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  1. racefan 777 added a post in a topic Alclad   

    Thanks for the ideas. I like the Testors next time I am in Denver or the Springs I will pick some of them up. My lhs does not carry them. Do they need the black base also?
  2. racefan 777 added a post in a topic Finally finished part two of a combo   

    Nice work! Allways liked those blue and yellow cars. But the Fords looked better.
  3. racefan 777 added a post in a topic 35 and 36 chevy early modifieds   

    The beer keg for a fuel tank reminds me in the late 60's I used a portable air tank for a fuel tank in a modified. I too love the looks of the wide 5's. Would be proud to have them on my shelf. They look great nice work!
  4. racefan 777 added a post in a topic What happened to my paint?   

    Perhaps it is just how it would look since it is a 25 T.
  5. racefan 777 added a post in a topic Alclad   

    Thank you Chief for the ideas! I will give them a try. Due to medical problems I am away from the bench right now. I have the chrome striped and a little more prep work and the parts will be ready to spray. So when I can I will get back to work (or is it play). Any way I will let you know how it comes out. By the way love your pic!
  6. racefan 777 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Getting ready to use it for the first time. Can you change the shade by using gloss, semi gloss or flat blacks under polished aluminum. I also have the airframe aluminum. I am building the Chalanger 1 with the 4 engines and would like to break up the colors of all the aluminum. I also have the magnesium. This kit is one of my holy grails! Also getting the blue from MCW hope it will be as nice as it is in my mind!
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