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  1. Last time I used it I used future to lay it down and it worked
  2. 1970 Dodge Charger R/T

    what temp do you set yours at?
  3. Kenny Bernstein's Ford Tempo F/C

    did great job on it love the detail
  4. Which Model Gave You a Whoopin'?

    the orange Crate from revell was my worst kit started years ago still in the box
  5. Clearly Scale

    If he has a problem keeping up with the orders maybe he should shut his website down until he is caught up.
  6. 68 Dart and a 68 Charger

    Looking for a couple 68 darts and a couple 68 chargers for upcoming projects. John Pol
  7. you can also use silly putty
  8. New "material" for carpeting?

    Yes it does the last time I used future to put on with and it worked great
  9. Canadian Suppliers

    I order stuff from Great Hobbies and sunward hobbies to bad Model Express closed up I use to buy from him. And there a few canadians that sell but its all american funds. Keith Marks for decals woopie Kat decals and clearly scale I would not buy from him heard that some guys got stuff from him and missing parts. I know he has heath issues and last year but what about the other years that he was in business. So I stay away from guys that sell in canada but just ask american money to me that is so wrong that is my 2 cents just take how you like. John Pol
  10. Air Compressor

    No problems with it I have one without tank right now
  11. Air Compressor

    Thinking of buying this air compressor need your guys imput on it.wondering if it would be good to get or get something else I got one right now but have study air flow without tank this one has a tank. John Pol
  12. can also use scupting putty to make your tunnel all you have is do is put the motor in the chassis with interior put some wax paper on the trans so the scupting putty won`t stick to it once the scuptying putty is hard remove your motor and now you have a tunnel
  13. I just bought some Auto Air so your saying you don`t have to thin it at all I have Paasche H airbrush if so what preasure do you use for it?
  14. Flocking

    I have used future with the embrossing powder and it works
  15. organizing parts

    I don`t know about some of you guys but how do you guys sort out parts? Like what you use to hold your parts in and how do separte them like do you have one thing of motore one for seats etc.