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  1. I see the gap between the bumper and the rear quarter panel. I know everybody is up at arms against Revell for this but they are missing the forest through the trees. This kit is light years ahead of the AMT kit and a piece of evergreen styrene can fix the problem if done before painting. It's an awesome kit. I can only vision that the 1971 Mustang kit will be as good.
  2. Does the turbo come with this kit? Turbo Pintos were actually very fast. I rode in one back in the 1970s.
  3. Red tail lights deleted during AMT cost cutting days of the 1970s
  4. I have a resin '68 Coronet too; SMH I think. It's okay but not as crisp as an original MPC
  5. The 68 El Camino is wider than the coupes. Pretty sure the bumpers won't swap.
  6. I can't say tooling is easier but multi-piece bodies can yield more accurate bodies as one piece bodies have angles letting the body release from the tool
  7. My brother had a 62 Impala convertible with a 250 hp 327. Your model looks great. One of the best Revells that I have seen built
  8. I hope this kit has least a small bumper and correct grille.
  9. Check out Dom model car on Facebook. Ford Maverick was also popular in Brazil
  10. The headlights are behind the screen. https://moparconnectionmagazine.com/ebay-find-of-the-day-very-rare-72-brazilian-dodge-charger-rt-survivor-gallery/
  11. Bob Ellis

    chevy opala

    I've got a really nice resin Brazilian Dodge Charger model kit with correct decals and photo etched parts
  12. Bob Ellis

    chevy opala

    Chrysler sold Dodge Darts in Brasil with 318s which were the biggest V8 built there. Ford made Brazilian Galaxies with 289-302s. Darts became popular Chargers unti lLee Iococa sold Chrysler Brasil in 1979. Model Car World sells a resin copy of probably the Amt1964 Chevelle wagon kit. I think it is $10
  13. Bob Ellis

    chevy opala

    V8s not used in Brasil because fuel costs too much
  14. Bob Ellis

    chevy opala

    Nice work. I been trying to make a Opala for years. It's based on a German Opel Reckford using a 4100 litre chevy six.
  15. I feel that Stevens and Round2 are attached at the hip somehow, so its of interest to promote accurate information
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