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  1. Expulsion added a post in a topic Expulsion's Project Log: Nissan 240Z and more!   

    Wish this came out a little better. The model fit so poorly, and was lacking so much detail, I kind of ended up rushing it. I'm pretty happy with the modifications, though.

  2. Expulsion added a post in a topic Cars that just plain "NAIL IT! " for you models or other wise   

    Lancia Stratos:

  3. Expulsion added a post in a topic Expulsion's Project Log: Nissan 240Z and more!   

    Well, I've decided on my next project.
    Where did I get this idea? Well, I looked through my random junk-car kits, and found...


    Gonna try a wild, widebodied Porsche 911 in the spirit of Group B and the Japanese RWB cars. Not sure how this will turn out, but it's a fun project until I get some wheels for another one. Going to do a more 'traditiona' build and photograph a bit more of it.
  4. Expulsion added a post in a topic Expulsion's Project Log: Nissan 240Z and more!   

    Ahh! Well, finished the 240Z last night. After looking it over, I decied to skip over the glass headlight coverings. Prefer the way it looks without.

    I'm pretty happy with how it came out overall, but man, what a tedious model. Gluing the fender flares, mirrors, spoiler and everything on after the paint was done was pretty hairy. The paint came out a lot better than I expected, so I was paranoid of getting gluey finger prints or streaks on it...but it worked out. The windshield still got smudged, of course... I think I'll wear gloves next time. I'm happy with how the wheels came out, and the interior.

    My idea behind this car was an older chap who purchased the car new in 1972, and when 1983 dawns he realizes his ride needs some updating, so he swapped in the interior of the new 300zx and swapped in a bigger engine- to keep up with those young whippersnapper kids!

    I actually built a little oil cooler and set of lines, but I think I'm going to save them for a more 'extreme' build. This car ended up a little cleaner than I expected, haha. So next up...I'm thinking I'll take a break for a week or so. Then maybe a muscle car? I have a random '68 Dodge Dart here that's kind of cool, a couple of Mustangs too..

    Thanks for looking everyone!
  5. Expulsion added a post in a topic Wago-Vette, Vettowag, Corvette Many-window ?   

    Good thing you remembered to bring your snarky attitude and inability to detect a joke! Or wait, am I doing the same thing...? Not sure, it's the internet.

    I don't like C3 corvettes very much. My least favorite Corvette. I think the styling is kind of obnoxious, especially the exaggerated hips. I don't think it's as classy looking as the C2, or as imposing as the C4- I think it's kind of odd. Note that I don't think I'm alone in this sentiment, and thus my joke was aimed at people who feel the same way. Now, obviously, this weird creation is much more obnoxious than a C3 Corvette. I was making a joke that a C2 Corvette with a wagon rear end is more attractive than a C3. I don't...actually...think this, you know?

    Do you love C3s? If so, that's great, man. You should spend your time telling me why you think they're awesome, instead of doing...that. I'd love to hear your opinion.
  6. Expulsion added a post in a topic 1/12 FERRARI F40 by Protar FULL DETAIL BUILD! (UPDATE 1-22-14)   

    This is an awesome build.

    I'm pretty floored so many people have sat in/driven/have relatives who own F40s. I've seen one. Once. Going the opposite way in trafic. On a very large bridge.
  7. Expulsion added a post in a topic Wago-Vette, Vettowag, Corvette Many-window ?   

    Somehow still less obnoxious than a C3.
  8. Expulsion added a post in a topic ugly as can be part 1   

    The effect on the broken glass is amazing!
  9. Expulsion added a post in a topic Expulsion's Project Log: Nissan 240Z and more!   

    I didn't even notice about the taillights! That's a goof on my part, thanks. I think I'll be hitting up the local hobby store tomorrow so I'll see if they have some of that clear red paint. The body and chassis can still be separated, thankfully.
  10. Expulsion added a post in a topic Expulsion's Project Log: Nissan 240Z and more!   

    Well, first update!

    While waiting for the new glass for my KGC10 Skyline, I decided to go ahead and start up a new kit, the Hasegawa Datsun 240ZG. Going to do this in a 'shakotan' style, but a bit more extreme than the Skyline. Something like this 240Z here. Also going to be spraying it in a 'real' color, haha. SO, for this model, I hope to do a bit of the following and gain some skills:

    1. Spraying real colors!
    2. Scratchbuilding- planning on building an external oil cooler and all the lines for that. Might also try to build a few interior details.
    3. Home-made decals!

    I also spent quite a bit more time prepping the body, sanding and priming,etc. Will take a stab at wetsanding a model as well, I think. Will see how the paint turns out initially. I got started on the interior yesterday. I know this is a 70's car, but I wanted to give it a more 80's (I.e. in-your-face and tacky) interior that I think will fit the modified style. My roommate looked at a later 80's 300zx recently to purchase, and it had this intense red interio; went for something like that! I'm pretty pleased with how the sandpaper looks as shag-ish carpeting.

  11. Expulsion added a post in a topic Tamiya NSX   

    Tamiya kits are great, aren't they? Is the rear-glass on this model hinged?

    I'm currently stripping down and going over the Tamiya Raybrig NSX (that I built when I was...12 or something)...It's cool to spot the similarities and differences between that and a stock model like this.
  12. Expulsion added a post in a topic Expulsion's Project Log: Nissan 240Z and more!   

    Thanks a lot guys!

    I actually sprayed another body first- a....'86 Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS with the Testor's One-Shot I mentioned earlier, and it turned out pretty great considering it was my first try. I went ahead with the white spray of the same type on the Skyline...didn't turn out so well. I made the mistake (I think it was a mistake, anyways...) of spraying the white over grey primer...so as I was spraying it looked like it wasn't covering at all. I got a bit zealous with it. I guess the secret is always to do very light coats, and wait for them to dry fully? The can said something like "Spray on a thick-nasty-pooling-dripping-greasy coat, spray again whenever you want"...I thought it sounded a bit funny... I had a coupon for these cans though, so I have a few of them. I'll probably try out some Tamiya brand stuff soon...what does everyone recommend for painting bodies? Aerosol? What Brands? Airbrush? Eagh!

    Heres a pic of the Monte Carlo...I'll probably pick up this kit again sometime and finish it. Was practicing masking, too.

  13. Expulsion added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Expulsion's Project Log: Nissan 240Z and more!
    Hey everyone! Decided to skip the 'introductions' post and go right into posting some pictures. Well, after many years of ho-humming about model cars, I finally decided to grab a kit and go for it. I've been into wargaming for years, so I've got some semi-related hobby 'skills', but man...I didn't realize how different (and difficult) these things are.

    While I'm pretty happy with how the Skyline turned out, it was a bloody struggle...I had sprayed it with a Testors aerosol (the One-Shot stuff,eegh...) and I guess I just bombed it. Came out extremely thick and bubbly. So after a couple days in some stripper, I decided to just go for a matte finish. Not very fancy, but eh. I was about to finish the kit, and of course...disaster struck again. I got a whole bunch of gluey-finger-prints on the windshield and rear window. I tried to sand it down, but in doing so broke the windshield in half. Ordering a back up from Tamiya...hopefully that gets here soon.

    So I apologize for the lack of glass in this! But here goes!

    I bought a bunch of kits to 'practice' on, but ended up opening them all up at once...so I've got three or four going right now. That means lots of pics and updates! It'll be mostly 70's and 80's Japanese stuff, but I've got an older Porsche kicking around, and some American muscle stuff, too. Thanks for looking everyone!
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