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  1. That’s a great looking build. One to be proud of. Wonderful weathering, I like the treatment of the inside of the dump bed. The night shots with the diorama are fantastic.
  2. Nice. With the lighting and backdrop, it’s somewhat monochromatic, creating a bit of drama. As for the fenders, anything goes if it looks the part. Often, companies would fabricate or modify them as needed.
  3. Really nice job on it. I like the treatment of trailer interior - very realistic. It’ll be a suitable Christmas showpiece. A great way to display your builds and incorporate trucks into the traditional household holiday decorations. Clever. ”High water headlights” - a great way to describe them!
  4. Looks like it will be an exceptionally detailed kit.
  5. Like others have said, for a second I thought the second shot was a reference pic of the real thing. A testament to the accuracy of your build and your photography skills.
  6. Nice looking truck. I like the color and the custom grille and single headlights.
  7. Unfortunately, it’s not 1/24 scale. It’s much smaller. I remember looking that one up before, and there’s been more than a few disappointed buyers out there.
  8. Nice work on an impressive model. I too, wish I had grabbed one when it was reissued.
  9. Very nice work, as always. Great detail, and working parts is impressive. Looks like a unit that’s had a few years of use, but well-maintained, having had a recent exterior paint job. Maybe getting it ready for a new owner, no lettering yet.
  10. This one is right up my alley. Great progress thus far. It’ll be a nice build, I’m sure.
  11. Of course I’d like to see it less expensive, and I’m a bit surprised it’s that much in the first place. If anything would have had a msrp near $100, I would have thought the 4070a would have. At least that would have been less surprising. Comparing the 4070a to some of the Italeri or Revell of Germany big rigs, at $90+, it wouldn’t be too much higher. In fact, I believe the Will Do wrecker was around there, and it was a reissue (but yes, a lot more parts than a tractor). I suppose the new tooling for the refuse body, with all of the working features, may have pushed the price up. Still, with already having the cab and chassis, I wouldn’t have put it above $70 or so. I still plan to get a single copy, but I’ll be searching for a deal.
  12. That’s an awesome rig. A stinger set up is something you don’t see often at all on here. Really nice scratch-building.
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