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  1. Wow amazing I wish I could paint like that
  2. Not sure of the name of his you tube channel but if you go to facebook and message him I`m sure he will send you the link
  3. You should describe what you all done to get it look like that and what you use I`m sure there alot of guys here that would like build that one great job by the way
  4. He is on facebook all the time now and has a youtube channel
  5. and if you want the fuel lines like braided all you do is run the solder over the file
  6. Looking good so far you should check my YouTube channel I built the same truck awell ago
  7. So any luck with Mike Coleman
  8. Look for a black dog for his app
  9. You can ask Mike Coleman on facebook to do them for you
  10. I mite have the scoop I will check for you sometime this week
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