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  1. 1970 Chevrolet Impala 454

    Gotcha covered Bill.👍👍. And I'll add 2 more.👍👍. Beautified build!! It does sit just right.
  2. 1970 boss 429

    Sweet Mustang Ken!!
  3. Linberg 64 Dodge restoration

    Sleeper!! Sleeper!!
  4. AMT 49 Ford done

    Love that old school hot rod look Ray! Wide whites on big-n-little steelies, a nice rake.... Sweet build.
  5. What Irked You Today?

    Ain't that the truth!!! I thought we had the most "Alfa hole" drivers in this area, they even pull this nonsense on fully loaded semi's around here. There has been an uptick in fatalities due to these people playing chicken with fully loaded oil well rigs. Seen the results of quite afew head ons cuzz of these bozo's.
  6. My first ship.

    It looks good!! If a ship is on active duty in a combat zone, the crews would be at battle stations more often than doing ship maintainance. The San Fransisco was at Pearl Harbor on December 7th, and she was on active duty pretty much non stop right up till the night she was almost sunk off Guadalcanal in a night action with the Japanese. Shortly Before that battle took place, the after fire control station was crashed by a shot down Japanese dive bomber. Bent that area up some, but she was still on active deployment, so she stayed on station. That night action off Savo island sound produced 3 Medals of Honor for members of the Frisco's crew. She's quite a ship with a rich history. Your building her just fine Andre. Nice to see a fellow ship modeler here.
  7. My first ship.

    Yep. For about the last 35 years or so.
  8. Great Traders List

    Just finished a trade with Mike 999. Great guy to trade with!! Would trade with again any time!!
  9. Thanks for the trade Mark. Would trade with you again any time man!!
  10. Revell "Eldorado" model

  11. Then they'll try to sell you a pill to make it go down ...
  12. 1968 Firebird..Tim Boyd inspired

    That build takes me back man. Good times!! Great build.
  13. anybody trade for these

    Pm sent
  14. 1968 Firebird..Tim Boyd inspired

    Love it!! Built my favorite way!! OLD SCHOOL!! Nice build.
  15. 1976 Autocar A64B dedicated to JR

    I'd say you did the truck and your dad proud Lee. That's a beautiful truck.