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  1. I applaud Round2 for bringing back these old kits. My fear is inflation will make buying them more difficult. The approaching $40 per kit might become a deal breaker. At $20 a few years ago, I would buy all the new ones, even multiples of the ones that I really liked. That's life.
  2. I cut the hood open on a 1971 Vega promo model. Easy peasy. I used the Amt chassis and V8 engine .
  3. I wish Round2 would return the clear side glass that AMT put in the 1965 annual kit. In the case of this Bonneville, it was curved glass.
  4. People like to poo poo this MPC GTO kit. You did such a good job on it that it proves that it can look good.
  5. The Countdown issue of this Bonneville included Firestone 500s. The worst tires ever sold. I had one explode at 70 mph.
  6. When I was in the Army in 1979, Ft Belvoir had Dodge Aspens
  7. Great job on this model. I attempted to do the same job to an AMT 1970 Impala kit. Didn't get you results. Send Revell a foto of your 1969 SS427 and tell them this is a muscle car they can do.
  8. The AMT 1964 Impala kit is fine. It's technologically impaired that's all. Of course the Revell kit has more detail, but the AMT was great for 10 year old kids such as me at the time. It originally came with working headlights and tail lights in the kit. Your model will be awesome in the end I'm sure.
  9. Tommy, you did a great job on this kit. It is a much maligned kit. My onlt complaint is the poor tail lights. With a few upgrades, I think it can be a nice build as you can see how Tommy has done.
  10. The asian mentality is manufacture in batches. Whoa to those that want in between batches. Assume that you will never see another batch.
  11. Is Premier a for-runner of Palmer?
  12. So nicely built that I didn't even see the hood hinges in the back.
  13. Dave, Does this mean that the 1964 Chevy II will arrive with this 1965 at the same time?
  14. MY thoughts exactly. It's going to a landfill someday anyway , so enjoy it today
  15. I'm not sure about the chassis of the 1965 versus the 1969. I can say for sure that AMT changed the engine and that the later is chrome plated.
  16. The 1969 Licoln is the last issue and never modified later. Creating a 1966-68 is probably not a big deal
  17. It would be nice to be able to buy 66-69 Lincolns, spare bodies and parts to create limos
  18. Rough? It doesn't matter if they are any good. They are a props. George Barris made props that if you looked too closely, you might not like what you see.
  19. It was made into a modified stocker that I believe did the most body damage. The snapper came after a reincarnation of the street racers of the '80s. The 1974 promo seemed a little better, but the front wheel openings really took a beating after being made into a modified stocker (you can see wavy beltline along the body). Better headlight openings can be found in the separate Revell 1970 grilles.
  20. It's no good in any reference to Sonny and Cher. Chances for Iicenses probably wouldn't pass the first hurdle.
  21. I am surprised that Revell hasn't leaked and teaser photos or info of their upcoming 1971 Mustang. It might keep interest going.
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