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  1. I’ve had my eye on this one since it was first released. Updates please🙏🏻😊 I’ve been pestering the wife for this kit for Christmas.
  2. It’s covering more and more of the content on my iPad.😔
  3. Still a great build Brian. I’ve looked at it more than a few times since you posted it. I still love it.👍
  4. Neither will I. Even after all these years, it still doesn’t seem real. I was on my way to work that morning when the news came the a plane had hit the first tower. My first thought was it was a small single prop out rubbernecking and got too close, Having no idea at the time it was a passenger jet, but later my co workers and I saw the second Plane hit the tower. I will never forget that image. It’s burned into my memory permanently.
  5. Probably dropped a #%** !!! Screw down in there. they won’t charge extra for that one.
  6. He took it down I think at the end of last month, or at the end of June. Not much traffic over there.
  7. Love the car, and the color!!👍
  8. That color makes it look like the one the Count from Counts Customs has. Love the color. Bring one the white ceramic coated side pipes!! 👍
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