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  1. Superb. Thanks so much for the tutorial. What excellent results.
  2. Nice mod for the grille, and the pipes are sweet. Great build.
  3. Your tutorials with added photos and graphics are very interesting and helpful.
  4. This general guide is useful. I saved it to my photos. I don’t remember who originally posted it here on the forum, but a big thanks to them.
  5. Oh that’s a beauty, alright. I like the single stack, engine swap, and the sleeper - all making for a unique rig. Clever name, too.
  6. This will be another good project. I’ll enjoy watching it come together. Do you plan to open the grille? I totally understand if it’s not feasible.
  7. Received the Aerodyne dashes in the mail today. They are the finest 3d printed parts I’ve seen to date.
  8. CTM also offers a photo-etched upgrade for the wide grille for both the GMC and Chevrolet. I don’t have one, so I wonder about the thickness, or lack thereof, of the grille shroud/bezel. On the 1:1, it looks like it comes away from the cab a bit. This may be something that could be more accurate in 3d resin than photo-etch alone.
  9. The missing grille makes it stand out. Also, how the perfectly rusty frame awkwardly sticks out back further than needed, indicating the possibility that the truck served other purposes in another life. I love it.
  10. Ordered two for myself, but no rush. Glad we finally have a correct aerodyne dash.
  11. Those 1/32 trucks kits should have been made with engines. You’ve shown that a lot of detail can be done in 1/32. Nice upgrade to the kit.
  12. It would be impressive without the lights and sound. With the added effects, it’s spectacular.
  13. Looks like someone’s fun resto-mod project with the single drive and the straight pipe. Something you’d see at the truck show. Nice.
  14. Superior craftsmanship, as expected. You do fine work.
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