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  1. Jeremy Jon added a post in a topic Making Monsters   

    Couple more interesting Monsters under development, in fact I nicknamed one "Monstercharged"  (because it's fun to say) 
    First is a revamp of my GM LS V8 engine, into a version of the GM performance crate LSX454 engine, carbureted version, features my 3 piece 4bbl street carb, simplified belt drive set-up and custom deep filter in triangular shape I scratch built for this engine I just need to make up some valve cover decals & proper 4L60E transmission for it 
    Second is the "Monstercharged" Ford DOHC 5.7L (351 V8, just a first casting, visible are the dual supercharger units opposed orientation and central structure, in which the single center shaft runs to rear where an external mini-belt drive (not visible in these pics) connects dual S/C units drive pulleys. 
    Many changes to make yet, but can you say +1000 bhp     making this one for fun factor, like the GM LS V12 engine set, is fictitious too, but that's the fun of our hobby,  being able to create something by your own hands, which is exciting & fun IMHO

    Speaking of the GM LS V12, it's completed ...and it "just" barely fits a C6 'vette engine bay!
    Maybe we'll learn someday in the future, that there was a top secret C6 ZR1 'vette prototype with LS V12 built for consideration ?!?   

  2. Jeremy Jon added a post in a topic Clearly Scale?   

    Thanks for the positive words guys  
    John, I'm happy to answer any questions for you, feel free to PM me on facebook page, or email me:
  3. Jeremy Jon added a post in a topic Making Monsters   

    Hey J/C, thank you!

    Thanks Nick Sorry, no I don't , they aren't really my genre.

    Thanks Austin I'm not really into Japanese cars/engines, as you can probably tell, so I don't have any Rotary stuff sorry.

    Thanks JB Actually it'll be a full kit, but unlike the old AMT Mk1 Scirocco (early style), this will be a proper 1:24 scale (I'm modifying it all up from 1:25) and the later Mk1 Scirocco body style. Also it's using some Revell Mk1 Golf chassis as basis (starting point/donor) the 16V engine I'm developing, will fit directly into both the 1:24 Revell Mk1 kit, and my coming Mk1 Scirocco kit
  4. Jeremy Jon added a post in a topic Making Monsters   

    Here's another engine set WIP, not really a monster, but not otherwise available in the scale market, a highly detailed VW 16V engine & transaxle set.
    Unlike my other engine sets of 1:25 scale, this one in proper 1:24 scale, fitting specifically for the Revell Mk1 Golf chassis, which is also the base of my pending Mk1 Scirocco kit

  5. Jeremy Jon added a post in a topic Making Monsters   

    Thanks for the kind words, Fred, Andy, Greg, Derrick & Austin

    Feel free to PM me here, and I can give you my contact info

    The very light green tint is actually part of the liquid plastic resin, which I have custom mixed for me by the manufacturer, along with other specific properties I've requested of them, making for much better quality result, in combination with my new pressure casting method.
    Austin is right, that is why I requested the colour added, to make it unique visually as my product but also a slight colouring allows one better ability to prep the surfaces, and also spot any flaws in the production process.
  6. Jeremy Jon added a post in a topic Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG   

    Fantastic build Jason, super nice & clean finish, great clear photos too! Bravo!!
  7. Jeremy Jon added a post in a topic Tamiya Aston Martin DB   

    Super clean build Keith, looks great!!
  8. Jeremy Jon added a post in a topic Jo-Han Mercedes 500K Roadster- Slumpbuster!   

    Awesome build Jason, super clean and great detailing! Bravo!
  9. Jeremy Jon added a post in a topic Ford Escort RS1800 7/29/15 Update - Front Bumpers   

    Just another insanely detailed & accurate build by J/C ...and awesome! Nice work J/C
  10. Jeremy Jon added a post in a topic Nissan 240ZG: Track Toy   

    Neat project Danny, lots of cool detail, Nice!
  11. Jeremy Jon added a post in a topic 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T   

    Cool project Jason, great photos!
  12. Jeremy Jon added a post in a topic MPC AMX   

    Great start Kevin, Cool project!
  13. Jeremy Jon added a topic in Car Aftermarket / Resin   

    Making Monsters
    I don't get on here as often as I'd like, and been asked about engines that I've been developing, but I realize not everyone is on FB either to see pics there here are some pics of my most recent Monsters

    This is a major revamp of the Revell 1:25 Hemi LX V8, with most obvious addition of Supercharger, but the changes go much deeper, every single component has been modified and enhanced in some way, or else scratch built ...even the plain oil filter was replaced with a more detailed piece
    The poorly kit (plain blank) heads were completely redone, with casting details, and proper separate Hemi LX valve covers made from scratch, including bolts and twin spark plugs
    Proper coil-on-plug ignition coil packs were made, and cast separately also
    The supercharger with bespoke intake manifold is full of detailing, separate throttle body was scratch built, with tight fitting intake tube + cone filter (actually fits under kit hood), fuel rail and injector detail, and Hemi specific "through manifold" oil filler + cap
    Even the engine accessory plate is more detailed, with proper radiator hose spouts in place, and more detailing, with of course new serpentine belt + tensioner set-up for the supercharger
    Automatic VAG1 transmission still fits, but I adapted the T56 6 speed to fit now (as shown)
    I'm pretty proud of how this newest engine set turned out

    This is the supercharged (C6) LS V8 engine build
    Lots of hidden detailing improvements on this baby also, and of course the most obvious, supercharger

    Another LS project, just finishing up this one, a truly unique (since IRL never existed, that we know of?) and fun 9.45L V12 engine set transmission is a Tremec 6060 6 speed, and fully detailed block, heads, intake and simpler accessory belt system (A/C and P/S delete) with low hung Alternator, block hugger tri-Y headers, and tight fitting intake snorkel with cone filter (due to engines length), to (try) fit some hot rod engine bays?! LOL

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  14. Jeremy Jon added a post in a topic 70 Cuda   

    Amazing workmanship Andy! as others have said, the stance is spot on, and very nicely done, bravo!
  15. Jeremy Jon added a post in a topic Revell Fox hatch conversion   

    Enjoying the progress, looking really good!!