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  1. Peking To Paris 41 Plymouth Rally Car

    X2!! I really like that. . I really like that 40 ford gasser you built too!
  2. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    That looks AMAZING. Love those body lines.
  3. Snow Cobra

    You know, that concept might just work in 1:1. The weight distribution with a 289 or 302, maybe all wheel drive with a slight lift and some aggressive tires. HHmmmmmm... Not on a REAL Shelby, that would prob get you burned at the stake. Lol. But a repro, or kit car..... πŸ€” Food for thought. Thanks for sharing Ray.
  4. New Member from North of Hadrian's Wall

    Welcome William. And thanks for the link JC. Now THAT is interesting.
  5. 2020 Family Truckster !

    Maybe GM will throw in one of those nose cover things to hide this mess. What would MSRP be on this thing? 40 to 50 grand fully loaded? NO THANKS. No wonder import trucks are so popular.
  6. Fireball Modelworks

    That is stunning. I can't say enough good things about Chiefs stuff, resin or rubber, decals too. I have ordered from him on several occasions and have LOVED everything! His parts are top self.
  7. Bethlehem Steel & The People Who Built America

    My father and grandfather both worked and retired from Weirton Steel. They are now demolishing it for scrap. . We ( my brothers and I), took it for granted that we would graduate high school and go into the mill for work. WRONG. After 39 years dad retired and told all us boys that we had better find a different way to make a living cuz Steel was circling the drain. That was in 1983.
  8. What Irked You Today?

    Same here. . Snow this a.m., then more rain later..... I give up.
  9. Any Veterans out there ?

    US Army SP4 88 to 94. Mostly in Germany.
  10. Cats like boxes. Even big ones.

    Thanks for the vid Ace. We have 5 (!) cats, all caught wild. Now they are contented spoiled couch potatoes.. Our most recent addition is a Maincoon kitten, and he's growing into a real monster. They all go NUTS for boxes of any type, which makes pulling out a kit a bit risky, but one or two of them are close by or on my lap while I build. Since the wife can't have children, our pets, cats and dogs, are our kids. They get Christmas presents every year, and cat nip when we just can't take they're antics anymore. We get them fixed, but we don't declaw them. Thankfully they all seem to get along and don't destroy stuff, as long as we have plenty of boxes and scratchy posts, carpet cat condos around. We must make good wait staff.
  11. No remake...Please

    More proof the Movie industry has officially run out of ideas..... Sad. BUT, people still pay $$$ to go see the remakes.
  12. What Irked You Today?

  13. Monogram 1/8th Scale Camaro IROC-Z

    Pm sent.
  14. Junkers Jumo question

    It may be a tube to force air into the crank case to vent it.(?).
  15. '32 Vicky Survivor Resto/Rescue

    Nice save on the Vicky Snake! It really has the " look" of a vintage hot rod. Love ItπŸ‘