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  1. '95 vette added a post in a topic Crater Pro Stars   

    Thanks for the heads up Wayne, a Google search and it looks like the Bob Gliddon Motorcraft kit is the way to go.
    Some great work there with the COE fella, look forward to seeing it finished.
  2. '95 vette added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Crater Pro Stars
    Could anyone point me towards a kit or aftermarket supplier of Pro Street style big & little Crager Pro Stars ?
    I already have the Revell kit,a small block Chevy with tunnel ram and wish to replicate my old '38 Ford pickup that had a independent front clip and a narrowed Ford 9 inch with a set of these wheels.
    Many thanks.

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  3. '95 vette added a post in a topic 1962 Austin se7en   

    The inner fender that the radiator mounts to has louvred punched into it to allow air to be drawn through by the engine driven fan.
    On a seperate note, those license plates would indicate the car was registered 1978 in the UK. The front plate is correct, black digits on white, while the rear should be black on yellow. Our pre mid '70 s plates were white or silver on black.
    Hope this helps.