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  1. Plastheniker added a post in a topic AUTOCAR TRACTOR.   

    Nice details and attractive paint scheme!
  2. Plastheniker added a post in a topic Mack DM600   

    Very good colour choice!
  3. Plastheniker added a post in a topic IH Transtar II   

    Considering when the model was built a very nice result! IMO the Transtar was one of the most attractive truck kits ever. There should be a reissue soon.
  4. Plastheniker added a post in a topic GMC 9500 Short Hood (AITM) with Tube Trailer (Scratch Built)   

    Dan, Ken, thanks for your replies!

    I am afraid there is no alternative.
    For a nice result
    all grille bars must be absolutely parallel
    the distances between all grille bars must be identical
    horizontal and vertical grille bars must form exact 90° angles
    you have to mill/cut vertical 0.5mm slots into the grill frame and into the horizontal 0.5mm grille bars
    IMO this cannot be achieved manually.
    Mostly X-Y-tables like mine are used by hobby woodworkers. Maybe you know someone ?
    If this is not the case and the grille is the only remaining obstacle it would be no problem to mill the grooves for you if you send me the baseplate/grille frame assembly.
  5. Plastheniker added a post in a topic GMC 9500 Short Hood (AITM) with Tube Trailer (Scratch Built)   

    Thanks for the recent replies!
    I never made own PE parts. I milled the grille.
    An X-Y table ("Kreuztisch") of any size is indispensable.
    I used this rather unorthodox assembly of a full-size X-Y table and a full-size slowly running drill with a narrowed slitting cutter. (Ignore the workpiece on the pictures).

    Broadly speaking I did this:
    AITM supplies the cast grille as a separate part to be inserted into a corresponding recess.

    I cut a piece of thick styrene sheet (maybe 3mm) as a baseplate fitting into the recess but leaving a gap of 1mm all round. I inserted this baseplate into the recess provisionally and glued a wide strip of 1mm styrene all round the baseplate as a grille frame.
    After removing this assembly I milled horzontal grooves into the baseplate through this grille frame and glued strips of 0.5mm styrene into these grooves as horizontal grille bars. Then I did the same for the vertical grille bars milling through the horizontal grille bars as well.
    After applying a minimum amount of liquid super glue to all joints I milled a plane grille surface using my height-adjustable modeling drill stand (Ignore the circular saw blade on the picture).

    Last I gave the grille frame a neat cover of thin styrene and foiled everything. As far as I remember the cab recess was not deep enough for my new grille, so I had to make it deeper.
    I hope this is understandable.
  6. Plastheniker added a post in a topic Ford LNT 8000 Snow Plow   

    Super clean as always!
  7. Plastheniker added a post in a topic Day & Ross Freightliner FLD120 & 53' Great Dane   

    Beautiful and perfectly done, really flawless!
  8. Plastheniker added a post in a topic international 4200 . dustin and repair   

    Jacobus, I think the yellowing of the glass parts is caused by UV light. I had this problem with models near windows exposed to bright daylight or even sunlight. Now I always protect my models by using my venetian blinds because the yellowing is irreversible .  
  9. Plastheniker added a post in a topic Amy Kenworth and Peterbilt   

  10. Plastheniker added a post in a topic My 2008 Viper SRT-10 (Facelift Model with H-Spoke Wheels)   

    Thanks for the comments!
    Yes, as long as the roads are clean and dry - otherwise
    Here are the 1:1 pictures

  11. Plastheniker added a post in a topic Torino - Updated RestoMod Starsky Hutch new ride   

    Super clean, perfect paintwork!
  12. Plastheniker added a topic in Under Glass   

    My 2008 Viper SRT-10 (Facelift Model with H-Spoke Wheels)
    Contrary to Corvettes Vipers never became popular in Europe. Very probably the reason was the rather high price. The first SRT-10 was offered on the German market in 2003 at € 115,000 while the also new Gallardo was only € 20,000 more - not a difficult decision for buyers. Two or three years later Chrysler reduced the Viper price to € 105,000 without success, so in 2006 they stopped the Viper import to Germany definitely. Since the production start in 1992 to this day I only saw two Vipers on the road (both were RT/10 models), therefore the probability for a Viper owner to encounter another Viper is neglectible - a very good reason for me to import a new Venom Red SRT-10 with H-Spoke wheels in 2008. I still own it.
    Whenever possible I build models of my 1:1 cars and of course I wanted a replica of my Viper, too.
    I used Revell's kit of the 2003 SRT-10 as a basis. It is a rather nice but partially rather simplified kit so some detailing was neccessary. Among other things I remember:
    The headlight inserts got real glass parts
    I opened the body to make realistic rear lights
    I replaced the clumsy side vents
    Revell didn't replicate the standard convertible boot that covers the the lowered top
    I replaced the 2003 hood by the 2008 hood of the ACR kit, opened its six vents and fitted PE mesh.
    Finally I scratch built the H-Spoke wheels and replicated the number plates of the real car.
    My paint mixture matches the original colour quite well but my aged camera gives it a tinge of raspberries       . Sorry for that.

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  13. Plastheniker added a post in a topic meyer manx   

    Exactly this was the colour/paintwork taste of the era!
  14. Plastheniker added a post in a topic '70 Challenger T/A   

    Once again super clean!