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  1. Gary Wallace of GW Trucks makes a nice resin cab conversion. Email gwtrucks@yahoo.com for a list and pricing of resin parts, and to place an order.
  2. Yes, I remember that too. As a kid, the only reason I looked through it was for those ads. I know Danbury Mint advertised, because it was a DM 1957 Bel Air convertible I fell hard for and never forgot about. As a kid, there was no chance I could get one, but that didn’t stop me from dreaming about it. Fast forward nearly 30 years and I recently got one, the same one from that ad. Better late than never.
  3. Thanks for posting this. They have a wide selection, and some unique items.
  4. Fantastic. What a transformation from the original kit.
  5. One of the best examples of this kit I’ve seen on the forum. I enjoy the realistic daily-driver, no-nonsense look.
  6. Very cool. A&N is an awesome maker of resin kits and parts.
  7. vincen47

    Highway of death

    Amazing detail. You’re an expert at achieving a realistic finish representing burned out vehicles and damaged concrete. Wow!
  8. Excellent. Love the patina on the chrome parts, it’s got the pitted texture that’s common in real life, but seldom done so well on models.
  9. Looks like a great project. There’s a lot of interest in the fishbowl buses. I’d be interested in adding one to my stash.
  10. Now this is excellent all the way around. What a crowd pleaser! It’s got everything. I especially like the dented bed effect, truly spectacular - you’ve got the inside wear from all those loads too! My favorite builds are ones like this, using techniques I can learn from.
  11. To add to the unfortunately short list of out-of-the-box modern US trucks, here are six more to consider: Italeri’s Volvo VNL780 and VNL670. Out of the box, they build around a 2003 model, curbside, and go together well. Though not a US-owned manufacturer, they are built here and are extremely common on US roads. Also, Italeri’s Ford Aeromax 106 and 120 kits can be seen as mid-90’s, rolling off the assembly line up until around ‘97 - though the chassis isn’t exactly correct for Ford, nor the engine a mid 90’s vintage. And from the same kit manufacturer, the Peterbilt 378 and 377, both of which are easily mid 90’s representations out of the box with period-correct chassis and engine. In fact, with the Series 60 Detroit, the 378 could be up to about a 2002 model, I believe. They just lack Peterbilt’s latest style, even though they are from the modern era. There are many resin conversions available of more modern trucks, like AITM’s Peterbilt 386, too.
  12. Very cool project, one of those “you can’t see everything the first time” builds. You need to go back a look a few more times to catch all the details.
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