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  1. vincen47 added a post in a topic Pete 379 Resin Hood/grill   

    For the hood, go with Gary at gwtrucks@yahoo.com
    For the ultra cab roof, P&P resin made one, but I'm not sure if it is available. Contact them at ppvintagekits.com
  2. vincen47 added a post in a topic TAT lonestar   

    Can't go wrong with black and chrome!
  3. vincen47 added a post in a topic Volvo VN 780   

    Awesome, l like the base too.
  4. vincen47 added a post in a topic New Ray Pete 579 Rework   

    Excellent. Glad to see you take on the project with great results.
  5. vincen47 added a post in a topic Recaster Alert   

    So sorry to hear this. Idiots like this ruin the aftermarket for legit guys like you and ultimately buyers like me who count on quality, honest products.
  6. vincen47 added a post in a topic Resin Gas Pumps   

    A Japanese company called Doozy Modelworks made some fantastic 1/24 North American 1970's/80's pumps in resin kits. I'm lucky to have a couple. Like many Japanese model companies, their products are limited runs, and they are currently unavailable, but you may be able to find some by searching eBay, etc. If you do a google image search for Doozy Modelworks Pump you'll see the three different types they made.
  7. vincen47 added a post in a topic FINISHED!!!! ERTL CO 4070A Transtar.   

    High quality work, the aluminum parts are fantastic.
  8. vincen47 added a post in a topic Peterbilt 352   

    You've done it again! Wonderful. I'd love to see both of the 352s side by side.
  9. vincen47 added a post in a topic AMT American La France Pumper Re-issue?   

    I spoke with a round 2 rep at a show last spring and he mentioned they planned to eventually release all three in the series. The Aerochief was on display, and I believe the pumper was next. I don't remember the third exactly but I think it was the ladder truck. AMT only made three variations, right?
  10. vincen47 added a post in a topic 1/24 New Ray 579 (Update 02-08-2017) Got 'em back together   

    Watching this one! Glad to see you diving into this project. It's gonna be cool.
  11. vincen47 added a post in a topic 1/24 Peterbilt 579 Project Ideas?   

    Can't wait til I see your progress. I'll get one of these eventually. I really hadn't been giving the lowboy much thought, but I'm seeing potential now. Thanks
  12. vincen47 added a post in a topic Long Nose Pete   

    Yeah, why did they make the 378 instead of the 379? Who knows.
    P&P resin used to make a 379 conversion for the Italeri 378. They also made a 389. I'm not sure if you can still get the 389 or not. They list modern Pete upgrades like door panels, etc along with the 389. The 379 conversion isn't listed anymore. ppvintagekits.com. Worth a try, they made very nice stuff, but I haven't ordered anything from them in a while.
    Gary at GW Trucks makes a resin 379 hood conversion, so you're still in luck. No website, but he'll send you info via email, and you can simply tell him what you'd like to order in a reply email. gwtrucks@yahoo.com He makes quality stuff, I've ordered several things in the recent past. Hope this helps.
    Aint nothin as sweet as a long nose Pete!
  13. vincen47 added a post in a topic Freighliner Cabover Tractor   

    Excellent all around, especially the wheels and exhaust.
  14. vincen47 added a post in a topic 1/24 Peterbilt 579 Project Ideas?   

    Thanks for posting this.
    I checked out Tim's website much more and he made several variations of the 579 (daycab, sleeper, etc) some on a modified Italeri 377 chassis.
    It looks like he mainly focused on smoothing some lines, replacing the mirrors, opening the grille and using oval screen, and moving the front axle a bit forward and down (for the ones that he kept on the original chassis). Of course, he removed and filled the buttons on top and primed and painted. There was a couple of minor corrections to the fenders, and bottom of the cab lining up with the bottom of the sleeper, amongst other things. Not a turn-key project, but nothing too bad.
    I'm guessing the overall proportions are good. Maybe not 100% accurate, but very close. He seemed pleased, and I consider him the expert. I tried to gather as much info as I could from the text he put with the workbench photos.
    He also made some mods on the lowboy and that looks really good.
    I'm now thinking this will be a doable future project, I just need to get my hands on one.