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  1. You are right, that gin is tiny, great builds you have there!
  2. Paint job is perfect and I love that colour, it could do with some darkening of the panel lines!
  3. I like the modded look, it's a cool colour too!
  4. Beautiful build, love the engine, looks real!
  5. One of my favourite cars from back then... Yours looks cool!
  6. It is excellent decal work, its the reason I've not bought this kit.
  7. It's a stunner considering all that you had to do to get it there!
  8. Looks amazing, those yellow stripes in the interior look perfect
  9. Fantastic paint job and the chassis looks great
  10. Looks amazing Matt, really wanted one of these too!
  11. High quality build my friend, its looking great...
  12. Good luck buffing! every build has some paint issue, its inevitable...
  13. Kurt, this is an amazing build, it's going to be a killer model!
  14. Michael, absolutely amazing build, thanks for sharing all the tips along the way! All that bespoke carbon detailing would drive me nuts.
  15. Stripes on, now I need to make my own windows, the kit supplied stuff is too thick.
  16. Agreed, I've made it low so that it doesn't interfere with the engine bay lid!
  17. Like my builds, it's coming along slowly, but also yours looks excellent!
  18. Thanks Guys, this one has been on the bench and is now ready for the body shell... I've added the fuel filler in the engine bay.
  19. I did mask the entire body for the black bits. It was quite a chor, nut when peeling back, some of the paint came with it and had to be redone.
  20. Hi Bee, yes I'm going to use those stripes, as seen in this image, cut ready to be applied. I used tamiya soke acrylic for the panel lines, as it's not as extreme as black, but it is still too much. I tried to remove it, but it doesn't come out. So it's staying.
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