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  1. The only big block you could get in a Heavy Chevy was 402 aka old 396 bored out. Only SS had 454
  2. I don't think the Buick Electra was the most exciting kit for a kid , but it was surely motivated AMT to make a kit based on the promo model which paid for the tooling By the way, I need an air conditioner such as shown in the instructions. Yippie, , now I know which kit has it!!
  3. Thanks, Dave. I know some things, but not everything. I remember the '70s very well. Some of it ,I liked. Unlike the '60s, you had to wait for Trophy kits to return slowly as Street Rod kits. And the prices were really climbing by 1975.When the 1951 Chevy came out in 1976, I was amazed. I bought that 1932 ford sedan about that time and never built it.
  4. That 32 Ford 2 door sedan was a Street Rods kit about 1975-6
  5. Judging by the rust, it didn't make it to 1990.
  6. AS far as I know, no wait list on the GTO, follow Missing-LInk on Ebay to see when one is available
  7. Missing-Ling is still doing great stuff. I got the 1974 GTO and 1976 Trans AM this year.
  8. Some people bad mouth the Mustang II. I had a 1976 Cobra II that I bought when I Belvoir, VA in 1979. I was driving my1972 Torino on Edsal road when it died. It had been costing me $100 / week to keep running. I had contacted Jerrys Ford, and a retired Army Colonel got me a ride there. The 3 year old 1976 Cobra II cost me $3200. It was air conditioned and I was happy about that in the DC area during the Summer. It was no Pinto. The doors were heavy. The V6 was no terror but it moved okay with the 4 speed. It finally pulled a full U-Haul trailer down I 85 to Atlanta, GA in 1981.I sold the Mustang II in 1982
  9. That is true. MPC lied a little bit on their marketing
  10. real car is a 1968 check out imdb https://www.imcdb.org/v180188.html
  11. Throw the kit my way. It's 1960s technology
  12. As a detailed curb side they look great
  13. Is this a Revell/AMT hybrid?
  14. Snake, don't feel bad, I have the 1972 and 1973 AMT kit as well also not going to be worth $20 in the future.
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