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  1. Beautiful, impressive build with fantastic details
  2. Exactly as Jouko and Gareth said. These devices were a European peculiarity (also in Italy, to my knowledge not in France). In Germany the swing-out arms were initially made of metal, unlit and operated by Bowden cables. By and by they were made of orange, translucent plastic with a small bulb inside and operated electrically. At the final stage they moved up and down. Therefore they were colloquially called Winker (= wavers). Since 1961 all vehicles, old and new, had to be fitted with orange turn signal lights at the front and the rear. Jouko, fantastic photography, the picture seems to be taken from a sales brochure.
  3. Looks flawless, I love the colour combination!
  4. The surface of the black paintwork looks smooth as a mirror. Fantastic!
  5. Super clean work, colour and paintwork look perfect!
  6. Great work, I agree, silver looks great! Is this the RoG kit? As far as I remember Tamiya (?) kitted the F40, too.
  7. Another flawless beauty from your working bench, incredible paintwork!
  8. Thanks for the recent comments! From time to time I return to car modeling, presently 3 car kits are on my to-do list. I still had a scratch built MAN F4 to show but I think there would be too little interest here. If you are interested you can find it in the Modell-Laster-Forum.
  9. Thanks for the latest replies! I am pleased with any comment but particularly when my older builds are concerned.
  10. Something really different! I like the simple colour scheme and the moderate weathering. I have the same cab in my stash, I don't hope that I need a second life to build it.
  11. Rumours say that RoG will reissue all three kits by and by in limited quantities with new decals at lower prices. If you are interested in them keep it in mind. This model shows what can be achieved from these really fantastic but so often terribly botched kits.
  12. Beautiful model! Modifications and paint scheme make it look really different.
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