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  1. 1966 AMC Ambassador

    Me neither , never saw it in the last 50 years.
  2. AMT's original BRAT - Body work update!

    AMT made some ill fitting kits back then. Some I chucked as a result. The Sunbeam Tiger fits badly too. As you say, your skills are better today. Some body needs to make a resin wagon body for it. That was a great car.
  3. 1977 1978 1979 Thunderbird progress

    Ditto on that... VERY NICE!
  4. BRAT comes out ahead - so in we go!

    The Subarus were neat in 1978 because they were the first SUVs even before we knew what that word meant.
  5. The guy who in charge of designing the 63 chevy previously worked for Cadillac. You will notice the Caddy style grille. I have thought that the Revell captured that grille better than the AMT. Maybe the tail lights are better on the AMT?
  6. I combined an AMT 62 with a Revell 1960. My cut lines were different.
  7. 1948 Lincoln Continental

    I had the Pyro version in blue
  8. It is too bad ERTL AMT didn't use the 64 engine chassis for the later 63 as re-designed parts are dreadful. I have thought that AMT freshened up the 63 Craftsman man in the mid to late 70s, maybe to do a Countdown kit? Then ERTL issued it in 1987.
  9. Will we ever see any of these kits again ?

    The 1971 roadrunner reappeared in 1988, missing the dated bumpers and body chassis post locators. 1972 never returned. My guess is that the Roadrunner and 70/72 GTO had several tool body inserts. If you inspect them closely, they are similar but different. More obvious is Daisy's Roadrunner is a 1973 not 71 or 72. but it has common parts . Ever notice that the MPC 1967 GTO sometimes comes with a 1970 nose. Always has the same engine and chassis. ERTL may have lost the inserts. for different years.
  10. Bond...James Bond: 25 new DB5 Bond-movie replicas

    Won't be road legal as I doubt it would meet safety and environmental requirements.
  11. Some kits you know will never be available again . . .

    I think the demographics are guaranteeing that some models will never return. Young kids don't care. I remember waiting for the new cars to arrive. that doesn't happen any more. If you could combine a model kit with and electronic or computer toy?
  12. Johan Pro Street Rambler kit question

    nobody can make those tail lights work! what is the deal?
  13. Moebius 1966 F-100 now in stock

    I was surprised that it had a 6 and not a V8.
  14. 1/25 AMT '69 Chevelle SS396 Hardtop

    I hear a lot of complaints about this kit. Bottom line; If you can whittle a better one, don't but the Round 2 kit. The side trim is easily fixed. Missing Link has the original style tailights so you can fix the rear end.
  15. 1969 A12 Roadrunner (I will need some advice)

    The 69 JoHan Roadrunner is a good basis for a 1968. I try to find them when I can too. $2 is a distant memory.