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    Same for me. I’m “involved” in my hobby on a near daily basis, but it’s 90% dreaming and 10% doing. That may even be underestimating the time spent in “research and development” - the bulk of which is time on this forum. But that’s perfectly fine. It’s a hobby - no rules, no deadlines, no expectations - just true enjoyment...unlike the rest of life.
  2. 1/24 scale kenworth w900

    I’m probably one of the few who has resisted joining the Facebook party, especially at my age. Even my parents are on it. But even without my own page, I’ve been able to view the occasional hobby-related Facebook stuff. I looked him up on google, but no luck. Maybe it’s a privacy setting? I’d love to see what he offers. Anyone else have any luck?
  3. Mack Cruiseliner

    Very nice, great aftermarket additions. Subtle, realistic weathering and details. Great work!
  4. ISO KW W900L

    Beautiful truck. Moluminum will get you close, but you’ll have to modify the cab roof, scratch/modify the sleeper, etc. Lots of great items available from Jaime. http://moluminum-com.3dcartstores.com/KW-W900L-Conversion-Kit_p_135.html Hope this helps get you started.
  5. IH Cargostar Cab - 3D Printed

    Anyone have success sanding, prepping, and painting the surface of a 1/25 3d printed cab or body?
  6. Freightliner COE Questions

    This is a really great thread, lots of very detailed and useful information. No one has mentioned it so far in this thread, but if I remember correctly, the AMT kit’s headlights are too high up on the cab. I haven’t located the thread, but I think some people have corrected that error on their models.
  7. Double Big Mac(k)

    Nice work! Up until now, I never thought Cruiseliners were especially attractive, just ok. Nice, but not that special. You’ve really made one look awesome. What a classy truck.
  8. Davis Brother’s 386 Pete 1/24 scale

    Where do I start? Are the rear fenders, front bumper, visor, and rear light bars scratchbuilt or aftermarket? I imagine you started with the AITM hood, but cut out and scratchbuilt the headlight buckets? The headlight decals are a major downside to that conversion, but you overcame it. Lastly, the graphics are very well done, what is paint vs. decals? Metalwork Alclad? What a nice model! She’s a beauty!
  9. Davis Brother’s 386 Pete 1/24 scale

    Another amazing build! Too many “how’d he do that?!?” questions to list!

    First time I’ve seen someone put an engine in it. Wonderful!
  11. KW aerodyne wrecker - decal time !!!

    Yeah, CTM is your best bet for modern marker lights, amber and red oval and rectangular light types. The light bar, I’m not sure where to find it. Are you going to use square headlights too? I was thinking about using Czech’s US oblong headlights to do that myself to a k100. Minor body work around the bezels. What a cool project!
  12. There is a resin one at Moluminum. If you would like an aluminum one, there is a couple guys on eBay that make them.
  13. IH Transtar Eagle II FINISHED !!

    Excellent! I missed this one this summer. I hope this kit gets re-issued.
  14. Lonestar parts?

    Class A Resin used to carry the drop front axles, I think. I'd send Jamie at Moluminum an email, if you're still looking for those. He has lots of other great things too. http://moluminum-com.3dcartstores.com/
  15. What a fine model! Absolutely fantastic! Some of the most realistic weathering I've ever seen on a truck.