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  1. would like some of the pro street tires and slicks
  2. You have to use there silver or gold under the candy`s
  3. I have used it in the pass sprays great right out of the bottle but stinks real bad
  4. I always wanted to build this one I think it is one of the cools ones around from back in the day
  5. What for size of rod did you use for the linkage
  6. How do you spray the pearl ex and mix it for airbrush
  7. Hi Marcus abut time you got here I been here for alot of years now
  8. I use AK Interactive called Extreme Metal that is all I use great stuff the alclad I have them to and not as durable as this paint. Plus you don`t need black under the chrome
  9. I could never get those linkage done right how do you do it?
  10. I love the seat belts and buckles whitch company are they from
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