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  1. This is one case where the Hasegawa 66 Buick dashboard is more realistic than the AMT version
  2. My real 77 TBird was just the opposite ; white body red roof. Can't wait to build one Incredible work Paul
  3. My worst kit is a 1971 Palmer 1/25 Mustang kit. The nose is a 1971 and the rear quarter is a 1969/70. The dog dish wheel covers are the kit's only good things. Total horse manure.
  4. Dont forget the Buick version of this kit. I wish they did the Pontiac and Olds too.
  5. I bought one brand new in 1973 and the fenders didn't fit that great back then.
  6. The new Revell kit come with 2 grilles. Extra is perfect for redoing the mpc headlights
  7. The same one that eliminated the clear back-up light for this kit. A bean counter.
  8. The AMT Corvair turbo-engine debuted in 1965 and ended in the annual 1967 kit. The parts pack has a corvair turbo-engine with no transmission and generator. Swap those parts. All 1968 and later Corvair kits had no turbocharger and 4 carb max engines
  9. The only big block you could get in a Heavy Chevy was 402 aka old 396 bored out. Only SS had 454
  10. I don't think the Buick Electra was the most exciting kit for a kid , but it was surely motivated AMT to make a kit based on the promo model which paid for the tooling By the way, I need an air conditioner such as shown in the instructions. Yippie, , now I know which kit has it!!
  11. Thanks, Dave. I know some things, but not everything. I remember the '70s very well. Some of it ,I liked. Unlike the '60s, you had to wait for Trophy kits to return slowly as Street Rod kits. And the prices were really climbing by 1975.When the 1951 Chevy came out in 1976, I was amazed. I bought that 1932 ford sedan about that time and never built it.
  12. That 32 Ford 2 door sedan was a Street Rods kit about 1975-6
  13. Judging by the rust, it didn't make it to 1990.
  14. AS far as I know, no wait list on the GTO, follow Missing-LInk on Ebay to see when one is available
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