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  1. Saltyshoelaces added a post in a topic Real garage diorama   

    Thanks guys!

    Little more progress...
    I only work on this for about half an hour max usually every night at like 11:30... So it'll be going pretty slow lol

  2. Saltyshoelaces added a post in a topic Real garage diorama   

    Lol Richard, the floor is Sheetrock for patching walls, I think plaster would have worked better but I had Sheetrock... It didn't spread smooth like I wanted so I actually patched it with grey caulk and smoothed that, which are those lighter spots. Also... Your diorama is the first one here I read an its just incredible! Hopefully mine will come out half as good

    And thank you Ed! Yeah I really didn't try to hard on the floor.... I got lucky there lol
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  4. Saltyshoelaces added a topic in Dioramas   

    Real garage diorama
    Hey guys, so after seeing all your incredible work, I've started building a diorama in 1/24 1/25 scale of my garage (modified of course to what I wish it looked like) so being my first go at this I look forward to learning from all your comments and critiscm!

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  5. Saltyshoelaces added a post in a topic Rochester New York   

    Thanks for the welcome everybody! And Dave, I'm in Greece and there's bother guy new guy on here from Henrietta!
  6. Saltyshoelaces added a topic in Welcome! Introduce Yourself   

    Rochester New York
    Hi my name is Shaun, I'm from Rochester New York, I've enjoyed building model cars since I was pretty young, I'm 20 now, but I've never built to the detail I've seen here! Just gone by the instructions lol. After seeing the incredible craftsmanship on this site I plan on diving into some new builds and redoing old ones!
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  7. Saltyshoelaces added a post in a topic Hello from Rochester NY   

    Hi Kyle, you're not to far from me... I'm in Greece!