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  1. What an excellent model, exceptional weathering!
  2. Same for me, as a kid I worked harder to learn them, as an adult, there’s other things that demand my time. That, combined with the power of nostalgia, makes most of the new stuff not as interesting to me.
  3. Got more work done on the RV body, mainly below the floor line and the side door with the retractable step. I also made the interior window frames and shades. Next will come the roof and bay doors/lower trim. Lots of sanding and filling. But, I’m loving this project. I hope it’s the first of several enjoyable conversions.
  4. Nice custom work, unique and well done. I like the engine conversion.
  5. Wow that’s cool!
  6. You’re off to a good start with this one, the daycab looks great.
  7. Unfortunately, number 90172 is 1/4 inch in diameter, that would create 1/8 inch radius. They also make actual quarter round styrene rod, but the biggest is .125 or 1/8 radius, too.
  8. Yeah, the closest thing to it I could find was 1/2 inch half round (1/4 inch radius, half inch diameter). I was able to find 1/4 inch quarter round wood, which I thought could be smoothed and used to create a mold and then cast resin quarter round. But, I eventually was able to find the 3d printed frame option, though it wasn’t cheap. Ideally, 1/4 inch radius quarter round plastic or resin would be needed if I wanted to make a bunch of these RV conversions and stacker trailers (which I do) economically.
  9. No problem. And, your racing trailers are really nice - more stuff we all wish they made kits of.
  10. Yes, the radius corners were a huge sticking point and the search for suitable material contributed to slowing the project down. Most all of these 1:1 conversions have a 5 or 6 inch radius to all of the corners, and that was a must for this project. 1/4” quarter-round is really hard to find. I finally found 1/2” half round from Plastruct, and ordered direct. It’s not styrene, it’s butyrate, Product number 90176. Still would require splitting it down the middle, of course. I was about to start the project with that stuff, but happened upon an eBay listing for 3D printed truck sleeper frames. I bought one frame, a 120” version with an angled front wall, (used part of it to make the bunk, and for below the floor line) and also asked the seller if he could make them longer, and he was happy to do so. I sent him the specs I was looking for, a 1/24 scale 100” width and height, and 288” in length. The seller is thorloveseleanor. He doesn’t list anything like it now, but I bet he would still make them. There’s a market for stuff like this. Having the frame basically ready to go has simplified and made the build much easier and faster.
  11. There is a 2012 Ram Quad Cab Dually available now in resin by a guy named Rob Burns. His email is robertburnsjr101@yahoo.com, you can order through it or use Facebook. Here’s a link to his page and full list below. He has pictures of the Ram on his page, and it looks very nice. The only issue would be sourcing the interior and chassis. I haven’t investigated the best option for those yet, but I would like to get the Ram in the future.
  12. Old projects never die, right? I’m back at this one and it’s going well. I have the coach body roughed in, and most of the major components in place. There’s a lot of filling and sanding to do, along with the lower panels and bay doors. Then it’s off to the detail shop, adding all of the vents, awnings, drip rails, windows, rivets, etc.
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