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  1. Resin fenders. Who has them?

    You’re welcome, I’m glad I could help.
  2. Resin fenders. Who has them?

    Take a look at modeltruckbuilder.com in the parts store, I think that may be what you’re looking for. I haven’t ordered the fenders, but the air lines are excellent. The forum isn’t busy, but it’s a quality showcase of ideas.
  3. Turned Aluminum Rims

    I have a set of Doug’s 24.5 Peterbilt oval wheels designed by Ben and they are amazingly accurate - the prize of my collection. A beautiful, scale model in and of itself. I would highly recommend Doug’s wheels, and I’ll be buying more in the future. I also have a couple sets of MCA’s wheels, they are nice, but the one piece duals are spaced too wide. Michael will make them separate for an additional fee, and I’d recommend requesting that feature, if possible. Prices are comparable, back a few years ago, when I purchased them.
  4. Kenworth W980?

    I held a finger over the pic covering up a good portion of the top of the headlights, making them straight across, not angled, and it looked so much better. In fact, it looked much more like a modern version of the 900L. Regardless, if someone made a kit of it, even resin, I’d happily build it.
  5. Kenworth W980?

    I agree. It took me a while to figure out what I did not like in the design. It’s not bad overall, but there’s something off about the headlights. Is it a worthy replacement for the 900L? In my opinion, no, but I guess it’s a modern interpretation of the classic longnose truck. I’ll always have a bias against anything new, as it will never be good enough, but that’s life. I hope the future Peterbilt flagship doesn’t take a step down in design. At least with the 389, you could remove those silly looking headlight pods (again not fitting the overall design) and put on traditional headlights and you have a beautiful truck.
  6. I imagine it would have the stock EFI engine parts too, like the other F150 kits?
  7. ModelTruckin'.com

    Last time I ordered was 3 months ago, all was good.
  8. Perlux Fog/Driving Lights

    CTM makes them, they have excellent products. czechtruckmodel.com
  9. Moebius Big Rig Super Singles

    Italeri did create tooling for two new European tires, and even released them as a separate set a few months ago. A wide all position, and a even wider steer. I picked up a set, and for the euro “all position” tire (though the tread pattern looks more like a drive tire to me, here in the US) the package says 315/80R22.5 on the box, but the tire sidewalls say 315/70R22.5, and they scale out to be that too. I don’t remember the dimensions of the wider “float” steers in the package, but I can check later. I’m not sure if there is a link between Moebius and Italeri, I don’t think these are the same tires, at least what I can tell from the pictures.
  10. Moebius Big Rig Super Singles

    Yeah, though not common, the wide steer tires are used in the US on highway tractors in heavy haul service, as the load ranges are much higher. With a load range L, Michelin’s XZA 365/70R22.5 is rated for 10.5k single, so if you have 20k front axle, you need ‘em. The XZAs don’t have an aggressive tread. Likewise, tour buses, big diesel pusher RVs, etc, most often have 315/80R22.5s on the steer axle and they are rated for over 9k single. If you have a stretched frame, big sleeper truck, you need a higher rated axle than the standard 12k, and stronger tires and rims too. Anyone know when the Moebius Supers will be available? I found nothing on their website.
  11. That’s great! Love the weathering, great photography too.
  12. Very nice work! What is the recommended donor kit? Moebius Prostar or Lonestar?
  13. Gas Station update July 30 2018

    Fantastic work! Wow!
  14. This is the info I have saved on my computer. The Moebius rims are 23.69mm in diameter. The Moebius tires have a treadwidth of 11.49mm and a sidewall height of 9.22mm. I don’t have the overall diameter info saved, but I imagine it would be about 42 to 43mm. If no one else has it, I can measure it exactly and the other things you wanted next week when I’m home.
  15. I agree those fender extensions take a beating. But, I really enjoy the stuff you build. This is yet another fine example of realism. The common stuff in the real world is rarely seen in the model world. Awesome.