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  1. thanks for the wishes & interest RV or Testarossa, I know where I'd go - if I could maintain it! Need some advice on colour, see the image, I like all these colours, but my heart keeps telling me to go red... what do you think?
  2. so much better than without the in-scale backdrop
  3. and that's 3 super cool Fords!
  4. Such a cool car, well built!
  5. A poster car for me from my youth... many years ago. I guess I can say decades now! wheels stripped, all parts have been de-sprued, sanded and ready for washing and painting. the interior ejector pin marks are a pain
  6. To the untrained eye, it looks no different, but this is a week's worth of on & off polishing! ready for final masking and painting... not perfect, but good enough for me!
  7. I nearly bought this kit for a tenner from hobbycraft,but the flash was awful... And the decals looked painful. But yours is making me wish I'd taken a punt. Looking good!
  8. Amazing quality in this build, looking good!
  9. Kits of this era often had fit and finish issues, but lots of details, your car turned out great!
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