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  1. As I said over on the Model Truck Builder Forum, I love this model. Probably my favorite of your recent builds (that’s saying a lot with how much I enjoyed the T800). I really think the perfectly aged finish is what sets it apart. It is incredibly realistic. I’ve seen that paint on many older trucks. Common in the real world, but so rarely captured so well in the hobby world.
  2. Beautiful rigs you have there. That’s similar to the look I was going for when I get around to building mine. The CL series certainly had many options, including sleepers, but what I read was that the heavier-spec 700’s were more for vocational, heavy-haul, and construction, and the slightly lighter spec’d CL 600’s, like the CH series, were mostly for over-the-road use, with the 613 model being the most popular. That’s were I had read about the daycab 700’s. But, like most manufactures, I’m sure the customer could spec the truck the way they desired. Besides, I think the CL 6xx and 7xx pretty much looked the same from the outside, with the same cab, hood, etc.
  3. Very nice. I managed to find one a few years back. I’d have to dig it out to compare, but it might be the same resin kit you have there with the side skirts and tall sleeper. On a side note, I remember doing a bit of research and reading somewhere that Mack never made a factory CL 700 with a sleeper - but I wasn’t able to confirm this from any other source or online photos. Anyone know for sure?
  4. Those Transtars look good no matter how you build them. This one looks great as a car carrier. The cabover height gives you enough room for a 4x4 to sit on the deck behind it. Top notch work, and an impressive display. Even better, a car carrier with a stinger hitch set up. Couldn’t think of a better truck to haul those IH vehicles.
  5. I haven’t mounted them myself, but here’s the method for some 1/24 3D printed fenders, available on Shapeways, that come with mounting brackets. The first image shows the brackets as they are printed, and the second image shows how they look assembled. I would assume this is similar to the way you could attach 1:1 fenders to the frame rails. Hope this helps.
  6. Nothing available in the aftermarket that I know of, but you could start with the mirrors from an Amt t600a, and scratch-build the arms. Another option might be starting with the New Ray 1/24 Peterbilt 579 toy and remove the top arms and rework the bottom arms a little, they’re pretty close.
  7. Now that’s a creative build. Excellent job. Great craftsmanship.
  8. This will be a great project. Looking forward to seeing it come together. Wish I could help, but my only suggestions would be what is already described above. I’m sure you could also search for Chevrolet or Ford motorhome chassis photos from that era, as they supplied the platform for Winnebago and other manufactures. There’s also the website classicwinnebagos.com that could be a good resource. Wouldn’t let you take photos? I understand that it may be an odd request, but taking a few pictures wouldn’t hurt anyone or anything. Besides, I’m sure you offered an explanation for your request.
  9. So incredibly perfect for taking photos of your builds! It’s just the right amount of interest and detail to look super realistic, yet not in any way to detract from the viewer’s focus on the subject - the vehicle you’re showing. Of course, it still provides plenty of eye candy, in and of itself. It’s not easy to strike that balance when creating a scene to give a backdrop for photos. Awesome job.
  10. This is a great idea. Those wooden boats are a thing of beauty. This will make a great project, lots of potential with the materials you have so far. I was fortunate to be camping in the Traverse City (Northern Michigan) area a few years back during their Boats on the Boardwalk, a gathering of classic boats, mostly wooden, tied up and cruising along on the river. A great show, and recommended for even the casual wooden boat admirer, like myself. Anyone who knows Traverse City knows there’s always some festival going on, but this time it happened to be something I was interested in. I’ve looked at the 1/24 Dumas Chris Crafts and considered a similar project, but yes, they are not cheap. Maybe I’ll pursue it in the future, but I’ll sit back for now and watch this one take shape.
  11. The flatbed is available for pre-order at model roundup. Scheduled for a late March release. Might be available for pre-order elsewhere, too. https://www.modelroundup.com/48-Flatbed-Trailer-p/moe-1304.htm
  12. Scenes Unlimited would be the route I’d suggest. Several different sets and styles available. You can match the make and year you’re going for, with 4, 5, and 6 hole wheels. He makes 16”, 17”, 17.5”, and 19.5” wheels and tires. They are high quality and accurate. Yes, you’ll pay nearly what you pay for a kit, but they’ll be superior to the stuff you’ll find in most kits.
  13. This one was finished back in March. Though it’s built on a class 8 truck, it’s still an RV. 1/24 Aeromax truck conversion with a customized Galaxy trailer.
  14. Looks great, glad to see it under glass. Those outdoor pics really work well for a background.
  15. Neat concept, using the 4070B for a dump/plow truck. Very effective display.
  16. Looks nice! Glad to see a Lonestar on the forum.
  17. Awesome job! Perfect for that high school kid in the early 80’s. Now today, that kid is grown up and looking back, wishing’ he still had it.
  18. Nice paint finish. Good work, especially in that time frame. Not on Facebook either, but for the 24 hour builds, I imagine the time would be broken into two or three basic blocks - sub-component assembly, paint, and then final assembly, allowing for the paint to cure in between. Starting say, in the evening, finishing by the next evening, allowing time for paint to dry overnight? I suppose lacquer would be quicker, and familiarity with the kit and/or planning it out ahead of time would help speed up the process, too. How did you plan/pace the build?
  19. You’ve got a winner going there, nice work. Excellent weathering and detail.
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