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  1. Due to circumstances beyond my control, and to quote John Lennon, I'm redoing everything on the stretched Pro Street Hearse. I hope to have some new pics to share soon... Thank you for your patience.
  2. Loving it! I like everything about it, and it makes me want to pull my kit out of the closet and start it. I'm thinking about mixing the Revell '49 Merc woodie with the Revell '49 custom merc, and see what I can make of it (besides a disaster)... Looking forward to seeing it in the finished section!
  3. Thanks everyone! I had a mishap with the custom decals, so it set me back a little, but I'm still forging ahead. I'll take some pics soon, but I'll have to use my phone, but it at takes somewhat decent pics. Thanks again!
  4. You definitely did an awesome job customizing the wheels! Loving the whole truck as well!!!
  5. I want to publicly thank Kobuzz (Scott Kobus) for saving my Stretched Pro Street Hearse! He gave me the decals for free, and asked nothing in return. He is a gentleman and a friend!
  6. SUHWEET! You are building a masterpiece! I love the front wheels, where did you get them? You build, I'll cheer ya on!!!
  7. I wouldn't mind having one myself. I miss the one I used to drive...
  8. The truck and trailer are totally AWESOME Darren! As for the hieroglyphic, it's not a photoshop. They, and other easter eggs were intentionally put there by Steven Spielberg and George lucas, as a nod to each others films. http://www.blastr.com/2012/08/little_known_sci_fi_fact_9.php
  9. Awesome Matt!!! That is looking really sweet. I've been working on a couple of builds, but I've still got several truck kits to build. You've done a beautiful build on the engine! That monster is ultra cool!!!
  10. That's looking definite cool! This should be a awesome buggy when it's done!
  11. Beautiful car Doc. I'm definitely going to watch you work on this.
  12. I've never fallen in love with a Mustang as much as this one Bill, it is just too cool for words. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more of this build, but do take care of yourself my friend. The Mustang build is sweet, and I know you will do the 1:1 justice.
  13. Repeat after me... AW, FERGIT IT!!! There is no way you can resist the the call of detailing. It's the reason why I have a minimum of 20 still unfinished projects looking at me with sad faces... It's looking awesome Ismael. I'll be watching your builds, I love Vettes!!!!!!!
  14. Hello Ismael! We were worried that you've been gone so long, me and a few others were getting a search party together!!! As for the Astrovette, I'm working on it now and again, but I have to get radiation treatments. And yes, you warned me that I should've sent it to you, and that you would dispose of it properly... In actuality I've been slowing down on building like you, but maybe one day... Say hello once in a while my friend, and let us know whats new!!!
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