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  1. Bob Ellis added a post in a topic wip- K&K Dodge Charger   

    JTRACING, those are great reference photos. I guess you could say the roll bars are an integral frame? I was surprised that they used that much stock parts. I understood Ford stopped using stock bodies after the switch to Fairlanes that had a unibody.That is why I asked.
  2. Bob Ellis added a post in a topic New 66 Ford Galaxie   

    Missing Link has convertible body?
  3. Bob Ellis added a post in a topic wip- K&K Dodge Charger   

    Was there any tube framing on the chassis? Considering it is a unibody.
  4. Bob Ellis added a post in a topic AMT Pontiac Catalina 2+2 question.   

  5. Bob Ellis added a post in a topic MPC 79 FirebirdT/A   

    James Garner didn't like the '79-81 Firebirds, and I guess nobody else really does either. If they could have revised it back to the 1970-1973 form, it would sell like wildfire.
  6. Bob Ellis added a post in a topic AMT Mustang-GT Funny Car Update shots; 9/03/15 Final Push   

    Speed freak, this is a very nice build.
    I think sometimes people tend forget that these AMT early funny cars were done in haste. They took an annual kit body, modified the rear wheel openings and dropped it on a one size fits all chassis and plain interior bucket. They require some effort to make them as detailed as today's kits.
    I suppose it is possible to cut up a stock 66 Mustang interior to match some of the vintage Mustang funnies. maybe it matters whether you are modeling an all glass body or steel glass combo?
  7. Bob Ellis added a post in a topic MPC 79 FirebirdT/A   

    This kit reminds me of a Twilight Zone episode in which a guy travels back into the past but finds out it's not what he expected it would be. The kit dates back to 1970 which is first year second generation Firebird.
    The original kit tires were Goodyear whitewalls with Rallye wheels, a combo which I think lasted to 1972. The Rallye wheels were modified (not to the better also) and fatter hollow tires were introduced in 1973. Then came snowflake/turbine wheels in 1977 on.
    I bought a few of these kits for reasons other than building a stock 1979. They are a parts source for glass, chassis, engine and other parts to rebuild any 1970-1981 Firebird.
    It is what it is. Remember, it also was the base of promos.
  8. Bob Ellis added a post in a topic New 66 Ford Galaxie   

    AC, should be an interesting drag car. Lots of good parts in this kit including that SOHC motor. This is one of the few AMT kits that appears to be unchanged from the first issue.
    Only addition Round2 could have done was issue it as the convertible. Is the boot included in the kit?
  9. Bob Ellis added a post in a topic New 66 Ford Galaxie   

    I don't know how many people have heard it, but 1966 is the last year that Holman Moody supplied stock Galaxie bodies for NASCAR racing. They never used real stock bodies again. Using stock bodies was born from the requirement that any car raced had to be sold in the quantity of 500 units to the public.
    From what I understand, when Ford went to using a Fairlane body for racing in 1967, it was a uni-body which was unacceptable for safety in racing. From there it evolved into tube frame bodies specifically made for racing.
    That is what is interesting about this 1966 Galaxie kit as a NASCAR racer.
  10. Bob Ellis added a post in a topic We need a '60 El Camino   

    I think if there was enough demand for a '60 El Camino, it would have been done in the last 40 years. I'm sure AMT and Revell considered it but got no bites from distributers or stores.
    It also hurts that there are tons of reasonably good built (and sometimes unbuilt) original AMT '60 El Caminos for sale on eBay and other places. Then there are resin copies, and Do It Yourselfers that marry a '59 AMT with a Revell '60 Impala.
    If somebody made one new, I would buy it. I think the chances are low.
  11. Bob Ellis added a post in a topic This ever happen to anyone else?   

    I am going to have to agree with Harry P.
    While I have not seen this with spray paint cans, I have seen it happen with soda cans that just sit in a controlled environment and no agitation.
    Over the years it has been the can companies goal to reduce the material used with no adverse affect on performance. About 30 years ago, there was a soda company in Massachusetts that had tons on cans releasing their contents with nobody doing anything to cause it. The problem seemed to go away as I never saw or heard about again. But, the cans are not as robust as they were 40-50 years ago, and probably less now.
    It wouldn't hurt contacting the paint company and telling them what happened. Maybe they have fixed the problem already if some have complained. I am sure they don't want it to continue.
  12. Bob Ellis added a post in a topic '58 Impala Rebuild   

    Nice job restoring it to a convertible.
    Those wheels did not come from that kit for sure, but I don't know the Tom Daniels kit well.
    I bought that same '58 Impala kit at Sears when they used to sell models. It's the first of the AMT foldable boxes which I think began about 1971. Should have a T273-225 kit number, I think. -225 means $2.25
  13. Bob Ellis added a post in a topic Kits gone at WalMart again   

    Walmart in Hudson, NH carries model car kits but the Walmart in Hudson/Marborough, MA does not. About a 30 mile separation.
    Last time the Massachusetts Walmart had models was in the ERTL checkered box days.
  14. Bob Ellis added a post in a topic New modeling tool from Kitchen Table Resins   

    Just say $12.99 shipped to your door
  15. Bob Ellis added a post in a topic Revell 57 Ford Sedan - Starting corrections   

    Comparing new and old kits based on the same car is a mixed bag. Newer kits have more separate details, but the older ones seem to have better fidelity to shape, in a lot of cases.