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  1. willys07 added a topic in Model Building Questions and Answers   

    Gasser frame for AMT 57 chevy
    I would like to put a different frame under my 57 Chevy. Anybody else done this? I am wanting to build a gasser but with different type of frontend.
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  2. willys07 added a topic in Wanted!   

    wanted model king 57 chevy
    I am looking for a unbuilt and good condition plus reasonable price Model King 57 Chevy.
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  3. willys07 added a post in a topic Restoring my first-updated 5/23/09-replacement pix   

    Ray that is another nice rig you are working on. Brings back memories of the trailers we had for hauling refined vegetable products at a place i used to work at. jim
  4. willys07 added a post in a topic Just playing with the camera   

    Ray that is a sweet looking rig setup you got there. jim
  5. willys07 added a post in a topic S U B S C R I B I N G   

    I am still waiting on the magazines to be on time before i renew. I have Nov. issue and this is almost February. jim
  6. willys07 added a post in a topic Ford Louisville   

    How did you fasten the wood bed down to the frame? Would like to see some more pics of the finished wood bed. jim
  7. willys07 added a post in a topic Movin' On Kw Q   

    You can get new decals for the movin on KW at modelexpess.com. jim
  8. willys07 added a post in a topic Emodelcars   

    I say lose it because i try to list models until i get to the payment select part. I don't take paypal or not set up to accept credit cards. I tried to get some straight amswer on this issue but no success other than getting my posts deleted. jim
  9. willys07 added a post in a topic Wisconsin Milk Tanker Finished!   

    What did you use for the tanker part of your model?
  10. willys07 added a topic in General   

    Selling Models
    When can we have a place to post model kits for sale since emodelcar auction site hasn't worked in a while?
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  11. willys07 added a topic in General   

    Can anybody tell me or give me a box number for the last AMT 57 chevy bel aire that was a 3n1 kit?
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  12. willys07 added a post in a topic need trailer   

    do you still need a flatbed? i have 2 built IMC flatbeds and one lowboy new in box and shrink-wrapped? e-mail me at j_greioder@hotmail.com if i can be of service.
  13. willys07 added a post in a topic eModelCars Auction Web Site   

    I know the frustration of some. I have been trying to list models and have only had one taker. Most of mine are in very good shape and shrink-wrapped. I don't think i am asking too much compared to the stuff sold on e-bay. I am asking what i have invested in that particular model. I am an e-bayer too.
  14. willys07 added a post in a topic Truck buyers/builders and sellers on Ebay.   

    I have over a dozen sealed and in great shape models and cant sell a one. I have answered ads and made adds but no takers. I am not looking to get rich but would like to recover what i have in them. I havent done e-bay because i don't have a digital camera to talk pics of them. I feel for you guys but somebody give me a chance.