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  1. Hello all. Can anybody tell me where i can find some good sources for early 1990's Top Fuel engine pics? Car that i'm building is a Revells Lori Johns Jolly Rancher Dragster.
  2. Im planning to do a flip front end at least two of my models (64 Belvedere and 67 Chevelle). Need tips and how-to's+pics.
  3. Awesome. Where are those wheels from? Another kit or aftermarket items?
  4. No no no.... That roof would turn that thing to hi-tech too much. Sorry. Not my cup of tea.
  5. 440 Magnum

    Need ideas...

    I need more cool ideas for kustomizing... Traditional only! (NO Bling/DONK/Tuning...) Car that need ideas are Revells 59 Cadillac Coupe and 58 Chevy Impala.
  6. Hello. I'm purchasing a Revell's 59 Caddy and planning to build it as a mild kustom. Chrome Reverse wheels, Whitewalls, some trims shaved, etc. The question is... How big job it is to lower that thing...? Does that thing have vinyl roof or not? What is closest Humbrol blue to match the original engine color?
  7. As soon as the pics of this thing flashes on the screen the name "Greased Lightning 2" strikes to my head.
  8. Awesome idea! I like it a lot!
  9. Thanks for the nice comments guys. IMO the rear-end, since i added the AMT's '63 Galaxie custom taillights and widened the rear wings, looks like 59 Buick... And the front-end has that Pontiac-ish look. Its gonna have whitewalls and chrome steelies. Interior is gonna have that same futuristic custom look as the exterior has with tuck n roll upholstery. Havent deside the color yet... too many options for that. Im also considering about adding the third wing in center of decklid...
  10. Heres a 59 Impala Kustom that has been sitting on my workbench quite some tome now. Hopefully i'am able to finish it someday.
  11. Thank you for the comments. Bob: The Swiss Cheese-effect is accidental. I drilled the holes with my X-Acto knife... then i thinned the body with sandpaper. There is also a dilemma with this project... Should i do a evil rusted rat rod... or... a diorama... a 32 Roadster thats been sitting in a field since the 1950's....
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