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  1. I would show my stash but I did that before and people your hounding me is that for sale or that is for sale that is why I won`t do it again
  2. Or you can also buy buildups at model shows for parts
  3. look up Mike Coleman on facebook he has a icon with a black lab on it
  4. you right there i would buy a case of them had two of them but they your stolen
  5. that is major problem I don`t drive anymore so I do miss a lot of the shows and so does my son whitch he loves this hobby
  6. Missed another great show had a ride from my son`s mom but of course she made other plans that is why me and my son your not there
  7. what did you use for your earl fittings looking real good so far
  8. would be cool if someone would do video on how they use it for there model building
  9. what program do you use and what material do you use to do the stencils and decals?
  10. that is what I was thinking of using one for would be nice what material you need etc. to do it
  11. Does anyone use the circut cutter for there models if so. What do use it for etc. thinking of buying one but want more info on it
  12. Well my son builds he has some health issues and it makes him focus and he loves it. He shows his stuff on my you tube channel. Just the other day he did his first wiring on a motor he had glow in his you would not believe. He has been building since he was 5 and hasn`t stop. I know a lot of kids are not interested and I`m proud thta my son is. So any of your parents have a boy with HAAD get them to build a model you see a change in the child I`m not sure if that is how its spell but I`m sure you people would know what I mean.
  13. german silver mettalic is pretty close to
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