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  1. I'm a hardtop guy, though I am intrigued by this kit's custom cowl treatment. I'm a symmetry guy, so I might try bashing it with the Fireball 500's twin cowls. Also: - Dual Judsons - Custom hood - cut open some nostrils, shave off the hoodpins and louvers - Yellow glass - Bigger wheels and tires - Lower it - Stock grille and headlights - Stock taillight panel - Custom pans - minus bumperettes, and with licence plate recesses filled in I'm a buy-it-on-sight guy, so I can't wait to get started.
  2. Right you are, @Tom Geiger, ever since Round2 brought the Commando back from the grave, everyone's been begging for the snowplow, the full roof, the middle roof, the 69 grille/body, and all the safari parts. Imagine if they'd release a MEGA version that includes all that. I'd buy a case of 'em.
  3. Thank you for the info, @Mark. Maybe I'll get TWO plated Hemis. It would look so evil and sinister.
  4. Love it, @ranma. Grandma's pulling up in the driveway with groceries... and ice cream.
  5. Yes, @Tom Geiger, I remember seeing these now, and very nice, indeed. I never built the Blue Beetle, Falcon, or 50 Pup, and you've convinced me to build them all. Particularly love your Jeeps. I do have the blue MOUNT N GOAT Commando reissue in my stash, and while that kit's front end is nice, I'd much prefer to do mine with your Jeep-y front end. Maybe I can attempt some sort of conversion/crash course in brain surgery.
  6. Good times, Dude, good times. Your little dude is better at 5 than I was at 10 when I first started! He's in good hands, and Lego is another great area for him to grow, explore, and spend quality time with his Dad. As for painting not being your strong suit, I'd have never known. Your finishes and details are crisp and smooth!
  7. Thank you, @slusher. I've searched through 10 pages of Under Glass and I can' find your 2020 builds. Can't remember whether I've seen them yet. Post em here if you got em, thanks!
  8. Hello @ranma, nice execution on this updated classic. Love how you corrected the mufflers; can't wait to get one of these for myself.
  9. Hello, Tim, first time I believe you and I have ever spoken. It's an honour, Sir. I suppose then, I'd better buy TWO of these Drag Deoras so I can double-up on the classic Hemis.
  10. I really enjoyed the trip down memory lane building the "Bad Company" reissue. "Ram Van" and "Wanted Van" would be great reissues of this tooling; both were 2 in 1 kits. Another good choice would be "Gold Rush", which featured a bespoke IMSA-style body kit, custom grille, and wider tires. IIRC, Gold Rush was custom-only. If they plan to reissue the "Cannonball Run" / "Rescue 911" Ambulances (aside from a complete backdating of the grille/body/taillights), it should be acceptable to most builders to simply use Bad Company's restored 82 grille. I agree. While I was somewhat tempted by HPI GUy's build of the SCOUT SS II, my heart's been set on getting the full-roof version. I'm sure the next reissue of the topless Scout will come in Coke livery, feature a Coke ice chest, a Coke vending machine, and a Coke trailer, towing a Coke Paystar 5000. Yes yes yes. Never knew this existed, and I must have it. Gonna stuff it with TWIN Hemis from two Revell 32 Ford 5-Window kits.
  11. I agree, Mattilacken, the 66 doesn't seem to need a windscreen, though it was the highlight of the kit. A super-thin, half-windshield with silver tampo printed mesh across it, and it looked amazing. I should buy another 66 just for the windscreen! As for your builds, love 'em both, and welcome back to the hobby after a 15-year hiatus. If you don't mind me asking, what brought you back? Exquisite paintwork and detailing, and I skimmed through your Supra WIP thread to learn more. So sorry about your cabinet accident, though that is a phenomenal rescue effort. And I love your son's builds, too.
  12. Stef

    Class of 2020

    Dude, this is an impressive and expansive array of pop culture builds. You are the IMCDB of modellers. Particularly loving the Galaxie, and Cobra, with its whitewalls and deeeeeeep wires. I've heard good things about that black 3.0 stuff; it barely registers any light at all.
  13. Ha ha, @Tom Geiger, and thank you. I suppose I've cornered the market on flat black, for sure! Last year, I went to a local airplane model show (for the first time ever), and a random dude comes up to me and asked if I was "The flat black car guy"! I have no idea how he recognized me. Small world! I'm getting the hang of search around here, and I just discovered your JEEP thread. NOOICE. Have you posted your 2020 models? Would love to see!
  14. This is a great start to a potential mind-bender of a build, Tom. I love projects like this that challenge us to plan ahead, improvise, and solve issues creatively. Just imagine what kind of photos you'll find of this thing in another 14 years. Eager to see where you go from here.
  15. Thank you, @Mattilacken! Lots of people really like the 66, so here are a few more pics of her. Since the kit's tampo windscreen got destroyed, I did NOT glue the body on. This way, if I ever get another screen, I'll do my best to be more careful. And post your 2020 builds here if you got em, thanks!
  16. Wow, that's hilarious. Saw that image in my research; it really stood out, and I saved it. Love the blue, the dark wheels, whitewalls, and red glass. She's badass.
  17. Dude, this is really nice, @larman! Love how clean she is, with some nice subtle washes and metal toning for a hyper realistic look. Never built this one, and just did some research on it. Now I want to get it, too! Are you working on the Fiat as well?
  18. Stef

    Builds of 2020

    Gorgeous builds, @Dan Hay, and welcome to the forum. Especially vibin' on your 37 Chevy. Loving the colour scheme with its whitewalls, blues, oranges, silvers, and blacks.
  19. I'm too kind? How rude of me, ha ha. As you continue to lead with amazing builds, we'll continue to be inspired!
  20. Love this build so much, @Jantrix. A faithful homage, with more than enough personalization to make her fully your own. Exquisite rust/paint effects and metal detailing, and your tailgate art is particularly impressive. Looks like you spraybombed a real tailgate then shrunk it down. Phenomenal work. My only criticism is there's not enough room in the back for Gomez and Tish.
  21. Thank you so much, @Jantrix. Lots of people seem to like the 66, so maybe I can post a few more pics of it. Love love love your 3100 pickup build for 2020; your weathering, texture, and detailing are just phenomenal. 50% NASCAR, 50% 4x4 wrecker, 50% rat rod... 150% wicked.
  22. Thank you for your kind words, @larman. Now that you mention it, I suppose they DO have a bit of an art "objet" appearance, as I look at them all on my shelves. Imagine a thousand model cars displayed in a gallery, all arranged by colour. That would be the coolest rainbow ever. We should organize and make it happen. Would love to see your 2020 builds; post a link if you've got one to share, thanks!
  23. Ha ha, @Danno. I'm sure they'd be happy with a few pictures along with a lovely essay/poster/card (and I could certainly volunteer to assist with the design/layout), until such a time as you'd like to bequeath anything. Maybe they'd even put it up on their website. I did see a lot of galleries there; who knows. Are there any other Pike's Peak cars you've done, or would like to replicate? You could end up with your very own starting grid!
  24. Stef

    '59 Edsel HT

    Fantastic rescue, @hedotwo. She's as clean and fresh as any AMT 58 Pacer. FLAWLESS VICTORY.
  25. Another stellar year of impressive builds, @89AKurt. Few have your skill, imagination, fearlessness, broad range of tastes, discipline, constant output, strategy, documentation, advanced planning, execution, and follow through. You sir, are the Jocko Willink of model cars. Godspeed.
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