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  1. minitrucker1983 added a post in a topic Cheap throttle return springs   

    GM lock cylinder springs would be to small for coil spring on suspension but throttle linkages yes. If, like previously stated, cut and stretched a little. Might wanna check your local shops. or wrench turnin buddies
  2. minitrucker1983 added a post in a topic Casting wheels?   

    I'd be interested in info on this subject also. I can't seem to get rid of all the air bubbles when I pour my resin.
  3. minitrucker1983 added a post in a topic Testor Enamel Paints   

    I use these also and don't seem to have problems with the gloss but I have the same problem with the flat. The only tip I can give is with the flat I have to do 2 coats, letting them dry completely otherwise you will still pull the first coat off. I could see that working for the gloss if its thin also. Hope this helps
  4. minitrucker1983 added a post in a topic Pedros 1965 Chevy Stepside (Almost Finished)   

    how do ya do the pinstripping thats awesome!!!! Lovin this truck