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  1. KenY88fan added a post in a topic Bill Elliot coors monogram multiple release?   

    If the decals are no good. Mikes Decals has a real nice sheet for that car.
  2. KenY88fan added a post in a topic 2010 challenger R/T -Revell   

    Nice build! Is that your B5 1:1?
  3. KenY88fan added a post in a topic 1972 Petty Plymouth   

    Nice job!!!! Whose resin body did you use?
  4. KenY88fan added a topic in The Truck Stop   

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  5. KenY88fan added a post in a topic Heartland Model Car Nationals June 7 & 8/ Who's going from here?   

    Plan on being there Sunday. Espo, I'll be looking for you some how. Nascar kits!!!!