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  1. dudeaz666 added a post in a topic New UK User   

    Thank you to everybody for the warm welcomes, Jim, I'm from a place called Walsall, not to far from Birmingham, I think a show would probably do me the world of good.
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    New UK User
    Hi everybody,

    I've been a long time lurker around here and thought I'd make the jump and become a member.
    This is my first outing into the world of scale models, although I'm an avid prop maker. My taste as far as vehicles go is far and wide, although my first couple of models will be box stock I'm planning on custom building a few idea's I've got floating around my head. I'm currently working on a Monogram 32 ford 3 window coupe which is coming along at a great pace (I think). I'll post it up to the "On The Bench" section once I get a few more pictures taken.

    Many thanks for reading this,

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