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  1. wow, excellent progress, well recovered after the paint crazing! coming along nicely Marco!
  2. Roman, superb build progress, it looks great! really like the undercarriage, and the engine is well weathered...
  3. wow, that body shell really is a labour of love! the only time I have ever had the same "thining" of the paint / depth of colour was when I had used a transluscent enamel (Alclad II candy). I ended up with the same issue as you...! Build is coming along great, especially the body finish!
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't this the worlds first car? (officially). cool build, does look high end...
  5. Absolutely fantastic bud, hope the hand comes back to you following operations...
  6. I was lucky enough to visit the museum too on a business trip to Detroit. Love your build!
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