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  1. That’s a great looking build. One to be proud of. Wonderful weathering, I like the treatment of the inside of the dump bed. The night shots with the diorama are fantastic.
  2. Nice. With the lighting and backdrop, it’s somewhat monochromatic, creating a bit of drama. As for the fenders, anything goes if it looks the part. Often, companies would fabricate or modify them as needed.
  3. Really nice job on it. I like the treatment of trailer interior - very realistic. It’ll be a suitable Christmas showpiece. A great way to display your builds and incorporate trucks into the traditional household holiday decorations. Clever. ”High water headlights” - a great way to describe them!
  4. Looks like it will be an exceptionally detailed kit.
  5. Like others have said, for a second I thought the second shot was a reference pic of the real thing. A testament to the accuracy of your build and your photography skills.
  6. Nice looking truck. I like the color and the custom grille and single headlights.
  7. Unfortunately, it’s not 1/24 scale. It’s much smaller. I remember looking that one up before, and there’s been more than a few disappointed buyers out there.
  8. Nice work on an impressive model. I too, wish I had grabbed one when it was reissued.
  9. Very nice work, as always. Great detail, and working parts is impressive. Looks like a unit that’s had a few years of use, but well-maintained, having had a recent exterior paint job. Maybe getting it ready for a new owner, no lettering yet.
  10. This one is right up my alley. Great progress thus far. It’ll be a nice build, I’m sure.
  11. Of course I’d like to see it less expensive, and I’m a bit surprised it’s that much in the first place. If anything would have had a msrp near $100, I would have thought the 4070a would have. At least that would have been less surprising. Comparing the 4070a to some of the Italeri or Revell of Germany big rigs, at $90+, it wouldn’t be too much higher. In fact, I believe the Will Do wrecker was around there, and it was a reissue (but yes, a lot more parts than a tractor). I suppose the new tooling for the refuse body, with all of the working features, may have pushed the price up. Still, with already having the cab and chassis, I wouldn’t have put it above $70 or so. I still plan to get a single copy, but I’ll be searching for a deal.
  12. That’s an awesome rig. A stinger set up is something you don’t see often at all on here. Really nice scratch-building.
  13. I got my order today. The tanks are great, nicely detailed. Prices are for a pair, so very reasonable. I’m especially impressed with the swans. They are to scale, and very detailed.
  14. Perfect color choice. The hunter green perfectly represents a quintessential 90’s look. A fine build.
  15. Indeed, more like a swan and less like a turkey.
  16. Museum-Quality! Extremely impressive build, one of the finest dump truck models I’ve had the pleasure of viewing on this forum. Equally impressive, the photography makes it look very realistic.
  17. I’ve ordered from MTB in the past, and I’ve always been very happy with everything. Quick shipping, great quality.
  18. News from the Model Truck Builder Forums: ——————— For those that are interested, we have added the following items to the MTB store: - 150 Gallon Peterbilt Fuel Tanks - 125 Gallon Peterbilt Fuel Tanks - 100 Gallon Peterbilt Fuel Tanks  - Swan Hood Ornament - Duck Hood Ornament https://www.modeltruckbuilder.com/index.php?/store/   
  19. Nice JD you’ve got there. Never seeing these kits built-up in person, much less right next to each other, I didn’t realize that the Massey Ferguson was that much larger than the John Deere.
  20. A great start! This will be an awesome build. Nice stretch on the hood.
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