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  1. The MPC kit is a 1969 but in reality on the show it was a 1968
  2. Were the taillights in the AMT kit correct? They are different than the MPC kit.
  3. This is the actual Mission Impossible TV car, not a 1969
  4. Looks like this kit released October 1966 for 1967 year. It used the 1966 annual kit as a basis. The real cars still exist. https://autoweek.com/article/wait-theres-more/sonny-and-cher-mustangs-stay-together-after-selling-auction
  5. AMT made an effort to eliminate convertible kits about 1965 and out by 1970
  6. When I was in Berlin in 2006 , they had a tour called Trabant Safari. They drive you all over Berlin and through Check Point Charlie. https://www.getyourguide.com/-l17/-tc230/?cmp=ga&campaign_id=753575677&adgroup_id=48182320708&target_id=kwd-69625583733&loc_physical_ms=9001870&match_type=e&ad_id=192225244316&keyword=berlin trabant safari&ad_position=1t1&feed_item_id=&placement=&partner_id=CD951&gclid=CjwKCAjwxOvsBRAjEiwAuY7L8lnjEDzL_UqvbSoCIYopoOK3_rEkQ27pPVkbD0Hn-DzbggwW4S81wRoCidsQAvD_BwE
  7. What would you change about he AMT Cobra? For a 1964 kit, it was amazing.
  8. I like this kit a lot. Since liquid cement, it's easier to build this kit. Dries fast and gaps can be pushed together sooner. The working hardtop roof is amazing
  9. The one with GTX on the box has one exhaust pipe and one header plus 1975 dashboard
  10. They have gone from $200 in 1985 to what you see now
  11. An airbrush with light coats should make painting better.
  12. In 1974 , I couldn't find an annual 63 impala. So, I bought a 63 Impala promo for $20 which I thought was tons of money. The reason the 1963 Impala is so beautiful is that a GM Cadillac designer came up with the grille design.
  13. The 1964 wagon and Elcamino had the six. It disapeared in 1965
  14. Missing a tail light in this kit? You have to be kidding.
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