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  1. I think it’s the same kit as the new issue, just with a few extras.
  2. I think that guy works in our engineering dept.
  3. I’m looking to trade the London Bus for the new issue of the International Harvester Transtar 4070A truck kit. The bus is still factory sealed. This is a BIG kit.
  4. Oh yeah!!! The Buff. Great looking plane Hugh. Ive had many opportunities to see these up close. They are the real “ Aluminum Overcast”. Still a great looking plane after all these years.👍🏻
  5. The cat traps are working nicely.👍
  6. THAT sums it up pretty well Bill.
  7. He’s a cute little guy!! 👍🏻 Orange toms have a personality a lot like a dog. We have a long haired orange Tom/ Maine coon mix, and his personality is really a lot like a puppy. Your new little buddy is a real cutey.
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