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  1. that is a stunner, great looking transkit & fantastic build!
  2. A lovely Saab 90 in Shoreditch a few weeks ago And a beaut of an original Beetle in the visitor's carpark at work!
  3. Great finish on this kool build Dominik!
  4. Stunning build, excellent paint job!
  5. Wow, this build is outstanding!
  6. And here's 3 for after. Unfortunately it's really delicate, so it's burned through in a few spots & it keeps chipping off. I'm going to have to find a way of cleaning out the polish residue from the panel lines, then clearcoat with 2K Zero... wish me luck
  7. Here's a pic during
  8. Thanks Kurt & Dann! I've made some progress! It got even more dust during the recoat. So i've sanded the dust out & decided to use micromesh here's a pic before
  9. It's sits high too, but it's a great build!
  10. That's a great build!
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