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  1. Wow what can I say this is amazing been watching since the start just don`t comment all the time
  2. And Bill Gooche is starting to do decals again also and there is also Woopie Kat decals
  3. Mike Coleman Chuck Boylar I think that is his name he does funny car and decals for dragsters Keven Beard but this other two do custom work
  4. There are also a few people on FaceBook that do them to
  5. I would never buy from him most the time you won`t get the stuff he just takes your money.I`m surprice he still in business people must still be buying his junk.
  6. that tool chest is cool where did you get it
  7. shapeways Ron Olson parts https://www.shapeways.com/shops/3d-model-specialties?section=1%2F25+Scale&s=0
  8. Looking good so far I did one a well ago with the grim reaper its on my you tube channel
  9. I have a airbrush can`t never figure how people fade there paint job nice work by the way
  10. Looking good so far I would paint the roll bar just a different shade green
  11. did a great job wish this kit would come out again
  12. looking good so far but why do you have slicks on the front
  13. Happy Birthday John. Enjoy your special day, stay safe and sound.




  14. turn out great for your first time using airbrush
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