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  1. I didn't care one bit for his older sister. Still don't. But He will be missed.
  2. Same here Ken!! Looking forward to our next trade.
  3. Keep an eye on that card for future small charges like that. That's how it starts. If someone hacked your card, they try to charge small stuff like that to see if you catch it. If not, it gets worse. Wife's Cabellas card got hacked, shut it down, and they gave us a temp card number over the phone till the new card came in. Got a notification THAT number had been hacked/ used even before we got the new card!! Lady from the card company said we were responsible for the charges!! The only 2 people who knew of the new # were the wife, and the card company...... We told them quite clearly where they could stuff that card AND the bogus charges....
  4. It does. I had that issue when it first came out. The last re-issue was the de- contented one.
  5. Oohhhhhh, I LIKE that. Sharp aircraft and sharp build sir!! 👍👍 I'm currently working on the 109 G-6
  6. Thanks Ken for a great trade. Always a pleasure. 👍
  7. Those look GREAT Ray!! My late father and me did one of the last supper. They are relaxing, and fun. Nothing Sissy about them. I love that second one ALOT.👍👍👍
  8. WOW!!! I just flashed WWWAAYYY back to my favorite hobby shop in the early 70's. That's the last time I saw all those kits in one place. VERY nice stash man!!!
  9. Which year Hornet kit are you looking for?
  10. Went through something similar last year. Fell about 4-5 feet onto hard packed dirt/ concrete sidewalk. I put my arms out to help break the fall, but got a radial head fracture in my left arm instead. Still hurts like mad during damp weather.
  11. More aches and pains, knowing it's going to rain before the weather guy does because every joint in my body hurts from years of hard work. But just sitting back and thinking back through all those years. Reagan was still in office when I joined the Army. Bob said it best." 20 years. Where'd they go. 20 years, I don't know. I sit and I wonder sometimes where they've gone". Truer words were never spoken in my case, except that it's more like 30 years..I don't think I can afford a midlife crisis cuz I'm too busy buying all the new release models .
  12. Same here Ken!! Always a pleasure trading with you. Thanks for the great trade.
  13. I love this build. The period correct colors and stance is just right.
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