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  1. John Morrison added a post in a topic Can The Lincoln MKC Revive A Once-Proud Luxury Brand?   

    Yeah that's not gonna happen since he is retiring in January. BTW his replacement has been responsible for the designins of Ford's cars in the Americas since 2006.

  2. John Morrison added a post in a topic Would you pay for a premium membership   

    Careful Rob, you just stepped it up from me "dissing" the whole board to you "dissing" the whole HOBBY! LOL However if the dis fits...
  3. John Morrison added a post in a topic Mechanical mistakes when building   

    I've only caught the high points from the thread so far. I will go back & read the entire thing shortly. I know enough to throw in these two comments & may edit this later.

    First detail for the sake of detail is fine if that is how you build. Detail devoid of accuracy? Again fine, but don't be surprised if someone points out that a power steering pump doesn't get plumbed to an alternator, that an automatic transmission doesn't have external linkage like a manual or that you used Chevy headers on a Ford motor, etc, etc.

    Second it is not anyone's place to tell someone how to build or demand accuracy from a "super detailer". However when builders are held above others, given much coverage in several model magazines those builds should feel some responsibility to get it right. When you are put in the spotlight of the hobby, whether it is deserved or wanted, you become a representative for the hobby and will be held to a higher standard by others, especially those outside the hobby but have an interest in models & automobiles. Many peoples opinions are already jaded & think we play with toys. Extraneous, non-accurately detailed models will do nothing to dispel that generalization.

    A little extra time spend researching your build can pay big dividends in the future. Besides once you learn the basics of wiring & plumbing engines for example, you don't have to re-learn it for every build, just tweak the specifics for manufacturer, displacement, etc.
  4. John Morrison added a post in a topic Great Traders List   

    Had a great trade, my first here by the way, with DrewCfromSC Would gladly trade again. Looking forward to doing some more trading in the future.
  5. John Morrison added a post in a topic Great Traders List   

    Completed my first trade on the board. It was with Builder04 - Cesar Moore. Great trade, highly recommend him!
  6. John Morrison added a post in a topic Mixed emotions, Friendship, and a 70' Cougar   

    Maybe he bought it as a surprise for you? Ya never know.
  7. John Morrison added a post in a topic 1/25 Revell '90 Mustang LX 5.0 2'n1 Special Edition   

    Actually it had/has been stated to Revell that way also. They have been told since the first test shots were revealed but it appears to have fallen on deaf ears.
  8. John Morrison added a post in a topic 75 AMC Gremlin   

    Looking good to me
  9. John Morrison added a post in a topic BMW e30   

    Very sweet! I like the 1:1 also
  10. John Morrison added a post in a topic 86 Monte Carlo SS   

    Very sharp! I love the color.
  11. John Morrison added a post in a topic 1972 Ford Thunderbird   

    Nice work!
  12. John Morrison added a post in a topic Stanced out '04 WRX   

    Nice work as always Sean
  13. John Morrison added a post in a topic 1/25 Revell '90 Mustang LX 5.0 2'n1 Special Edition   

    You really can't compare typos to the complete mess up of this body Darin. Granted Darin the car may be the same height as the other 1/25 examples but all that means is that the greenhouse is compressed by moldings & too high body above the belt line instead of being chopped but the end result is the same, the body is very off.

    Some people have touched on it saying that Revell/older modelers don't care about the LX because it is a late model subject. Maybe passion is what is missing at Revell. I'm not saying the entire crew on any given project has to be head over heals for it but at least 1 maybe 2 passionate people could make all the difference in the process. Lack of passion shows itself, Darin admitted he could care less about the LX & that shows in the conversion he did for Reliable, sorry buddy. I'm not trying to call you out by any means Darin, I appreciate your passion for Revell so please appreciate our passion about the body being off.