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  1. Isn't the MPC kit undersized? Compared to the AMT it is . What is correct?
  2. Hard to say, except AMT never re-released 1958 annuals even as Craftsman kits. AMT did scrap some tools and left other tools outside in the weather while operations were in Baltimore , MD. I didn't expect the 1959 Imperial or 1964 Caliente coming back, but they did.
  3. The Spice girls work well. About 3" tall
  4. Where did you get the aluminum foil that would travel through the Laser? printer?
  5. I going to have to disagree with you on that. On the contrary, it's a very nice start. Wish i could do so well!
  6. Andrew, I agree with the others, this is a very nice build. My dad also bought a new Impala in 1962. It had the 170 hp 283 and was VERY Slow. He wouldn't pay for premium gas. Still, the car did 80mph on the Ohio Turnpike back in August of 1962
  7. nice work. One of the great AMT kits that was preserved.
  8. Nice save. was a very nasty break.
  9. Nice job on a fairly rare model. I started with DUCO cement as a kid. Later I used a soldering iron to heat weld parts together.
  10. That engine looks great. I liked the turbo charger so I snagged an AMT parts pack with the Corvair engine . I cut the transmission off and glued it to the parts pack engine. The 1965-1967 Corvair kits included the turbo though '67 didn't have it. The parts pack includes a generator that must be swapped for an alternator.
  11. I'm guessing these kits were designed for the Slot car guys? I had the 1961 Ranchero. Very nice detail but not too exciting.
  12. Those wheels are awesome. Much better than the MPC originals. I cant believe Round 2 can't find this 1971 Roadrunner body. It was with ERTL.
  13. I agree, the as found picture shows a decent find. But now it is perfect.
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