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  1. Onzatrip added a post in a topic Fujimi CRX Si   

    Looks so good!! Am looking at getting one of those kits how was it? Was it prepainted?
  2. Onzatrip added a post in a topic Mk.2 Guh-Tuh-Aye.   

    Loving the look of it, what are you doing about the wheels situation? Where did you get the kit from?
  3. Onzatrip added a post in a topic Tamiya Toyota Supra GT (Custom).   

    That looks brilliant, so much detail. Love it!!
  4. Onzatrip added a post in a topic New from England   

    Thanks guys I've been told that the kit I've brought isn't that common, anyone heard of it? Also what kind of skill will I need for this kit?

  5. Onzatrip added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    New from England
    Hello there, I've just joined here, always been interested in model cars and mate of mine has got some so I finally bit the bullet!
    Just purchased a fujimi model Nissan s15 which I'm looking forward to building!
    Hope I can build cars like I've seen everyone on here

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