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  1. It's the first brown ferrari that I've ever seen, and the build quality is amazing...
  2. Sweet ride, and super cool build, love mustangs...
  3. It is a cool looking vette. I love the window stickers that make it look like a forecourt car!
  4. Nice story at the beginning, I personally think on the whole that the world is a better place, I'm glad this site is too. Your build are amazing, would be a shame for us if you didn't share them! I'm glad the haters didn't win...
  5. Wow Brudda, it looks amazing, what scale is it?
  6. Looks cool, definitely something a pimp would drive!
  7. Beautiful build, that paint job is super cool and suits the car.
  8. Amazing mods, especially that front bumper, glad you are back at the bench!
  9. Dash finished. There were no decals, so its a coat of X-18, and silver backed white paint into the dials. It looks better in real versus the pic, so i'm happy with it!
  10. Same with me, my family always had ford's, my first was almost a Cortina, you had a drawing of one!
  11. These are cool Mattias!
  12. Your drawings are excellent Garath, I'm kind of in the same boat as you, was fairly good at drawing as a kid, but probably couldn't do it now... I do like all the Fords you drew, did you just like them?
  13. Amazing looking volvo, the mods work a treat!
  14. I've only ever seen a couple of these in real life in the UK, you build is superb!
  15. Oh yes, an 80s classic Volvo, great build, and I like the colours too.
  16. Looks like a tiny sclae, but as you say, will look excellent in the cabinet, beautiful finish on the paint, probably took a lot of effort to get like that if the body was 3D printed...
  17. Those Decals look tricky,, looks like these Nunu kits come together well, looks great with that interior detailing!
  18. I guess it's a curb-side kit, but looks excellent! Those decals cover the red base really well.
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