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  1. be serious even if kids your interested in model building they couldn`t afford it anyways
  2. Maybe check Ed Fluck he is on facebook he might do that hood
  3. I sure wish they come out if this kit again I lost both his kits when I got robbed
  4. there is a 37 ford out but not a 38
  5. Use a old stocking from your wife will work to
  6. I will have a look I mite have that kit
  7. Well here in Canada Tamiya spray paint is like 15 bucks a can so I will stick to my airbrush alot cheaper and along run
  8. where do you get the release agent or does it come in the kit of casting?
  9. when I do clear threw the airbush I shoot ti at 15 PSI and almost 6 inches from model
  10. what size needle because I use the same airbrush for my clear coats and how close are you to the model and do you do mist coats before heavy coat
  11. alittle trimming lot of sanding you mean
  12. this hobby is getting pricey even for us for kids it way to much for them to get into the hobby even to get into art is to much for alot of people
  13. Someone on facebook casts a 55 chevy with flipnose
  14. Not everybody has funds to buy aftermarket stuff you know this way is easier for other people to do it
  15. There was someone that had a drag strip in SAE magazine
  16. I know how to scratchbuild chassis that is not what I asked anyways thanks
  17. Does anybody use jigs to scratchbuild there chassis? If so could some of you show me what you use so I can get some ideas. John Pol
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