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  1. Fantastic! I knew this was going to be a great build. I really like everything you’ve done to make it unique and look every bit the part. Excellent details, especially the pull straps on the doors and a can of Pepsi on the seat!
  2. Oh that’s it. I thought that might be what you mentioned. What an odd contraption. I guess it gives you a roomy cab. It looks strange, but in the same token, the modern wide-cab aero conventionals are not far removed from such a concept.
  3. I’m not familiar off hand with the unibody, but that sounds interesting. Fill us in if you have more information. But yes, the windshield would be the biggest issue, raising the bottom edge up flush with the side windows. I have to go back and check, but I think I remember someone saying that there may have been a production year or two that the windshield wasn’t different, staying the same as the White, but I could be wrong.
  4. I’d be tempted to make a Western Star out of it. Nothing against White, but I think when Western Star used the cab they made a nicer-looking cabover. Not the easiest conversion, but not the hardest.
  5. A really nice project. You don’t see a lot of these built. Great detail work.
  6. Unique build from a unique operation. I like the generator. Looks they they had to put the fifth wheel all the way back to accommodate. I suppose the fleet owners didn’t want to have to stretch the frame. I guess as long as the axles scaled out ok, it was fine. Probably didn’t want a longer tractor anyway, making it harder to maneuver it some tight locations, right?
  7. Excellent. Glad to see the outdoor photos. They take an already impressive model to the next level of realism.
  8. I like how you fixed the grille surround, looks much nicer correctly blended into the hood. Sharp looking truck. Great paint.
  9. As Erik Smith posted, Iceman has the ‘15-17 and the ‘11-12 Gen 1 Coyote engine available. Maybe this is will help. icemancollections.com
  10. Good news. Thanks for the heads up. Glad to see the KFS kits making a comeback under new ownership. I imagine the ST Supply/Auslowe partnership will be a good thing.
  11. Not impossible, but not easy. Depends somewhat on which model you’re after, but most are not readily available. A&N Resin made a Coronado, they’re not stocking it right now, but STSupply has one. It’s the 2010+ generation, but with minor modification it could be made into a 2007, as it’s mostly the headlights that are different. I believe A&N also made the previous round headlight model, at one time. They currently offer an Argosy, if it’s a cabover you’re looking for, but that’s the 2012+ model, though they did make the previous generation, too. Their circa 2007 Argosy is much harder to find. So, the late model Argosy is the only modern Freightliner you can easily get right now. There’s been a Classic XL made in resin, but nothing currently offered, so again, that’ll be hard to find. There also was one guy who made a Columbia, but those are extremely rare, only a few were cast.
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