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  1. What Irked You Today?

    Went through something similar last year. Fell about 4-5 feet onto hard packed dirt/ concrete sidewalk. I put my arms out to help break the fall, but got a radial head fracture in my left arm instead. Still hurts like mad during damp weather.
  2. Myd Lyfe Crysis ?

    More aches and pains, knowing it's going to rain before the weather guy does because every joint in my body hurts from years of hard work. But just sitting back and thinking back through all those years. Reagan was still in office when I joined the Army. Bob said it best." 20 years. Where'd they go. 20 years, I don't know. I sit and I wonder sometimes where they've gone". Truer words were never spoken in my case, except that it's more like 30 years..I don't think I can afford a midlife crisis cuz I'm too busy buying all the new release models .
  3. Great Traders List

    Same here Ken!! Always a pleasure trading with you. Thanks for the great trade.
  4. Kumpf

    I love this build. The period correct colors and stance is just right.
  5. Fake stuff

    I've been on the 270 beltway during rush hour. That thing would get bounced around like a ping pong ball, and get squashed under a semi before it reached Dublin. Traffic in your area is some pretty serious competition driving. Lol.
  6. Great Traders List

  7. Autocar dump coming this summer

    Good news. I just found it myself. I'm stocking up while I can.
  8. 79 Ford LTD 2 coupe

    Great builds!!! My father had a 4 door in red back in '79. He loved that car.
  9. What non-auto model did you get today?

    The Germans "field" applied some camo schemes by mixing the pigments with gasoline, diesel, just about anything that would cut the stuff, and brushed or used an old mop to apply secondary colors. You can replicate forward area applied cammo pretty easy.
  10. B.R.B.O. 2019 KFS Mack F Series

    . I'll be following along. I love those old Macks.
  11. Ace-Garageguy, so long

    I have no reason to change my comment...
  12. Ace-Garageguy, so long

    He wasn't afraid to call them as he saw them. I guess that's not P/C in today's "enlightened" environment...... . I'll miss him. I might not have agreed with everything he said, BUT I respected him for saying what he thought. For that, he has my respect.
  13. Now THIS is ridiculous!

    I'll get the popcorn!! Lol!!👍
  14. Now THIS is ridiculous!

    Ah MAN!!! Ratchet straps??!!........wow...... Just wow.....
  15. Now THIS is ridiculous!

    How in the wide world does this guy expect to get from A to B WITHOUT getting a ticket?? That load isn't exactly low profile.... Doing that to a Challenger is a crime in itself.
  16. 1926 Mack AC Dump Truck

    I have this kit too. I'll be following along!! This is a great kit.
  17. Is your phone tracking you ?

    If I don't need it, I shut it off. Problem solved. My phone is so old, it doesn't have all the bells and whistles of these modern things. Besides, IF they ARE watching me for whatever reason, I'm a pretty boring study.. And yes, they should at least bring the beer. I spend enough time in the green machine to know how track and observe works. Electronic or otherwise. This is prob old news to most people, but those reward cards ALMOST everybody uses at the box stores, gives big brother a nice baseline of EVERYTHING you buy, allowing them to establish baseline buying patterns on everything you consume. Food for thought.....
  18. Is your phone tracking you ?

    Ain't that the truth!! Lol.
  19. Is your phone tracking you ?

    I won't own a smart phone. Smartphone Tech has went from being a tool of convenience, to being a tool of information and passive information gathering for anybody who can hack in and get it. No thanks. I still prefer the ability to not be reached at any time of day or night.
  20. I built this kit not too long ago. Didn't seem too bad to me....
  21. Oh Yeah!! Got a set of Chiefs minilites waiting on this one.
  22. Peking to Paris Rally CBP

    Aren't Morgan's made with wooden frames? . Yikes. Lol. Put me in for a 1939 Chevy coupe, number 9. Thanks Rob.
  23. Your package went where?

    Did a trade with Blackbeard for a semi truck kit here about a week and a half ago. His end made it here safe and sound AND on time, my end seemed to get bounced ALL over the eastern U.S. Before he FINALLY got his end of the trade today. Hopefully in one piece. I know it's there busy time, but the address label could not have been more clear, and they STILL screwed it up......
  24. Great Traders List

    Same here Kevin! Just wish USPS would have been a bit quicker on their game.