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  1. Super clean and neat. Looks like an actual car.
  2. Sharp looking model. The colors work extremely well together.
  3. Great choice for a color. The black works well with it.
  4. Looking good ! What is the color ? I Really like the way wheels look.
  5. Really nice clean build. Your photos are also great , I really like the photo angles.
  6. Awesome shots that will assist a great deal for those engine builds.
  7. Awesome start to what I'm sure will be great when it's complete.
  8. I agree and support your request for AMT to re-release the 1974 Camaro , it happened to be my 1st real car purchase. Even the Camaro has suffered from what I'll call "blind" engineering styling over the years I have remained a camaro fan. This generation hasn't disappointed , I look forward to building this release I ust purchased at the NNL Toledo.
  9. The best word is , "Nice" !
  10. Well executed build and very clean. The use of outdoor scenery along with your camera angle creates in the mind whether it's real or not.
  11. Great looking model. I say this all the respect in the world. My question is , where do find all the time to complete the number of projects that you post here ? Your end results are truly a compliment to your skills, eye for detail and craftsmanship. I truly admire the work you do. This is coming from an observer who wishes he could just complete what I have in mind to do , not to mention wanting to detail as half as good as you. Keep up the good work.
  12. A good example of clean/detailed building. Not over-the-top with aftermarket items. Keep posting your miniature works of art.
  13. Great looking model. It's real appeal is that you didn't load it up with photo-etched parts to give it a realistic look. The foreground & back ground effects make you take a close look to determine whether it's real or not.
  14. Nice clean build. An example of how to have a good looking model without all the aftermarket items.
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