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  1. Thanks for the resources. I’ve been to those sites before looking for info to use in model railroading.
  2. I’m so very sorry. It’s sad to see a fine artist’s work destroyed. These were great builds. I’m sure during the time they were displayed they brought information, inspiration, and a smile to those who viewed them - just as they did for us on this forum. I wish you the best in this unfortunate situation. Keep us posted.
  3. 100% Agree. It’s the lights that take away from the design. I’ve said this before, cover up the top 2/3 of the light buckets, and the look improves greatly. Change the lower turn signals to headlights and the whole upper part of the unit back to fender. I think that would actually look nice.
  4. You got Larry’s homework wedged down in the seat?
  5. I just took a trip across Lake Michigan on the coal-fired steam-powered SS Badger car ferry. Many trucks make this crossing too. Grabbed a shot of a Brigadier they use to haul coal trailers on board for re-fueling. Plates don’t look current, and the drive tires are bald, but it doesn’t leave the dock area. Rear axle lifts. Also a shot of a Coronado and a beautiful 379 unloading. It’s a neat operation, and a recommended trip.
  6. Very cool! The graphics are impressive!
  7. Don’t get me wrong, the 567 is a really nice truck, and evolution of design and tech is inevitable. It pays tribute, in a way, to the classic design that says, “This is a Peterbilt.” It’s not bad at all. But parked next to a 389, (or better yet a 379) there’s no comparison. The 567 and others will always be in the shadow of what I think is the true icon of the American road. Even if production stops, there will still be many out on the road for many years to come, and at shows to enjoy. Still sad to see the page turn on them. Like many, I like the trucks of my youth. Nostalgia will always be one of the most powerful influences in deciding what we think is cool, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Embrace it!
  8. Neat project! What’s noteworthy to me is your ability to trace the history of the truck. Makes the build more meaningful, especially as childhood nostalgia. The real truck in 2011 looks like a good candidate for a model too. Looks like they replaced the aluminum front wheels with 2 hole steels, and maybe the rears too. They also cut holes in the bumper for fog lights. Even looks like they’ve got a set of mismatched (drive?!?) tires on the front too. With the dented tanker in grey primer, it’s a cool, somewhat-of-a beater rig, still earning its keep.
  9. I like what you’ve done with the classic IH Red Detroit, especially the rust texture.
  10. This is a really neat project. I’ll be watching!
  11. Nice job with that, and it’s good to see you building again.
  12. I heard that too, from an unconfirmed source a few weeks ago. If true it’s very unfortunate. And this is a time I’d say “I reject your reality and substitute my own”.
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