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  1. Got a few minutes to work on the fuel tanks tonight, ran across this photo and thought I would do it to my tanks..
  2. Thanks Gino, didn't get time tonight to do much.
  3. Looks great Rich, like that color going to write that number down for future use.
  4. Rich you are so correct on the ink, cleaned it several times with acetone.
  5. Sorry about that I was replying from my phone, no I am a big fan of H of K paints and another color that is great is the urethane cobalt blue outstanding color.
  6. Thanks Michael, your right I am not a huge fan myself H of K. But it is such a great color been wanting to do one in it for a while.
  7. Thanks Marc, Dennis and Jarda! I don't think there will be a slack problem, but time will tell.
  8. Thanks Clayton, should be a fun build. Thanks Rob, well I just got done rebuilding my house after a fire we had last year and I have a nice big room waiting for me to finish it and it will be my model room but that is a winter project. Thanks for following the build guys. Needed some bigger fuel tanks, so I had some 1 1/4 pvc so cut a few 6" pieces and added some styrene to the ends. Will work on some straps tomorrow.
  9. Ok frame all together and primed now working on some assembly. Frame with wheels to see how the frame looks with tires.
  10. Thanks Kenny, I will have to custom make the cross members to fit, the kit is the Kenworth W-900 Aerodyne Conventional. The plan for the build is of course stretched with a huge sleeper, with some custom body work. Custom built tanks and pipes. Color I picked is House of color Brandywine kandy with copper accents (rims, tanks, pipes ect..).
  11. Added some aluminum to help strengthen the frame, the frame is 33" end to end. Frame all clamped up after using some Devcon expoxy.
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