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  1. The hauler bed is looking good. I like the taillight treatment and the RV 5th wheel.
  2. I like the aero skirts. Are they 2-ply?
  3. Looks great indoors or out, but yeah, what a difference natural light makes on that paint!
  4. It’s a great article, thanks for writing it! I love the articles that group kit history based on subject matter. A very useful resource.
  5. It’s probably hard to predict what kits you could “invest” in, (and really not the best financial plan anyway) but this one has been good choice. I bet you could buy two kits when it’s released, build one, and later sell one and easily get all your money back.
  6. An excellent build, and example of a quintessential car of that era. Everything looks period-correct, and I think that’s why it’s such a convincing replica.
  7. It is nice, go with Dave’s Ultra Roof. With FG and P&P gone, I believe the only source for that roof upgrade is Dave and Shapeways, and Dave’s is better. I think you can get daycab panels from GW Trucks, if I remember correctly. FG did have nice parts.
  8. Good. Good. I’ve been patiently waiting, regretting not getting one last time, yet refusing to pay the ridiculous prices they’re going for on eBay and at the shows.
  9. Outstanding! Wow, that’s incredible detailing under the hood - the highest level in realism.
  10. Good possibilities. Thanks for posting.
  11. Interior is looking good. And yes, HDTs are typically less expensive, safer (braking power), stronger and more durable than the more common dually pickups.
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