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  1. Nice job with both of them. A nice clean build for the Topkick, looks fresh, maybe out on one of its first jobs. The ol gmc is great too. Nice details in the bed, and I like the old rag for a fuel cap.
  2. I’d be interested in a pair, if they were still available. I bet someone else could draw them up and get them printed.
  3. Are you looking for any specific accessories?
  4. Yeah, I think a hard-to-find updated resin hood is about it, though Models by Dave made a bumper update for a 2015-2017 model, I believe. Other than resin, CTM makes very nice photo-etched interior and exterior upgrade sets.
  5. Definitely. It seemed like the vast majority were working trucks - show-quality working trucks, including many of the vintage rigs. The black Troy Link 4070b for example, still works daily, according to the guy I spoke with.
  6. First time for me…wow, it was big. I had a great time this weekend. Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys trucks of all eras and types…Show, Classic, Fleet, Working Show, Wreckers, Dumps…the list goes on. The show was capped off by parade of lights from St Ignace, across the Mackinac Bridge to Mackinaw City. Here are some highlights, only a small sample of what was on display:
  7. Looks like it’s ready to get working. Load ‘er up. What do you have planned for a load?
  8. Nice job with it. Makes for a great addition to a truck or SUV model. Makes me want to head out fishing, too. You don’t see these built often, so I always appreciate checking them out when they pop up on the forum. The one thing I’ve never been certain of is the design of the trailer. Does anyone know if Revell based it off of a particular 1:1 design? I don’t recall ever seeing a solid platform for a boat trailer in real life, but who knows?
  9. It’ll be terrific. A seldom seen model, yet a perfectly common outfit. I imagine the hood isn’t separate and/or it would be a pain to get it to operate? Nonetheless, a good option to do a basic representation of the 3116. Looking forward to watching it come together.
  10. So, I take it most would agree the Lindberg kit of this F150 generation is the best? I don’t have any kits if this gen, so I’m pleased with the re-release, especially if it’s the better of the three. I don’t have a preference of 2 or 4 wheel drive, flareside or longbox, just looking for the best detail, accuracy, and fit.
  11. With my request above, I’m fully aware that the 80’s Ford truck series of kits are not readily available, but they are available. And, considering your market of buyers for such upgrades, the “lunatic fringe”, so to speak, “easy to find” doesn’t stop us, especially if it’s a high-level upgrade for a desirable model - probably one that is in our stash. Either way, I respect your decisions on what to make. Thanks
  12. Wow, she’s a beauty. I love the paint scheme. Very classy. You’ve also chosen wisely with the upgrades, especially the 5th wheel. That goes a long way to improving the kit and making it more realistic. Excellent work on the interior, too. Beautiful, all the way around.
  13. Nice. As you’ve built more of these than most, do you have any tips on things to look out for, and/or complaints? Anything you’ve been impressed with since the new edition has been released? I just recently picked up a copy, myself.
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