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  1. vincen47 added a post in a topic Truckers, Tell a Story About Stupid Drivers..   

    Oh that is too funny! I spent a couple weeks in Pittsburgh last summer and I remember having to "make it happen" there.
  2. vincen47 added a post in a topic 1972 Ford F-100 Scrap Hauler   

    Wonderful. I've always appreciated your affinity for and ability to create the cosmetically challenged. 
    Reminds me of growing up. But, the bed of parts is so well organized, must be driven by a very particular scrapper. My uncle always just threw it in and sorted it later...
  3. vincen47 added a post in a topic AMTERTL 1994 car trailer   

    Good luck with this project, I'm sure it'll turn out nice. I was set to get one of these a while back and paint the clear parts until I discovered the Galaxie Limited line of enclosed trailers.
  4. vincen47 added a post in a topic 1974 Kenworth W900   

    Very nice mods, I like the wheels, grille, and weathering
  5. vincen47 added a post in a topic Day & Ross Freightliner FLD120 & 53' Great Dane   

    Bravo, very sweet looking setup.
  6. vincen47 added a post in a topic International Lonestar & Union Oil Trailer   

    Very classy rig! Nice work.
  7. vincen47 added a post in a topic Italeri is asking for new kit subject requests.   

    Well, I'm going to send in my idea, and here's my thought process in picking the truck. Let me know what ya think.
    I want to submit an idea for a truck with the most realistic chance of being made by Italeri. If it were another company, the truck may be a different one. My best guess of what would be the most appealing to Italeri, and the general Italeri kit buying public, would follow these guidelines:
    1. A modern subject. Ideally, a truck that is currently in production. Cad files would help speed the process and help Italeri be more accurate. I know, some would giggle at that, but they've done a great job with many of their kits. It looks like they are leaning towards a conventional, not a cabover, and class 8 cabovers are basically out of production in the US anyway.
    2. A broad appeal, especially to the European crowd looking for American trucks. What says "The Great American Big Rig"? Yes, the Cascadia is the most popular truck on American highways, but I don't think it would be THE most popular truck kit. People buy real vehicles mostly for practicality, and they buy models for fun. Ya know, a conventional they can slap a big western cowboy mural decal on the sleeper. The plain jane no chrome daycab appeals to us, the die hard truck enthusiast, but this needs to have broader appeal. It is easier to dress down a truck than to dress it up.
    3. A universal subject, what would lend itself to future kit versions like day cab, dump truck, wrecker, etc. Well, most in production aero conventionals are out of the running not having a separate sleeper, and they lack the traditional look.
    4. Well, then we are left with the long hood conventional (with lots of chrome). Nothin says the typical American big rig like it.
    5. Fairly easy licensing. With the Pete 378, I believe they already have an agreement with Paccar.
    That basically leaves two flagship trucks that meet all of the above criteria. The Pete 389 and Kenworth W900L.
    Out of those two, I'd pick the W900L, because they may think the Peterbilt 389 is too similar to the 378. I know, I know, they are very very different but we're talking about the company who put a 379 on the 378 box and chose to make the 378 instead of the 379 in the first place.
    In my perfect world, they'd make them both, along with every other modern truck and all of the classic trucks yet to be made. But again, I'm trying to bet on the most sure thing, and put my vote on the most likely one to (make most sense to them and thus) ultimately increase the chance of a new kit actually coming to market.
  8. vincen47 added a post in a topic Jamie Rahmoeller.   

    Moluminum is great, I highly recommend Jamie's parts.
  9. vincen47 added a post in a topic Kenworth   

    Yeah, there is a separate section for truck aftermarket posts, but the good news is you're in luck. Gary Wallace of GW Trucks makes a resin T800 cab. He makes both the H (high hood) and the C version you have in the pic, both with internal or external air cleaners. You'd want the T800 C internal. I believe it is $65. You may have to modify the cab slightly for the drop window doors, I'm not sure. But, Quality stuff, I've ordered from him before. He doesn't have a website but you can email him for his catalog and/or orders The guys over in the truck section could help you find everything for your project, just about everything on that truck is available aftermarket or in kits.
  10. vincen47 added a post in a topic 69 Woodstock Hippie bus   

    Way cool!
  11. vincen47 added a post in a topic Revell 4th quarter releases   

    Looking forward to the K100. I'll just need to get a aerodyne roof, I think P&P has one.
    Happy to see a new kit with the first gen Bronco too.
  12. vincen47 added a post in a topic 48'x102" aluminum spread axle flatbed   

    Count me in, looks great!
  13. vincen47 added a post in a topic 72 K5 Blazer Personal Style   

    Wow excellent!
  14. vincen47 added a post in a topic Phoro-etched screen source?   

    Check out Plano Model Products. They may have something for you, it is under HO scale, scratchbuilding materials. I've used the p/e for 1/24 & 1/25 grille screens.
  15. vincen47 added a post in a topic MY TRUCKS.   

    Love the old Mack with the emblems falling off.