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  1. Thanks Ben & Sonny. And thanks for the tip Dann. I tried to use Microsol Clear, that's a really runny PVA, but it tends to go everywhere! I might try to slightly dilute the std craft PVA that I currently have.
  2. Thanks for the tips people! I will try BMF, and it that doesn't cut the mustard, then I'll go for the Ukranian wheels - the resin set looks good!
  3. A lot of effort and patience going into this!
  4. I've also polsihed the final shell with Novus "clean & shine" and started doing final assembly - just lights and windows now... I will sort out a rear licence plate - but much later in the year...
  5. THis build continues to challenge! I did a dummy fit test for the chassis in the OLD body - the one with the poor paint job. It took ages to get in, and a few bits fell off - but that's the good news, the bad is that the rear wheel sits perfectly in the middle of the wheel arch, but the front wheel touches the arch at the front. More so on one side than the other. it is rather strange, but there is little I can do about it now. I really just what to get this together and sit it on the shelf!
  6. Long time since my last update on this. The interior has now been sprayed... and the inevitable overspray has been removed! the body what polished again - twice with Novus "clean & shine" it did end up removing those blemishes in the previous post. some final trim taking place & now I've just got to do the windows. I did want to ask if anyone has a better technique of gluing in the windows. I tend to use a tooth pick and dab while PVA style glue into the edges hoping it doesn't seep through....
  7. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/140822-revell-jaguar-xk-ss-124-wheel-repair/ see the link above! I fixed these rims last year by stripping them, sanding back, priming several layers, painting, then adding a layer of masking tape before assembly & they still melted again. Does anyone else have this issue with the Jaguar SSK kit? Are there any aftermarket wheels I can buy? I'd buy another kit, but these arent cheap anymore... cheers guys!
  8. Opening doors tend to be tricky, either you are good and you just don't know out, or you were lucky! Great build tho
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