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  1. Thanks for the recent comments! As mentioned I don't have any work in progress pictures but I have one work in regress picture, so to speak. When my red paintwork on the upper cab had dried I spotted some tiny sunken spots on a filled area on top of the sleeper. I thought it would be best to strip the fresh red paintwork completely. For some years methoxypropanol is my favourite paint stripper so I used it here, too. Not a good decision! For some unknown reason this time the plastic was attacked almost immediately. Since I had used various sorts of plastic and lots of micro balloons and super glue there was possibly any unforeseen chemical reaction. Anyway my upper cab was irretrievably lost. After my hands had stopped trembling I started again. Always look on the bright side of life ...♪.♪.♪
  2. Beautiful model, another proof that white can be a very good choice!
  3. Thanks for the replies, thanks for the pictures! I agree, this is a fantasic model. Sad that there are no better pictures, and even sadder that there are almost no Japanese modelers in western forums since many of them do outstanding work.
  4. As always a perfect colour choice and a beautiful paint scheme!
  5. Thanks for the response, sorry for my late reply due to a sometimes boring vacation without modeling! I used the chassis of AMT's Chevy Titan/GMC Astro. Some modification were necessary but less than compared to the other AMT kits in my stash. I am sorry, usually I don't have any WIP pictures. While building I find taking pictures or making notes very disruptive. For the same reason I stopped writing magazine articles long ago.
  6. White models sometimes look toy-like, but here the blue/white paint scheme looks spot-on!
  7. Beautiful paint scheme, excellent detailing, super clean work
  8. Good work! IMO daycabs have generally more character than sleeper cabs
  9. Thanks for the latest replies! As mentioned before I build all models (car models as well) as curbsides, i. e. there are no movable parts (including the cab), and I omit everything that is not visible when the model is displayed or turned upside down. When modeling the engine to this extent I followed a set of pictures of a real HTD-950 but today I can't tell what engine it was. As already mentioned there were at least two resin cabs. One seems to be still available. Maybe it should be said why IMO both cabs are unusable. The first one is a sleeper version. The left and right front segments of the ribbed valance and the radiator shutter are conspicuously misaligned. Since all castings show this shortcoming the cause seems to be a distorted mould. IMO re-aligning on the casted cabs is impossible. The second one is a daycab version, formerly sold by The Backyard Shed and Aussie Resin Models, now obviously available by Sourkraut's Model Trucks. The radiator shutter isn't replicated at all. The seven ribs of the valance are simply simulated by five recessed lines. The headlights are too small, the casted wipers are still those of the C-seies and the cab protrudes too far beyond the valance. All in all the impression is crude and unrealistic.
  10. Thanks for the recent replies! I reviewed my old Ford H-series files. Kevin (mistermodel) is right.
  11. The trailer is really different, I like the (ice cream?) van.
  12. As always excellent workmanship and a very beautiful colour combination.
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