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  1. lovely and clean box-art-build!
  2. This was yet another painful build, the decals caused me a headache, but got there in the end, and Im happy with the results. the WIP is here: comments welcome!
  3. thanks guys, appreciate the comments!
  4. really appreciate the comments! keep building!
  5. beautiful! i like the choice of colours, in keeping with its era!
  6. its a great build of a fantastic car! love it
  7. No relation, but funnily enough, I work for Ford! I like the name Harish! It sounds a bit scottish!
  8. I can't believe orange and blue gave you that colour, but it looks amazing!
  9. I like daily runner builds, and yours it's coming along nicely !
  10. That's a classy ride! Looking good so far...
  11. Beautiful build, that colour does look nice, and suits this car...
  12. This is a strange looking car, the front end is completely out of proportion for the real build. I started it about 6 years ago - in fact at a car Model Forum I think was called Mikes Model Cars, I can't remember! But it was a cheap purchase, cost me a lady, and it was the first kit I started to use teh AB on. cutting a long story short, I messed the body paint up & ended up having to buy a 2nd kit just to finish it! But finish it I did, not the best looking model, but I learned so much building it. The rear looks better than the front, so that's how it's going to sit on the shelf! Comments welcome, and it's Number 2 for finishing this year! already beating last years build count...
  13. If I ever become a bad boy, then this is the car i'd get! great build...
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