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  1. Amazing quality especially if you've only been doing this for 1 year!
  2. It's a beautiful build, and the paint work looks amazing.
  3. It is a great build of a design icon, beautiful paint job too
  4. It it a beautiful deep and smooth paint job!
  5. Amazing skills Cruz, beautifully built!
  6. Funkychiken

    Ford GT

    It's beautiful, great pics too
  7. Wow, what an amazing build, those detail upgrades worked a treat. Beautifully executed!
  8. This colour scheme is pure racing! Super cool build and paint job
  9. A kit I really want! Cool build, great finish on the body, decals and paint!
  10. A 962 in livery I haven't seen before! Cool build
  11. Get yourself some clear red for the tail light, otherwise its a fantastic build!
  12. Nacho, this is an amazing build, and I prefer the black background, but prefer the faint reflection of the white background. Killer build tho....
  13. A lovely pair, and a great story behind them!
  14. It'll brighten up the display shelf if nothing else, great looking build, even has a roll cage!
  15. Well done for fighting it and finishing it, I'd wager that most of these (like mine) end is as stalled wips...
  16. Agree that the rising sun looks great on this car!
  17. In these pics, the body paint looks fine, looks like a nice clean build
  18. Looks amazing, and great colour combo for the interior and body..
  19. Looks amazing in yellow!
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