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  1. There’s a whole bunch of people on here who have been burned by him, myself included. I got the item, after ALOT of whining and excuses, but the body was useless junk that stunk like stale cigarette smoke.
  2. THAT is cool!!! Nice builds man. 👍🏻
  3. That’s EXACTLY what I thought!! Lol!
  4. Man I want this kit!! Good start.👍🏻
  5. Thanks Rusty. I have one of the large 1/72 type IX c-41s that I bought before the prices went too high.
  6. Ah, The SR-71 Blackbird….. one of my all time favorites. He was the driving force behind THE fastest aircraft built to date.
  7. Thanks Bill. I just realized I posted it in the WIP section by mistake, but like 99% of my models, it is always a work in progress. I have several type VII boats that I want to build a 1/144 uboat bunker for.
  8. This is my 1/144 scale Revell AG U-Boat built many years ago before the price of these kits went crazy.
  9. I was actually a customer of his at one time. Bugs, dirt, road grime. It was all the same to them at that shop. Lol. But it did the job at the time. 😂
  10. The last 2 pics could pass for a 60’s HotRod magazine shoot!! Great Job!!👍🏻
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