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  1. AMT Future Releases Interesting

    The inpala modified is a 1966. The Olds Dynamic 88 is a 1965
  2. '58 Impala

    You can't beat the original AMT 1958 Impala opening door kit
  3. AMT Future Releases Interesting

    Che Riviera 1965 Riviera is possible but Havana Banana 1965 Olds 88 is not since it is a modified stocker now
  4. 64 Dodge Polara 500 GB

    You are a genious.
  5. More Vintage Model Car Ads

    The garbage truck was collateral damage from the AMT strike.
  6. AMT Future Releases Interesting

    Are they going to make the 65 Lincoln a "Beard of Paradise" box?
  7. '70 Chevelle kit - Revell vs. AMT

    The confusion is that the snap Revell is not the rebranded Monogram kit
  8. AMT Jack Reacher 1970 Chevelle?

    I believe you are correct ,Rc2 not Round2. In any case the grille needs help.
  9. AMT Jack Reacher 1970 Chevelle?

    AMT made a 1970 annual Chevelle SS. It became a 1971 Then a 1972. AMT never removed the 1970 front side marker lights. ERTL turned it back into a 1970 , then again into a 1972. The rear bumper lost it's lower separate pan . now it's chrome and part of the whole bumper. There were two AMT 1970 chevelles. kit with engine and the Motor city stocker. Frames different for sure. The AMT 1970+ chevelles have funky sides. There is a a shape not found on the real car. MPC version is more correct IMHO. The Matchbox /early ERTL is the best. Grille is better and rear bumper too Round2 1972 front grille is not good.
  10. AMT 1950 Ford Showboat

    2 metal axles and hole through engine block?
  11. AMT 1950 Ford Showboat

    I see the AMT '50 ford still has plastic ? axles. That's lame.
  12. Going back to enamel paint

    Even Tamiya needs 40% humidity or less , automotive lower. Evaporation lowers the temperature and promotes water in the paint
  13. Comparing the AMT and Revell 1940 Ford Coupes.

    So which kit is better Revell or AMT. Also, AMT needs more work to be an accurate '39 despite what the sedan kit says.
  14. Comparing the AMT and Revell 1940 Ford Coupes.

    Even in the '70s, Massachusetts required hand signals for the driving test. I guess a remnant of one tail light.
  15. 1967 Cougar - Modelhaus

    I didn't realize Modelhaus made this kit until they quit