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  1. Got my answer through a modeling group. There no longer in business.
  2. Just picked up the contest issue at my lhs. On page 8 there is a fire truck that has Pinecrest Miniatures hood and fenders on it. Is Pinecrest still around and do they have a web site? Thanks
  3. They are photo etch items from kit form services.
  4. The air cleaners are from Mo'Luminum. I scratch built the brackets from brass tube and flat stock then applied BMF to the brackets.
  5. The stacks, tail board and mudflaps are now on. I kitbashed a set of street rod head lights from kit supplied parts and parts from a monogram speed wagon. Diamond plated the rear of the frame. I also added a fire extinguisher to the cab. Don't have much more to do on this and I can call it done.
  6. Here is a pic of the KFS stacks on my flamed Pete. I will definately be getting more of these.
  7. Line O Tape carries red/white reflective tape. There part number is 201. This is reflective also like the 1:1 stuff. It is self adheasive and a scale 2" wide. One role is enough to do a few models. I found mine at a lhs.
  8. Thanks for the compliments. Tonight I decided to add chicken sticks to the Texas bumper. I scratch built these from brass rod and tube. I turned down sprue from an AMT crearance light tree to 1.25 mm for the lights with my cordless dremel tool and exacto knife. Below are the results of my efforts tonight.
  9. I've made some more progress and hope to have this done with in the next 2 weeks.
  10. The flames are air brushed with HOK paint. The engine was painted cummins beige, give a wash of oil paint and a clear flat coat. Thanks for the kind comments.
  11. Here are some progess pics of my NNL Milwaukee project for the theme table in April. Enjoy.
  12. Wow after reading this I'm glad I never shelled out the cash for one, guess I was so overwelmed by seeing something different I never observed the simularities.
  13. From what I understand and have seen the only N14 that had the red rocker box covers were the celect plus that were 525 hp. Under 525 hp they were black and even shaped different.
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