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  1. That is a Round2 possiblity though some boat hull parts will need to be fashioned.
  2. Rudy Ramos's Rayson Craft boat are related as a kit tool to the Hull Raiser though not exactly the same. The Model King offering was the Hull Raiser and the MPC 1970 Bonneville convertible.
  3. The demise of Chrysler marine was a function of the Ioccoca government loan. Some things had to die. Like Chrysler of South America as well.
  4. It's not clear to me what scale this is , though it seems close to 1/25 or larger. Finding a trailer is an issue, as large boats like that need a double axle. I thought about a modified Blueprinter trailer kit with boat supports.
  5. Alan You have illustrated my greatest fear of buying an unbuilt opened box; missing parts.
  6. Wes Gallogly was a lawyer who was a buddy with Ford people in the late '40s.He owned AMT. Starting with aluminum, he went to plastic later. He had a friend who started SMP that separated Chevy models from Ford
  7. Looks like the Palmer/Lindberg Century. Round2 rereleased it with the cabin and chrome.
  8. Westcraft is a play on the name Wes Goolagly who owned AMT. Apparently AMT wanted to sell a 1:1 boat. After 1964, maybe that ship had sailed
  9. The people who dislike the Mustang II probably never owned one.
  10. Two MPC Cobra IIs. The one on the right was bought by me back in the 1970s. The one on the left with the incorrect cowl stripping was bought built on eBay about 10 years ago. I am a sucker for these models.
  11. My Mustang II with stripes not over the cowl louvers. April 1979 Ft Belvoir , VA
  12. Is this part AMT and part MPC model kit? The MPC kit had clear red tail light versus AMT Chrome tail lights.
  13. I think the argument given was that if AMT couldn't get enough years out of a change, they wouldn't do it. The 68s were all new.
  14. These doors are mostly accurate. The real Babys have crank windows in the front an sometimes a power window in the back. Easy to model.
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