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  1. Dann, this is going to be a great build, but an amazing challenge! looking good so far...
  2. great progress! I guess you have clear coated over the Tamiya aerosol?
  3. the Ford GT is a stunning car, and your's looks great!
  4. Excatly the same thing happened to me! but I made this kit donkey's years ago - and I didn't want to spray it! so mine has a dark shade for the engine cover! your's looks fantastic though. Many people don't like this car, as it's not as visually appealing as teh F40. But I love it! and the GT version was my favourite on Xbox Forza when I had time to game....
  5. Dann, Rider and Justin, Thanks for the comments guys!
  6. Hi Bee, This is zero 2k over alclad II cobalt blue... It's been sanded and polished!
  7. Wow, stunning build, the reflection of the paint work is impressive!
  8. The paint work is excellent!
  9. That's a killer finish on this f50!
  10. Odd ball builds and run of the mills are my favourites! Looking forward to this build...
  11. That's a great colour, engine looks good too!
  12. Great looking build so far!
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