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  1. Plastheniker added a post in a topic 1995 Ferrari F50   

    Thanks for the comments!

    To be honest I don't remember after such a long time what I did on these particular seats but usually I do this:
    When there is a sharp groove or a clearly raised line I spray the seats with the main colour (here black). Then I dilute the second paint (red) and let it flow into the groove or along the raised line. When the red is completely dry touching up can be done with a small brush or with a black permanent marker with a very small tip. If necessary I guide the latter with a piece of styrene edge as a ruler.
    When there is neither a groove nor a raised line I spray the seats with the main colour (black) and foil the borderline with BMF. After cutting with a #11 blade along this borderline I remove the foil from the areas intended to be painted red. Burnishing down the foil vigorously and sealing the edge with clear prevents paint from bleeding under the foil.
    I hope this is understandable.
  2. Plastheniker added a post in a topic Kenworth K123   

    Really perfect by the dividing white stripes. Beautiful!
  3. Plastheniker added a post in a topic FREIGHTLINER.   

    Though I build my own models always factory-fresh and clean I love your work. Absolutely realistic!
  4. Plastheniker added a post in a topic Autocar Dump   

    Considering the age of the model this is a remarkable result!
  5. Plastheniker added a topic in Under Glass   

    1995 Ferrari F50
    my old instruction sheet says that Tamiya released this kit in 1995, so I suppose that I built it 15 or 20 years ago.
    I still remember that it was a typical Tamiya kit: Pricey, without major issues and giving a convincing final result without much effort, but on the other hand no real challenge for experienced modelers.
    IMO the same can be said about most of these modern, sophisticated Tamiya/Fujimi/Hasegawa/Aoshima kits. Recently a fellow modeler called them "poacher's kits" by analogy to the football ( aka soccer) term "poacher's goal" .
    Anyway this is the finished model:

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  6. Plastheniker added a post in a topic Porsche 917k   

    Very clean, a real beauty!
  7. Plastheniker added a post in a topic 1958 Cadillac Eldorado Seville   

    IMO one of the best GM designs and a beautiful model, too!
  8. Plastheniker added a post in a topic 1961 Pontiac Ventura   

    So do I!
  9. Plastheniker added a post in a topic Mercedes S600 Coupe   

    Very clean result! Isn't it possible to attach the emblems with a minimum of acrylic clear?
  10. Plastheniker added a post in a topic AUTOCAR TRACTOR.   

    Nice details and attractive paint scheme!
  11. Plastheniker added a post in a topic Mack DM600   

    Very good colour choice!
  12. Plastheniker added a post in a topic IH Transtar II   

    Considering when the model was built a very nice result! IMO the Transtar was one of the most attractive truck kits ever. There should be a reissue soon.
  13. Plastheniker added a post in a topic GMC 9500 Short Hood (AITM) with Tube Trailer (Scratch Built)   

    Dan, Ken, thanks for your replies!

    I am afraid there is no alternative.
    For a nice result
    all grille bars must be absolutely parallel
    the distances between all grille bars must be identical
    horizontal and vertical grille bars must form exact 90° angles
    you have to mill/cut vertical 0.5mm slots into the grill frame and into the horizontal 0.5mm grille bars
    IMO this cannot be achieved manually.
    Mostly X-Y-tables like mine are used by hobby woodworkers. Maybe you know someone ?
    If this is not the case and the grille is the only remaining obstacle it would be no problem to mill the grooves for you if you send me the baseplate/grille frame assembly.
  14. Plastheniker added a post in a topic GMC 9500 Short Hood (AITM) with Tube Trailer (Scratch Built)   

    Thanks for the recent replies!
    I never made own PE parts. I milled the grille.
    An X-Y table ("Kreuztisch") of any size is indispensable.
    I used this rather unorthodox assembly of a full-size X-Y table and a full-size slowly running drill with a narrowed slitting cutter. (Ignore the workpiece on the pictures).

    Broadly speaking I did this:
    AITM supplies the cast grille as a separate part to be inserted into a corresponding recess.

    I cut a piece of thick styrene sheet (maybe 3mm) as a baseplate fitting into the recess but leaving a gap of 1mm all round. I inserted this baseplate into the recess provisionally and glued a wide strip of 1mm styrene all round the baseplate as a grille frame.
    After removing this assembly I milled horzontal grooves into the baseplate through this grille frame and glued strips of 0.5mm styrene into these grooves as horizontal grille bars. Then I did the same for the vertical grille bars milling through the horizontal grille bars as well.
    After applying a minimum amount of liquid super glue to all joints I milled a plane grille surface using my height-adjustable modeling drill stand (Ignore the circular saw blade on the picture).

    Last I gave the grille frame a neat cover of thin styrene and foiled everything. As far as I remember the cab recess was not deep enough for my new grille, so I had to make it deeper.
    I hope this is understandable.