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  1. well..looks like we have a snow day here in Southern Ontario... Checking out different wheel/Tire combos..I like these from the '67 Chevelle
  2. I will be in with a '62 Corvette. I won't be using the skinny tires or oversized wheels, and II will be lowering and adding some ground effects.. Try not to 'body work' it too much as this usually ends up not getting finished in time..lol Cheers Cannonballers!!
  3. Happy New Year dog lovers Ziggy sends her best wishes
  4. Nice work Ken,...one of my favorite body shapes 👍
  5. I've had Magic Hat #9 when I was in southern New Hampshire,..Nashua if memory serves...good beer !
  6. I agree with you Anton ..it looks much better with the rear dropped like that
  7. Congrats to Kurt from the looks of it ..Unofficially of course.... It was neck and neck there for a while...a tie for second !!
  8. Thats a cool pic Paul..thru the corn out of focus farm in the background 👍
  9. Nice work on the vac forming Kurt. 👍
  10. Man, that looks just right👍 I'm watching this one
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