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  1. Looks like they could be sisters..Ziggy talks all the time too.. 3
  2. Really coming along nicely Aaron Is this the livery your after?
  3. Fantastic black paint job..Well done ! Cheers
  4. Throw us a bone down here in wip with your one favorite pic....
  5. Oh man John, ya can't tease us like that and finish the WIP without a pic of the goods...lol Really nice build my friend..Cheers
  6. Nice build Danny ! Nice work on the masking and paint👍
  7. Love the Floyd Dark Side of the Moon ('73) was pivotal for me back in '76, at 14 it was the most mesmerizing change in anything I'd ever heard.. after I'd heard it, I sought out all things Floyd and Gilmore..and headed down a rabbit hole ...Piper at the gates of dawn, Umma Gumma, saucerful of secrets, Meddle...led to Jethro and King Crimson, Mike Oldfield (whoa), and speaking of Bowie meet Ziggy Take Care all
  8. Really nice build so far John..all of the extra detail will really set this one off. Keep it up 👍
  9. Well done Tom ..looks good
  10. Very nicely done Tomasz! The detail paint work is especially nice. Cheers
  11. Man.. that sits just right, nice job👍
  12. Great looking chop 👍 Im following this one...what have you decided for the paint work?
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