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  1. As I commented on the Model Truck Builder forum, you’ve got the perfect balance of weathering to make it incredibly realistic.
  2. Excellent finish. What black paint and clear did you use?
  3. Glad this will be available as a tractor again. Decent box art, except for the rear axle, not sure what they were thinking with that.
  4. Yeah I wanted to add the trailer to the thread title, but I can’t edit anything in the op now. I appreciate the compliments. Thanks! I’m glad you like it.
  5. One of the best examples of this kit I’ve seen. Very realistic, some of those shots with the backdrop need a second glance to see if it’s a real truck or a model. I also love the stock look. Extra impressive work on the front clip, especially the headlights. You even drilled out the tailpipe and added a real spare tire, amongst all the work to detail and realistically mildly weather the chassis. You have a winner. The planning and craftsmanship is evident in every aspect. Above all else, you produced a fine model of a subject not many appreciate enough; the everyday, every man’s pickup truck.
  6. Nice! I don’t recall seeing anyone else do a daycab conversion on a T600 here, much less one in 1/32 scale. Unique and cool.
  7. I’ve always liked your trailers. They are one of those items we all wish the model companies made in kit form. But, as we see, scratch-building them can pay off well.
  8. Here’s another one. Looks like a more modern truck and trailer than what you’re going for, but it reinforces your thoughts.
  9. Not resin, and not much less expensive, but a currently available option could be 3d printing. Madaboutcars on Shapeways offers ‘71 LTD coupes and sedans in smaller scales. He offers several bodies of other cars in 1/24 and 1/25 and he’s willing to “scale up” his 3d prints. I asked him to scale up another offering, and he happily did. His newer designs in the larger scales are mostly shells - much more ideal for conversions than the more expensive (and useless) ones that look like a solid block of plastic with windows and tires attached.
  10. Yeah, definitely looks nice with a frame stretch. It’s been said that the frame length is prototypical and matches an available factory length right out of the box, but it really does look a little too short, at least from what I’ve seen on the road.
  11. Yes, nice work indeed. A great start on what will surely be a great model. What a fine project. I wish they had a better variety of modern fire apparatus kits, but as they say, what they don’t make, we must make ourselves.
  12. Nice build! I made a reply post on this truck a couple days back, but that thread vanished. Still, a great show truck.
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