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  1. I know that I never have. A first for me.
  2. Limu Emu is an insurance company and not a bank
  3. 1967 Trophy series major revisions 1969 Sock it to me new box graphics 1977 Countdown series 1986 Ertlized 2016 reissue sock it to me box
  4. Don't forget the Mizar flying Pinto mizar flying Pinto - Bing images Was supposed to be in James Bond THE MAN WITH THE GOLDEN GUN
  5. The annual kit did before 1967 revision of the tool
  6. At $57 , what is the advantage of producing in China?
  7. $49.95 will be the kiss of death for model car kits. It would have to be the only model kit you want to buy. Our company raised our prices and we now have zero orders.
  8. Round2 needs to fix the Road Runner Body before reissuing it again
  9. This is true but I made a really nice stock Coronet R/T out of it.
  10. There was a 1:1 kit for the Mustang convertible to turn it into a station wagon. Called the Hobo Mustang Hobo (ponysite.de
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