloss black out of that Testors bottle at 11:30 pm on a Saturday night. The loitering and window shopping. The snatching up several kits at once. The bragging rights over getting the first, or last, kit in town. The listening to ZZ Top's Eliminator on cassette, slamming back summer hamburgers, and chugging Coca Cola by the gallon. Those were the days. We're gonna bring 'em back, boys.
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