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  1. Wow $1.24 for 1/8" ali rod.... Where you yelling "START THE CAR!!!" at the wife when you came out the front door..? lol Those prices are ...... crazy Nice steal.. Cheers
  2. Excellent build here Mike ! I have the Tamiya kit staring at me from the top shelf.. hope it comes out half as good as yours... Cheers
  3. Nice start on the Matra, John. I will be watching this come together...Cheers
  4. Decals laid down nicely ! Very nice Chris...Cheers
  5. Beautiful paint and finish Steve ! The engine bay and interior look awesome Cheers
  6. Just picked this kit up this morning, hope it turns out half as nice as yours ! Really nice photo back drop as well..have you posted a build on that? Cheers
  7. This is Tamiya Flat Flesh XF-15 as a base, then mix of slightly darker and lighter shades to add shadow and highlights
  8. I never shake my paints anymore, it leaves gross dried gum on the lid,... and occasionally drips down the bottle, especially Testors Met. silver ..yuck...I always stir my paints. But cool idea
  9. Have any pin stripe decals..? A navy or black pin stripe to separate the white from the blue might be nice...
  10. Charles, Im always happy seeing one of your builds up..just amazing paint work Cheers
  11. I would love a truck like that ! Nice job .. Cheers
  12. Really nice work so far Chris Decals laid down nicely, did they need much sol and set ? Looking great !
  13. Great replica build..looks just like it!
  14. So when will you show us pictures of your model....? lol
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