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  1. I know I'm REALLY late to the table, but,.. I didn't have a van model that I could build... I was walking thru WallyWurl just the other day and saw this I know.. it's probably 1:20th ..1:22nd..Shaggy looks about 8' tall.. I'm thinking of a section, stretch,...new interior,..an engine...4 1/2 months eh.? Better get chopping...
  2. X2 and the exhaust dampers, and the chrome caps on black steelies,,,and and and
  3. Love watching your builds Peter .. But yes ,..not all of your pictures are making it into your posts on the LSR
  4. All the parts come together beautifully Dennis. Paint, Detail, Tire choice, Fit and Finish ! 2thumup The only thing that draws my eye is that hanging Alternator/Generator... got an empty can laying around...? Keep'em coming Cheers
  5. Looks great Randy...Are you painting up figures for it..?
  6. Beautiful car and very ambitious modification ,well done ! One of my neighbours growing up, had one of those '71 boat tails in the garage, in gold... I fell in love with a car at 10 years of age Cheers Claude
  7. Nice build and well photographed !! The base is scale accurate looking cement... I like it !! I too like a nice Nissan in yellow Welcome back, and keep posting !! Cheers
  8. Very nice finish on the paint John.. Well done !👍
  9. That came out great! Simple but effective photography too..I like it 👍👍
  10. Love it ! Sits just right too
  11. I will echo what many have said..Incredible paint work !!!
  12. Belugawrx

    '78 Firebird

    Nice job on that Jeremy,..interior detail painting really looks good.
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