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  1. Bob Ellis added a post in a topic AMT Retro Deluxe '63 Corvette   

    Wally, if it is the AMT body (not MPC) and it is a '63 with a backup light in the center, it must be the early Street Rods issue. Mine was molded in white plastic though, not black. Most early A163 box tops state 25th anniversary on the left with Street Rods on the right. Only the 1973-74 kits had advertising on the box bottom, something else that differentiates early 163 boxes from late ones.
    The reason early A163s have a center back up light on a 1963 body is because AMT converted it from the last version, a 1967. It is not clear to me when AMT figured out the mistake. I would be curious if any 63s from Lesney or ERTL had this mistake.
    Can you post a photo of the body with the incorrect backup light?
  2. Bob Ellis added a post in a topic AMT Prestige '63 Corvette convertible   

    The Prestige Corvette kit has a lot of good parts. I believe the TV camera was part of a parts pack AMT used to sell.
    It is worth buying for the wheel covers and 2 extra tops.
    Last of the whitewall tires from ERTL, though some are mis-printed.
  3. Bob Ellis added a post in a topic Anyone have a review of the AMT '64 Impala 'Super Shaker'?   

    I have to re-check, but I believe the original '63 annual hood and the ERTL era '63 hood do not interchange. Sometimes if you look inside the model body, you can see the mold lines (like veins and arteries) that feed the styrene through the tool. If they are the same, it is the same tool. If, not, there is more than one tool.
    I am sure that the original question concerning the '64 is as the following. It is the exact same tool on the '64, from 1964 until 2015.
  4. Bob Ellis added a post in a topic 58 Lincoln   

    I opened up a bag of potato chips, and inside were a lot of '58 Lincoln promos. Actually, the potato chips were flatter.
  5. Bob Ellis added a post in a topic Anyone have a review of the AMT '64 Impala 'Super Shaker'?   

    Yes Art, that one (and all the next re-issues too?) are missing a firewall. Isn't that a big screw-up to forget the firewall?
    You can tell immediately the difference of the modified Craftsman '63 body (1988 and later) against the original annual '63 body. The tail lights are filled in (no red lenses) and the lip on the body and the hood are missing to hold the metal hood clip.
    The '64 firewall approximates the original '63 perfectly.
  6. Bob Ellis added a post in a topic ‘97 Mclaren F1 GTR #43   

    Great work
  7. Bob Ellis added a post in a topic Anyone have a review of the AMT '64 Impala 'Super Shaker'?   

    Your Prestige '63 Impala is the Craftsman kit with the hood opened up and an engine added. The custom parts are from the annual kit.
  8. Bob Ellis added a post in a topic Anyone have a review of the AMT '64 Impala 'Super Shaker'?   

    The '64 Impala original kit engine came as a single carb 409 or a blown 409 with a scoop. I believe it has always been the same.
    The '63 Impala had a single carb 409 and 8 injector 409 (4 2s injectors). BTW, the 63 an 64 chassis and engines appear the same (original kits) but they are slightly different. The re-issued '63 Impala (1988 and later) has an awful 409 engine and no firewall. This was designed in the '70s by AMT to update the Craftsman Impala but laid sleeping until ERTL woke up the kit. Must have been 2 tools of the '63, or AMT reverted the annual kit back to a promo for the 1966-68 Craftsman releases. In any case, the current versions of the '63 are a hybrid.
    I liked the Street Rods reversed Moons wheels and tire combo. AMT must have lost the tire tool as they are loooooog gone.
    The Woodward Avenue '64 Impala kit of 1969 had some of the headlight/taillight parts and dated bumpers. Mostly all the annual parts. The GOW bulbs were missing as was the battery box. The next issue T408 (1972-73) had the head lights filled in and not well either. Gone were the dated bumpers with chassis lugs, chassis screws and 25-30% of the parts.
    Still a great kit. The head lights can be fixed.
  9. Bob Ellis added a post in a topic Vanishing Point Challenger   

    I had posted the comparisons of the MPC Challenger and the Palmer/Lindberg Challenger. Throw in the AMT version and you have a big range. IMHO, none of the 3 are great, but maybe the AMT has the most potential. Overall detail is better. Sorry about the separate roof.
    The Palmer/Lindberg was actually a decent '71 Challenger that appeared to be a successful rip-off of the MPC kit. Too bad they changed it to '72-'74. Maybe you can use the body as the roof is solid. My experience mating the AMT guts to a MPC body was a major PIA. The frame and engine compartment dimensions are way different.
    I think I am okay at gluing the top to the body on the VP car. Seems to be the most painless option.
  10. Bob Ellis added a post in a topic Anyone have a review of the AMT '64 Impala 'Super Shaker'?   

    The AMT '64 Impala HT has been re-issued a million times, well, almost.
    Not all the 1964 annual parts have returned, but the roll bar is included. Also included is a convertible boot. Some parts were added like the Cragar mags.
    This kit is supposed to replicate the 1973 issue T408, but not with the Street Shaker name. This latest issue has more parts than the 1973 issue, but less than the 1964.
    Attached is a jpeg of the map on the bottom of the box showing the parts. Hopes this helps you.

  11. Bob Ellis added a post in a topic 1966 Mustang Convertible 1/25   

    The last issue of the Round2 1966 Mustang had a convertible boot included, didn't it? Just cut the roof and add visors.
  12. Bob Ellis added a post in a topic Reissue of Warren Tope's '73 Trans-Am Mustang   

    This summer I bought 2 sets of the small bumper/original grille from Missing Link. I think it was $15-20 each?
    1971 is the last year of high performance cars in the USA. The 1972s are dreadful. So, the BOSS 351 and Mustang 429 are significant 1971 cars.
    The 1971 Mach I was a star in the Bond movie, Diamonds Are Forever.
  13. Bob Ellis added a post in a topic Anyone bought the newest AMT Studie release?   

    Doesn't the AMT 1973 Mustang racer kit have these?
  14. Bob Ellis added a post in a topic AMT Retro Deluxe '53 Studebaker Customizing Kit   

    The red taillights were filled in when it became a classics kit in the '70s.
  15. Bob Ellis added a post in a topic AMT Retro Deluxe '63 Corvette   

    Greg, you misunderstood me. I didn't say the above kit or the reissues are rare. What is rare, is the 1973 issue with a 1963 body and a 1967 backup light in the middle of the tail lights.
    The box bottom has the have the 25th anniversary advertisement on it. That is on the bottom of 1973-1974 kits. Has to be molded in white plastic as well. Lots of reissues of that box cover and same kit # for sure, but 1973 didn't reoccur.
    I have only seen 2 of the 1967 back up light '63s in the last 40 years. I am sure others are out there, but they are elusive.