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  1. Here’s a thread that subscribers to FSM (by default or not) can post, following each issue, a brief and simple outline of the car and truck related content that may be of interest to us. If the article’s title and/or description interests anyone, the individual might want to make a trip to the hobby shop to browse. As a baseline, We should filter the magazine’s content by asking the question “Would this article be included in SA, if it were still around?” Granted, there may not be a whole lot of content meeting that criteria in each issue. We can also post any automotive-related special issues, annuals, and miscellaneous car and truck content published by Kalmbach during the post Scale Auto era.
  2. Ultra-realistic weathering! Not overdone at all. What a great build.
  3. I saw that one, laughed out loud. Ridiculous. Maybe next, they’ll offer up a Polaroid picture of a sealed kit for $50. Better yet, the empty sprues from an original issue. Now those would be worth every penny.
  4. I love the CL (CLT) 9000 too. A mean looking cabover. You’d think AMT would have released it in 1/25 years ago, being they had one in 1/32. I managed to get the resin one from KFS in 1/24. Not cheap, but it’s a nice conversion kit.
  5. I’ve used the term “museum-quality” several times in the past when describing your work. This one is no different. It’s a work of art.
  6. Promo upgrades are a great way to get a whole lot in much less effort, compared to a full kit. Perfect for when we need the satisfaction of completing something, but in a shorter amount of time. This is a great example. A really nice looking model.
  7. These are excellent points about the Transtar II. So, we can say that evidence suggests: 1. Due to popular demand, Round 2 most likely would have brought back the 4070B already, if the tooling was available to them and/or in good shape. 2. Having to completely reverse engineer the 4070A would also suggest that the 4070B tooling is not available, because that would have saved them some work, because they share a fair amount of parts, correct? And, even some parts could have been swapped, like the rear suspension, whether they were true to the original or not, (hasn’t stopped kit manufactures before from throwing in “close-enough” parts to bring a kit out) in order to save some time and costs on the 4070A. Then... Using only the new tooling of the A model, how close is Round 2 to being able to produce both kits? It seems like it is mostly cab parts, the chassis is mostly interchangeable, correct? They’ve gone quite far to make the 4070A. Perhaps, they are willing to go a little further to make the 4070B. I sure hope so.
  8. One of my favorite cabovers, if not my favorite. Great subject matter, and a great build.
  9. Lots of details to admire. Great inspiration for the new 4070A that will be coming out.
  10. Here! Here! Indeed, this technology allowing reverse-engineering of kits could bring many models back from the dead. We’re embarking on a renaissance in the hobby.
  11. A truly amazing and historic return of a very worthwhile subject, the 4070A is a kit I never thought I’d be able to build. I’m looking forward to it. When it comes to the 4070B, (also a kit I would like to have), I’m curious how much is shared, or could be shared, between the two kits? Obviously, they don’t have enough in common to allow for the 4070A to return until now (after extensive effort), but...I wonder if some of the improvements and new tooling done to recreate the 4070A could be used in a future reissue of the 4070B - to also improve that kit? Considering that the 4070B tooling exists, and knowing Round 2 would like to get as much as they can out of the new 4070A tooling, could we have an improved 4070B in our future?
  12. I thoroughly enjoyed the walkthrough. I’m glad you posted them.
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