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  1. Is this and original 1966 Mustang with the add-on vinyl roof ? Looks great.
  2. I have the convertible version of this kit. A round 2 1970 Z28 kit may upgrade this kit.
  3. If Round2 turned this into a real 68 Impala, I would buy one
  4. How can they have a 1970 Olds 442? It was a Johan that is now dead
  5. I understood that the Barris ZZR had lots of cardboard and plywood underneath. He was a film prop master. He made things appear to be real that were downright fake.
  6. No, but maybe some plastic office ceiling panel for a realistic hood or front grille.
  7. I am sorry that the Revell 69 SS396 is disappointing to some. I have never seen a perfect kit from anybody. AMT has made some whopper misstakes and everybody just fixed them by themselves.
  8. I used a dime as a guide to use as white jelly pen whitewalls
  9. They didn't work that great either. My dad had a 1970 Caprice.
  10. I don't consider this kit a dog. It is a result of a promo turned into a kit. You did a great job finishing it.
  11. I know that I never have. A first for me.
  12. Randy, excellent work, as usual.
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