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  1. I would definitely take a few of those for my trucks !! Those look great Let me know when they will be available...
  2. Just a few more... Baldwin Motion "wip" Another convertable "wip"
  3. Some more... '69 Pro-Stock "wip" '69 "wip"... waiting on body color... Any suggestions ?? Comments welcomed...
  4. Pretty darn good for an 8 hr build if you ask me !!
  5. I have 9 '69 Camaro's, 1 '68 Camaro, and one mid-80's pro-stock Camaro...some are done, some aren't... Love the Camaro !!
  6. She did a VERY good job on her first model !! Tell her congrats from us... This Christmas I'm getting my twin boys (10 yr olds) and my girlfriends son (5 yr old) their first snap kits to put together.
  7. I have been using a Silver Sharpie for a few yrs now... use it to do my header's, and other engine details, chrome trim on the interior, etc... I like using them for a lot of different things...
  8. That is simply I N C R E D I B L E !!!! That is sooooo cool looking, I can't even begin to say what's running thru my mind....
  9. W O W djway... That is one incredible 'Cuda !!!! I'm not worthy enough to compete with that beautiful work of art !!
  10. Great job on this one !! I have always liked this kit and have built 4-5 of them and this body fits on the pro-stock chassis very well for more options. Just about done with this one... just have to add some details to the engine...
  11. Here's a few of mine. Hope you like them... comments welcomed... '74 Cuda Snap body on a pro-stock chassis '71 Cuda '71 Cuda "wip" with Challenger 2n1 kit engine Testors Cuda Plum Crazy Purple "wip"
  12. HOLY BUCKETS !!!! If I didn't see the wip pics, I would've thought you took pics of an actual 1:1 bagger !! Simply outstanding craftmanship on this build.
  13. Thanks for the imput guys !! I have been building 1/24 for over 25 yrs, so I know all about fit issues and flash... I will check out the other 1/16 builds of this car on this forum.. Thanks again
  14. The E-bay seller said that I would receive it around Jan 4th if I bought it for $35.00... don't know what it would cost in the LHS...
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