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  1. Looks like mud from the race on the windshield Ray Nice job on it, I like the yellow Cheers
  2. I love the rake of it..that front bumper is almost touching the ground !!👍 Nice job on the paint too. I remember those windws being a pain in the uknowhat Well done Cheers
  3. Thanks so much for the listing of decal makers!!! I may have a couple jobs for them
  4. Nice work going on here Cannonballers ! Been so busy this summer I haven't had time to participate, but am keeping my eyes on the challenge. Cheers
  5. Paint and decals look great Gary, what clear did you lay down on this beauty? Cheers
  6. That came out great..nice to see a trans am racer well done👍 Cheers
  7. Nice work on the Cobra Ray👍 I had never seen that car.. Cheers
  8. Very nice decal and paint work Michael! I'll be following your build👍
  9. Nice job on the Porsche! Always loved that car👍
  10. Sweet ! Nice job on the grille 👍 I'm glad they fixed the glass fitment, mine has a .03mm gap at the bottom.
  11. Beautiful work on the Porsche J!! Bright yellow on a fast little car always looks great
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