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  1. Sonny, JC, Kurt, Dann, I hear you about the movie, one of my Favorites, saw it with my buddies in the theatre when it came out ..a blast Yep I would take the Cobra over the Ferrari too .. just based on the price of replacement parts ..lol I got a bit more work done on fitting the body, chassis, interior tub,... There were no locators for the tub, so installed one And had to grind out some tub bottom to allow the frame to sit properly Went to my local Canadian Tire to peruse the Duplicolor selection,... This is Ford colour medium blue metallic CBFM0382,...very close, but in person...looks like it would be great on a Meyers Manx.... little too much This is the only engine shot of the Cobra in the actual film...looks like they used the large oval air cleaner on a single 4bbl carb. ...so that's what I'll do....
  2. Belugawrx

    Random Question?

    Single malt colour👍
  3. Nice detail for 1/64th there Paul👍
  4. Nice,...this is gonna look sweet ;),...where abouts did you aquire those tires..?
  5. Nice start Blake, colour looks good 👍
  6. Thanks for sharing those Brian, good tutorials , and it looks Great 👍
  7. I missed the start of this one... Good stuff going on here Martin !
  8. Nice work Ismo 😎 How did you achieve the window frame ? LOve this song !!
  9. Thats looking good so far Howard,..is that the kit engine..?
  10. Nice work cleaning up the kit parts John 👍
  11. This is looking Great Scott ! Nice work 😎 See you at the starting line
  12. me neither... Mike, good luck with the retina recovery ! The problem with leaving the burr is that the p/e companies etch to a very high tolerance, as does, Tamiya, Fujimi,....et al. So that leaving them, may interfere with future steps in the build. This is looking good so far Chris..take yer time and have fun !!
  13. Thank you Carl Cheers Misha ...see you at the Cannonball start in December...?
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